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MAäSK (ft. Thomas of Strike Anywhere) announces debut release, streams new song “The Watch”

Ventura, California-based punk group MAäSK (ft. Thomas of Strike Anywhere and members of The Fucking Wrath and Catholic Spit) have dropped their first song called “The Watch” and it rocks! The tune is featured on their upcoming 7 song tape (yup, tape) called “Eclipse of Man”, but if your boombox is out of batteries you can listen to it here, or check out their BandCamp site here.

The band is playing their first show at the Nardfest 3 Pre-Party August 28th at Bombays in Ventura, CA, and it is your only chance to get the actual cassette with all seven songs. Only four songs will be released through bandcamp, but we’ll keep you posted on details as they surface.