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Plan 37 recruit new guitarist, Cactus Vella

Toronto outfit Plan 37 has just announced that Cactus Vella (whose resume includes bands such as The Class Assassins, and Whiskey Hearts, as well as his solo-project) will be stepping in as the band’s lead guitarist. The position was opened back in June, when the band parted ways with their former guitarist, Dr Paul.

The band has also announced their first full-length album will be released this coming November. Their last EP, Space Junk, was released back in June via My Fingers! My Brain! Records. Check it out below.

The Class Assassins release music video for “Start Again,” announce departure of guitarist Cactus Vella

In good news, the guys in Toronto punk act The Class Assassins have released a music video for their song “Start Again.” In not so good news, they have also announced the departure of longtime guitarist Cactus Vella, who is leaving the band to focus on his solo work.

The music video and a statement from Vella can be found below.

“Start Again” appears on The Class Assassins’ Treason 7-inch, which was released back in 2011 through Rebel Time Records. The band’s latest release, a 9-minute ‘concept single’ entitled The Addiction & The Solution came out last March.

Free Canadian punk compilation

Anxiety Attack Recordings has put out their Summer Punk Compilation for 2013.  The comp showcases Ontario’s finest, as picked and organized by Cactus Vella.  He said of it:

“[T]his compilation’s purpose is to document some of the hard working bands playing around Southern Ontario. Unfortunately it would have been impossible to include every band currently going so we highly encourage you to check out some of Ontario’s other bands for yourself.

It’s my hope that DJ’s will play these songs at their gigs, promoters with use this comp as a resource to booking better shows, and people everywhere will discover some new bands.

And the next time you hear someone say “The Scene ain’t what it used to be”, you can tell them to go fuck themselves, or even better, tell them to check out this comp.”

So, download this album, pass it around to all of your friends, and enjoy the sweet sounds of punk rock.  You can snag it at Anxiety Attack’s bandcamp page, or right here.

The Class Assassins stream new concept-single “The Addiction & The Solution”

Toronto punk rockers The Class Assassins have just released a digital only single titled “The Addiction & The Solution” on Rebel Time Records. Click here to listen to it.

“It’s a concept single,” says guitarist Cactus Vella, “the concept for the two songs came naturally, and together they tell a full story. It’s something unique and it’s different from anything else the band has put out.”

The single features the 9+min long song “The Solution”, which is a change from the bands normal 3-4 min long song style.

The Class Assassins released “Equalize X Distort: The Studio 3 Sessions” last year on Anxiety Attack Recordings.

The Class Assassins reveal info on upcoming release

Toronto street-punk band The Class Assassins have recorded two new songs for an upcoming digital release on Rebel Time Records.

The tracks titled “The Addiction” and “The Solution” were recorded with producer Dave Baksh (ex-Sum 41 guitarist) and will be available on iTunes and Bandcamp this Spring. “The Solution” Is a 9 minute long song, and a first for the band. “We’re very excited for our fans to hear our new material” says guitar player Cactus Vella.

The band will also be headlining the first night of Rebel Fest 2003 in Hamilton Ontario on April 26th.

Cactus Vella (The Class Assassins) releases music video for “Touch The Ground”

Toronto’s Cactus Vella (The Class Assassins and Sinkin’ Ships) has released a music video for his song “Touch The Ground” and you can check it out here.

The song appears on his recently released solo acoustic album “Sailin’ On” out on Anxiety Attack Records and streaming here.

Full Album Stream: The Class Assassins – Equalize X Distort: The Studio 3 Sessions

Last November, Toronto punks, The Class Assassins, recorded eight songs straight off the floor with no over-dubs at Studio 3 at CIUT FM radio in Toronto, for an interview that ran on the Equalizing X Distort radio show on CIUT on December 4th, 2011. They performed “A Generation Robbed,” “Uprise,” “Breaking The Breaking The Law” (Judas Priest), “Still Got A Lot To Give,” “Treason” and “Fortunate Son” (CCR)

You can listen to the performances here.

The album of performances was released on February 7th via Anxiety Attack Records, a new label started up by Class Assassin’s guitarist Cactus. Prior to that the band released their “Treason” EP in October through Rebel Time Records.

Video: The Class Assassins perform new song “Start Again”

Toronto punks The Class Assassins will be releasing a new 7-inch called “Treason” this Fall on Rebel Time Records.  To give a taste of what’s to come they’ve released a video of them performing a new song off the released called “Start Again” and you can check it out here.

The Class Assassins last full-length  was 2010′s “You’ve Got It All Wrong,” which was released by Insurgence Records.

Full Album Streams: The Class Assassins – “State of Emergency,” “No Justice No Peace” and Self-titled

Toronto punks The Class Assassins have launched a new blog with videos and music streams.

You can stream their full-length album “State of Emergency,”  their EP “No Justice No Peace” and their self-titled in their entirety right here. (If you scroll down, you’ll see the streams.)

Recommended if you like old school sounding punk rock. The band will be releasing a new 7-inch this fall on Rebel Time Records.

The Class Assassins to release new 7-inch this fall on Rebel Time Records

Toronto punks The Class Assassins have announced plans to release a brand-spankin’ new 7-inch this fall. To promote the new release, and their new collaboration with Rebel Time Records, the band made a move that is sure to have the legal cease-and-desist-order-wielding Storm Troopers at LucasFilms come calling by releasing the promo picture seen at the left.

The Class Assassins last full-length  was 2010’s “You’ve Got It All Wrong,” which was released by Insurgence Records.

Rebel Time Records post free compilation of Rebelfest bands

If you’re curious about the many bands who are set to play Rebelfest at This Ain’t Hollywood on March 12th and 13th in Hamilton, Ontario, today is your day. Rebel Time Records have posted a free compilation for download, which features one track from each band that is set to play Rebelfest this weekend. The festival will include The Rebel Spell, The Decay, The Class Assassins, and Farler’s Fury.

You can check out the tracklisting here, and download the compilation here.

DS Exclusive Full Album Stream: The Class Assassins – “You’ve Got It All Wrong”

Its been about 8 years since Toronto’s socially-conscious street punk act, The Class Assassins, put out their last full-length album but their lengthy silence has at last been broken.  The gang recently released their latest full-length record, You’ve Got It All Wrong, on Insurgence Records and today we’re delivering it to you on a silver platter.  OK, not exactly a silver platter, but a free full-album stream, which is just as good.  Give it a listen here.

The Class Assassins also released a b-sides and rarities album titled Going The Distance March 17th on Insurgence Records.

The Class Assassins releasing new full-length and B-sides albums

class-assassinsToronto’s street punk ‘n roll band The Class Assassins have returned from a lengthy hiatus to release not one but two new albums.  The first is a brand new full-length titled You’ve Got It All Wrong and the second is a re-mastered B-sides and rarities album.

Both albums will be released on Insurgence Records in March and you can check out the brand new track Open Your Eyes right here.