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Hot Mass (punk) stream new song “Who’s Who”

UK punk rockers Hot Mass are streaming their new song “Who’s Who,” which comes from the latest in the All In Vinyl split series, also featuring New Junk City.

You can give the song a listen below.

Hot Mass’ split with New Junk City was released on April 24th via All In Vinyl.

Hot Mass (punk) streaming previously unreleased song “Flatman”

UK punk rockers Hot Mass are streaming a previously unreleased track titled “Flatman”. This song is one of the B-sides to their album Nervous Tensions.

You can give “Flatman” a listen below.

Nervous Tensions was released June 7th through Brassneck Records.

Music Video: Hot Mass – “Oh Well” off latest album “Nervous Tensions”

Swansea, UK punk band Hot Mass has just released a new music video for their song “Oh Well”, which you can check out below.

“Oh Well” appears off of the band’s latest album, “Nervous Tensions”, which came out this past June through All In Vinyl, Brassneck and Waterslide Records.

Album Review: Hot Mass – ‘Nervous Tensions’

Hot Mass may be a relatively young band, but their members are certainly seasoned in their ways. Coming from backgrounds such as The Arteries, Dividers, and 33, there’s a whole lot of experience playing gruff punk going on here, and Hot Mass uses that to their full advantage on their debut album, Nervous Tensions. It may be their first foray into the studio world, but this is a band that knows exactly what kind of sound they’re after.

Across ten songs and thirty minutes, Hot Mass makes their mission statement loud, clear, and fast. This is an album full of dirty licks. It an album full of vocals that sound like someone gargled sandpaper every day for five years. It’s an album filled to the brim with sing-alongs that will enter and exit your head at equal speed (no, seriously, only three tracks break the three minute mark and one of those three just barely crosses that line). It’s an album that’s rock and roll as fuck.

If Nervous Tensions has any flaws, it’s that it plays a little too well into its garage punk conventions. Garage bands aren’t exactly a genre known for their innovation these days, and while there’s no bad individual songs that drag the album down, there is a sense of sameness throughout. If you get distracted while listening (say, for example, if someone pushes ahead of you while boarding a crowded train or if a driver runs a red light while you’re still crossing the street), it can be easy to lose track of when one song ends and the next begins.

Despite its sole shortcoming (which isn’t even really a shortcoming, it’s just a staple of the genre), Nervous Tensions is far from a bad album. At the end of the day, it’s a debut album. It’s consistent and fun, which is probably more important than showcasing diversity in the long run anyway.

3.5 / 5 – Stream or download the album below.

RIYL: Riverboat Gamblers, The Arteries, Hot Snakes

Hot Mass announce UK tour dates, opening for The Menzingers

Swansea, UK punk band Hot Mass have announced some UK tour dates where they will serve as support for The Menzingers.

Check out all of the dates and locations below.

Hot Mass last released Nervous Tensions on June 7th, 2016 via All In VinylBrassneck and Waterslide records.

Hot Mass (UK, punk) stream debut record ahead of its official release date

Relative newcomers to the UK punk scene Hot Mass have given fans the opportunity to stream their debut album Nervous Tensions just before its official release date on the 7th June 2016. The record features ten heart-felt anthemic punk rock stomp-a-longs that will excite fans of Husker Du and classic Social Distortion and is released through All In Vinyl, Brassneck and Waterslide records.

You can check out the exclusive to Dying Scene stream below but support your scene and buy a copy on the 7th if you enjoy it.

Hot Mass (punk) streaming song, “Repeat,” off debut LP, ‘Nervous Tensions’

Swansea, UK punk band Hot Mass are streaming a track off their upcoming debut LP, Nervous Tensions. Give a listen to “Repeat” below.

The band is made up of members from UK punk bands you might or might not have heard of (The Arteries, Dividers, 33). As for the song, here’s what vocalist Jenks had to say:

“I’m coming to the end of my PhD and the song is about kinda losing the motivation for what I’ve been doing for the past four years. With deadlines, and the expectation to do well favouring repetitiveness over creativity. I think that imbalance applies to a lot of other things too.”

Nervous Tensions is due out this month (May) via Brassneck Records, All In Vinyl, and Waterslide Records.