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Murderland strip down for Punks in Vegas

L.A.-based pop-punk band Murderland recently recorded some acoustic sessions for Punks in Vegas. You can check out their two song set below.

Murderland released their latest album, Splitsville, on February 29, 2016 through Pirish Records.

Murderland release music video for “Splitsville”

L.A.-based pop-punk band Murderland have released the music video for their song “Splitsville.”

You can watch it below.

The song is the title track off their their new album, which was released today through Pirish Records.

Murderland (members of The All Brights, Bombpops) debut “Sadie Hawkins” off upcoming album “Splitsville”

L.A.-based pop-punk band Murderland will be releasing their upcoming album “Splitsville” on on February 29th through Pirish Records, and today the band has made a new track from the release available to stream.

The song is entitled “Sadie Hawkins” and you can have a listen here.

“Splitsville” is the third release from Murderland, which features members of The All Brights, Versus The World, and The Bombpops.

Fans can pre-order the album, available exclusively on Vinyl and digital download, now right here.

Chris Fox is the DD again today on Dying Scene Radio (and that’s “guest co-host” not “day drinker”), w/ special commentary from Ray Rocket, Skipjack, Murderland, and more!

This week on Dying Scene RadioChris Fox is the DD again today (but we mean “guest co-host” not “day drinker”).  Bobby Pickles welcomes the Vampirates/Boss’ Daughter frontman (and a thousand other bands) “in-studio” once again in a pinch as a last minute replacement for Elena Venetia who was busy with her dude doing V-day shit. This is the Fuck Valentine’s Day Special!

Listen to all the incessant blathering below!


DS Editor AnarchoPunk’s three-part piece highlighting the exploits of the honorable Chris Fox. It’s bitter cold in CT, and Reno not so much. The playlist was not chosen for Valentine’s Day, in fact – fuck Valentine’s Day. It’s corporate shill Holiday. Every time Chris Fox does the show, a big timer dies; this week, it’s Justice Antonin Scalia, and Bobby hopes for a super liberal replacement solely for the benefit of federal marijuana legalization. Bobby uses the phrase “Italian Guineas” – PC people be warned. We discuss the negative idiot TONE LO-KI who enjoys informing people of deaths. Salt Lake City pop-punk outfit Problem Daughter signs with Dying Scene Records. Chris says, “always drink before you tune, that’s the trick, depending on where your priorities lie.” No Doubt/AFI should form a Hardcore band called “Some Doubt” – joke stolen from Entropy NY’s Brian Lawrence. Fuck cowbell, more bass.

Special commentary from Teenage Bottlerocket founding member and co-frontman Ray Carlisle; Tasmanian punk act Luca Brasi; Roman skatepunkers (former Jet Market shredders) Thousand Oaks; Belgian pop-punk group For I Am; Gainesville emo/indie-punk act Edmonton; Boston’s ska-revivalist group The Pomps; Ohio pop-punk act, The Spastic Hearts; LA based pop-punk band Murderland, and San Diego punk act Skipjack.

Boss’ Daughter – I’m the DD today
Ray Rocket – Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?
Luca Brasi – The Cascade Blues
Thousand Oaks – You Can’t Fight Fate
Faintest Idea – Down Pressure
Face To Face – Double Crossed
Problem Daughter – Like a Dog
New Age Healers – Lost Your Mind
Medictation – Memories Of Youth
For I Am – Grandma’s Missing
Edmonton – Solid Knowledge
Hey Stroker – Momentum
Spanish Love Songs – Paper Cup
The Bennies – Party Machine
The Pomps – All My Guns
The Spastic Hearts – Spend It With You
Two For Flinching – Super
The Slackers – Truth Comes Knocking
Murderland – Whatever Happened
Brian Fallon – A Wonderful Life
Skipjack – Something To Believe In

Murderland (members of The All brights, Bombpops) debut “Whatever Happened” off upcoming album “Splitsville”

Today we’re stoked to team up LA based pop-punk band Murderland to bring you their brand new tune called “Whatever Happened”. The track is from the band’s upcoming album, “Splitsville”, due out February 29th on Pirish Records and you can rock it in all its horror themed poppy goodness below.

“Splitsville” is the third release from Murderland, which features members of The All Brights, Versus The World, and The Bombpops.

“I like writing fun upbeat poppy songs like this that kind of have these bleak, bitterly sarcastic narratives,” says front-man Mike Kinshella. “Whatever Happened’ is about being stuck in a self-destructive loop of ill-fated, ill-advised relationships. I think we’ve all been there, to varying degrees, where it all seems like grand tragedy. And that’s what this song is, which is hilarious, and hopefully danceable.”

Fans can pre-order the album, available exclusively on Vinyl and digital download, now right here.