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Comrades (punk) stream “We Got This (…And Then Some)”

New York City punks Comrades are streaming their recently re-released 2013 album We Got This as We Got This (…And Then Some), which features 5 bonus songs.

You can give it a listen below.

We Got This (…And Then Some) was released on February 16th via No Time Records.

Comrades (punk) streaming album “Matter of Fact”

New York City punks Comrades are streaming their latest release “Matter of Fact”. Featuring songs titles like “Stick and Poke” and “Coffee or Meth” it’s no wonder I fell in love with this after one listen. Mixing folk with old school punk rock this album has a little for everyone.

Give it a listen below.

This is the first new release from Comrades since the 2013 release of “We Got This!”. If your a fan of the Dreadnoughts you’ll get a kick out of these guys.

September’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Spruce Bringsteen

With the passing of Awesome Fest and Riot Fest comes the departure of the long, hot, busy Summer. While a great deal of the country may be looking forward to the cooler months, with leaves of every imaginable autumnal hue rustling through the frigid evening breeze, the more nihilistic, Eeyorian (ed: …what the hell man? We talked about this.) among us are less optimistic about the coming weeks. With the arrival of Fall also comes a slight nudge, as we inch ever closer to our impending doom which is a certainty come early November. While our civilization’s waning hours may be a frightening prospect for some of us, there’s no reason why we all can’t enjoy these last few weeks of life as we know it with some radical tunes! This month’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp highlights six lesser known or new punk acts from an assortment of different genres! Something for everyone, guaranteed! Check out September’s sensational selections below and try to forget about all of the pain and suffering in your not so distant future!

Comrades and Tigerwine announce US tour

NYC ska/folk/punk act Comrades and Colorado based emo/hardcore band Tigerwine have teamed up and are going on a US tour! Both of these bands kick a lot of ass, and the tour promises to rock.

The bands will be all over the place, so check out the dates and locations below.

Comrades dropped their last album in October of 2013 called “We Got This!!!” and Tigerwine released an EP album back in July of 2015 called “Lull”. 

Music Video: Comrades – “Cats Not Cops”

NYC crust/folk/ska/punk tribe Comrades have released a video for their song “Cats Not Cops,” and you can check it out below.

The song comes from their 2013 album We Got This, which was released on Anti-Authority Records.  You can listen to that release on the groups’ Bandcamp.