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Stream The Barren Marys new album “Wired Wrong”

Some of Philadelphia’s finest punks, The Barren Marys have released a new album, Wired Wrong.

The band says of the album, “Wired Wrong starts off with the one-two punch of ‘Good Time’ and ‘It’s Gonna Suck,’ exploring the combination of positive and hopeless thoughts about the future. ‘Fascists’ deals with the pitfalls of pointing fingers and ‘Couch’ tells the story of a house guest who won’t go away. Other songs on the record focus on local pizza shops, alcohol, justice, fascism, political uncertainty, virtue signaling, roach infestations, fad diets… you know, the usual stuff.”

Check out this fun punk rock album below.

Stream a New Single From The Barren Marys

Philadelphia punks The Barren Marys will be releasing their latest full-length Wired Wrong on May 25th, but you can get a taste of it with the new single “Fascists” below.

Wired Wrong will have a digital release, and Violated Records will put out the CD with Suicide Bong releasing the cassette.

The Barren Marys & Teenage Bigfoot Release 7″ Split Political Party on Vinyl

Frankensense Records is announcing their first physical release of Political Party by Philly punks The Barren Marys and Teenage Bigfoot. If you’re unfamiliar with the split, you can give it a listen here (and preorder while you’re there).

The Barren Marys’ side was recorded at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studios by Brooklyn producer Brian Pugh. and was mastered by at The Bunker by Marky Kobane, of The Kobanes and The Aquaholics. The Teenage Bigfoot side was recorded by Brian McClure of Seeing Snakes/Lamplighters at Surreal Sound Studios. When we asked Frankensense Records about the release, the told us “We’re excited to release this split 7” from The Barren Marys and Teenage Bigfoot. Both bands have a special place in our heart and we can’t wait to spin them on wax for the first time.” The album will be a very limited release color vinyl 7” reserved to 150 copies.

Additionally, the record will be also distributed by Get Better Records and Rad Girlfriend Records, but If you’re in the Philadelphia area, head down to your local record shop and pick one up! And then mark your calendars for the record release show on February 3rd at The Tusk on South Street with The Up! Up! Up!s and more!

DS Exclusive Stream: The Barren Marys And Teenage Bigfoot Premiere “Political Party” Split

Last we heard from Philly ‘slop n’ rollers’ The Barren Marys was back in late 2015 when they  released their nine track, self titled EP. Since that was over a year ago and we get itchy without some of that distinctive Delaware Valley punk sound, we harassed the terrific trio until they finally broke down and agreed to let us stream their brand new split EP Political Party, exclusively for DS readers! The split, which released today via DIY label Hostile City Records also features fellow Philadelphians Teenage Bigfoot, who we would classify as garage pop if they didn’t throw us a curveball with a fantastic final track which sounds like it could’ve come from a Pat the Bunny album. Now, we just call them talented!

A little birdie told us that The Barren Marys will be hitting the road once the thaw begins so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details on that. Until then, enjoy five, spankin’ new songs below!

New Music Video: The Barren Marys (punk rock) Share Trump-themed “Uncle Fester”

Jersey’s own The Barren Marys have kicked off this summer with a series of music videos that are more memorable than ever. Here at DS, we bring to you their latest installment, “Uncle Fester.” It features Mr. Trump himself, singing along to the band’s track as wild news topics flutter underneath. The Barren Marys released their self-titled record last year.

Check out the video for “Uncle Fester” under the cut.

Album Review: The Barren Marys – “The Barren Marys”

I have a weird obsession with bands from New Jersey. The tiny state seems to churn out incredible acts year after year with a scene that just refuses to die. Of course, what comes to mind are The Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Leathermouth, and most recently Lost In Society. There is a never-ending list of bands that live and love in New Jersey and over the past couple of months, The Barren Marys have caught my attention.

Read the full review below the cut.



Hailing from south Jersey, The Barren Marys have been generating some buzz as the loveable local punk band. Consisting of lead singer and guitarist John, bassist Christine, and drummer Corey, Philly punk fiends are falling hopelessly in love with The Barren Marys, opening their ears to the band’s need for speed and witty lyrics. The band released their self-titled record last October and it’s about damn time I write an album review for it. It’s more than worth checking out.

The record begins with a 17 second piano piece that’s reminiscent of my golden years sitting in church and hating my life, and I think that was the purpose of it. It quickly runs head on into “Philly”, the first single on the album. This track is fucking glorious. The bass line gets me every time, which is driving and relentless, and it’s on par with the bass work that bands like Rancid are known for. I’m a total sucker for all the ohh’s and whoa’s and the hey’s that one would expect in a punk song. It was the perfect choice for a first single – this song is addictive.

“DIY” starts with a frantic guitar lick and doesn’t quit throughout. It clocks in at just over a minute and the gang vocals scare me in a good way, getting louder and louder as the track progresses. There’s a brief guitar solo that is just the sickest, and the song ends in a frenzy of vocals and bass riffs. “Wanna” is a bit low-key, and it’s a nice transition from the chaos that is “DIY”. It’s the band’s second single on this record and it has more of a pop punk feel, lead by Corey’s hard-hitting and consistent drum work. The track breaks down mid way and eases into a solo, building back up into the chorus. Finally, it shines when the gang vocals clamber together at the end.

“Peter Criss” is my favorite track on this album. It’s more of an indie/alternative track chock full of melody and harmony. It’s a bit of a departure from the other tracks on this album, but it somehow still stands strong amongst the other punk rock fueled songs. “Catholic Guilt” is fucking furious, straight up punk rock. It has a street punk feel, but with incredible bass work. Any song detailing the trials and tribulations of growing up catholic is right up my alley – this song is so much fun to listen to.

“Sober” chronicles the band’s grasp of melody and it could pass for a nod to the Descendents. The song pauses to let John’s vocals take the spotlight, and then jumps right back into the fantastic instrumental work. This track could have also been a great choice as a single – it’s accessible to people who aren’t punk fans. As a side-note, the band made a video for this song with just an iPhone and it’s really a treat to watch.

The next track brings out the best of The Barren Mary’s instrumentally. “Take My Eyes” is easy to love and the lyrics will get stuck in your head in the best way possible. I sound like I’m repeating myself, but I physically can’t shut up about the bass work on this album – it’s just so melody-driven and interesting to listen to, and it’s ever more apparent on this track. The gang vocals soar over the chorus and the track ends cleanly. Finally, the last song is “Uncle Fester”. It has catchy lyrics and an addictive guitar solo that tears through the track with gusto. You’ll be singing this song all day as soon as you hear it. The tail end of it is topped off with piano and cheers, laughing, and the clinking of glasses.

The Barren Marys are a confident band, and they should be. This self-titled release is a shout out to their influences, but it has originality and depth that I think is sometimes hard to find on a lot of punk records these days. Their handle on melody is spot on, but it’s well balanced with an appetite for chaos and frenzy.

You can check out this record on Bandcamp here. You can also stay updated with the band on Facebook, and Twitter.

The Barren Marys Release Debut Music Video “Sober”

South Jersey punk band, The Barren Marys, have just released their debut music video on Blank TV. “Sober” features the band drinking, playing hard, and being completely rambunctious.

The video was filmed with “just an iPhone and a dream” according to drummer Corey Meyers. “Filmed at me and my wife’s house in south Jersey when we got snowed in,” he says. “Proof that talent and money have no place in rock music.”

If you want, you can check out the video for “Sober” below the cut.