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Album Review: Danvers – “Jazz Standards”

Danvers is one of the best up and coming acts in recent years when it comes to purveyors of power pop. Although they’ve had a constantly evolving sound, the level of all around quality and blue collar work ethic has always been there. But despite that, they also rank near the top of most underrated punk bands for some reason. Since early 2013, these Steel City boys have experimented and fine tuned their style and after almost four years seem to have locked in a signature sound with their newest offering and debut full length, Jazz Standards, which follows two prior EPs Gallant and Gallant, Side C. The growth from album to album is palpable, with this latest release showing the most marked improvement. I’m not talking minor improvements either, there are massive leaps in quality, that you can pinpoint as you listen through their catalog. The general  theme of this album may be about coming to terms with the realities of adulthood and losing friends as lives and priorities change but the theme for this review’s sake will be ‘Variety’. Every song is divergent from the last, never getting served the same meal twice which is, unfortunately, a rare trait in most, modern pop acts. If you have yet to give this quintet a listen, Jazz Standards is a great jumping off point. Check out the full review below!

Danvers (Pittsburgh punk) offer free download of new album “Jazz Standards”

Pittsburgh punks Danvers are currently offering their new album Jazz Standards up for pay-what-you-want (which can mean free) download. You can give the record a listen below, and grab your free digital copy from their Bandcamp page.

The vinyl version of the album is also on sale for $6 on Bandcamp. So if you prefer physical media, now’s the perfect time to grab Jazz Standards on wax.

DS Exclusive: Danvers premiere new song off upcoming LP “Jazz Standards”

Remember when we covered Pittsburgh pop-punk prodigies and overall solid dudes Danvers in our Hidden Gems feature about a year ago? No? Well, after discovering them and their impeccable EP Gallant, Side C, we said this of them: “They still need some work, but not all gems come polished and ready to be affixed in a fine, golden setting. Some require a little bit of work and those are our favorite gems. The ones that you grow with and invest in. Luckily, these boys appear to have that blue collar work ethic that you would expect from some Steel City kids.”

Now, we’re not saying we were right, but the boys sent us a new track off of their upcoming, fourteen song album Jazz Standards, and holy shit…we were right! Just as we thought, these boys have put it the work and have made magnificent strides since the last time we heard them.

Don’t believe us? Gold Star for you! Always question what you’re told! Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can listen to it for yourself exclusively here at DyingScene!  Stream “Save the War Stories, Hot Shot” below and then head over to Bandcamp to pre-order the album today. The album is set for digital release on August 15th and vinyl later on in October.