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Death By Fungi (Hardcore, India) Stream Latest EP, “Die In Bombay”

Bombay-based hardcore unit Death By Fungi have a new EP out. It’s called Die In Bombay and features four ruthless tracks – two completely new and two re-recordings of tunes featured on the band’s 2015 self-titled debut.

Band’s guitarist and founding member Vrishank Menon had the following the say about Die In Bombay:

“This EP is our first step forward in finding a sound that’s ours. Frantic, heavy, melodic, whatever we like in music. We’ve written about the violence of growing up in Bombay, where lives are seen as expendable for capital gain. We also remixed and remastered two songs from our first EP because we love those songs and it felt like they don’t get enough love.”

Die In Bombay is currently streaming in full over at PureGrainAudio. Head over and check it out. If you like it, buy it. They’ve also got some beautiful new shirts to accompany the release too. They’ve got a majestic owl on them.

In addition to the new EP, the band will be playing a few shows in their home country this month. You can check out details of them below.

Death by Fungi (hardcore, India) stream split with Shepherd (sludge, India)

Bombay’s premier hardcore act Death by Fungi and recently defunct Bengaluru sludge trio Shepherd are allowing fans to stream their latest material for free. The split goes simply by the band’s names and represents some of the most crushing sounds hailing from the nation of India at present. It’s as technical and creative as it is abrasive, with neither group staying boxed within their respective genre for long.

If you’re into heavy music in any capacity, you can do much worse than giving it a listen below. If you’re feeling it buy yourself a copy and show them your support.

Death By Fungi (hardcore, India) stream teaser track from forthcoming DBF/Shepherd Split

Bombay’s Death By Fungi are streaming one of their tracks from soon-to-be-released split with fellow countrymen Shepherd. Titled “Dead Soil”, the song is raw, techy, and really living up to its role of “teaser” – the August 15th EP release can’t come round fast enough.

You can listen to “Dead Soil” below. Enjoy.

Death By Fungi (hardcore, India) announce split with Shepherd (sludge, India)

Two up-and-coming names from India’s sparsely populated underground music scene have teamed up to release a split record. Bombay’s Death By Fungi, a technical hardcore act with nods to the likes of Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan, will contribute five tracks, and Bangalore’s sludgy, doom inspired Shepherd will bring six to the mix. The title for the release will simply be “Shepherd/Death By Fungi Split” and it should be available on August, 15th, 2017.

For now, check out Shepherd’s latest video, and opening number on the soon to be released split, “Agents of Nihil” below.

New Death By Fungi (Mumbai, hardcore) EP available to stream via Unite Asia

Mumbai based post-hardcore group Death By Fungi have teamed up with Unite Asia to stream their new EP ahead of its general release later this month. The relatively young three-piece have one excellent EP and demo under their belts but their latest offering, “In Dearth Of” finds the band cementing the change in creative direction that was alluded to on their self-titled release. The record features four tracks ranging from the melodic to the flat-out brutal.

“In Dearth Of” starts out with balls-to-the-wall skatepunk riffery before settling  into anthemic melodic-hardcore on opener “Endless Rain”. Listeners would be forgiven for thinking that the tone of the EP had been set with this punchy harmonious number however track two quickly dispels such thinking with it’s crunchy ‘Converge-esque’ brutality. Andy Nelson (of Weekend Nachos fame) has done an exceptional job on the mix here capturing the power and urgency of Death By Fungi, as one might expect from such a connoisseur of all things heavy. The track “Black Lung” is simply put – a wall of noise. It’s abrasive and almost difficult to listen to but perseverance here is greatly rewarded as the outro is simply astonishing – the hairs of my arms are standing up just thinking about it. The next track “Iced” is another intense affair however it is broken up nicely with a super catchy melodious chorus. The song ends with singer, Vrish, screeching “this place doesn’t fucking need you” before dropping another exceptionally powerful outro upon the listener. “In Dearth Of” finishes with the track “Pathfinder” which rounds the release off perfectly. Here the animosity is scaled back somewhat in favour of a more reflective and introspective tone. It’s fittingly conclusional for the record’s finale and leaves the listener with a sense of resolution to the chaos that ensued previously.

Having been privileged enough to witness Death By Fungi deliver their new tracks live I can honestly say they are a band to have on your radar if you are a fan of hardcore without the sports jerseys and “bro-culture” usually associated with the genre and we look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

You can enjoy “In Dearth Of” in its entirety over at Unite Asia ahead of its official release date which is, at the time of publication, unknown.

Death By Fungi (Hardcore) offer new EP for Free Download

Mumbai, India hardcore act Death By Fungi released their self-titled debut EP on August 6th, and are currently offering it as a pay what you want download on their Bandcamp.

Give it a listen below, and pick yourself up a copy if you like what you hear.