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10 Hidden Gems from Bandcamp You Need to Check Out

Craig and Dave of Shadow League

Bandcamp is a virtual black hole of music, anything and everything gets sucked into it. While that variety isn’t really bad thing, it can make searching for new music a needle and haystack scenario. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when rifling through the thousands of pages of bountiful punk offerings. We here at Dying Scene feel your pain, so we mined the recesses of their site and have unearthed ten punk gems that are most likely not on your radar yet. To keep this simple, the only real criteria here is that the bands have to still be active and because things are tough all over, I’ve selected artists that offer most of their music for free or name-your-price. No need to put a hurtin’ on your wallet just to pleasure your ear holes! Check out the list, in no particular order below!