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The Mahones recording 11th studio album; Cait O’Riordan (The Pogues) joins the band

The Mahones are currently recording their 11th studio album in Toronto Their new lineup, which includes, Cait “Rocky” O’Riordan, formerly of The Pogues, and former member Scruffy Wallace, who has rejoined after 12 years with Dropkick Murphys, have been working on the album throughout the year

“Love – Death – Redemption” is slated for worldwide release on Whiskey Devil Records on January 12th.

The Mahones release lyric video for “Riot Tonight”

Canadian punks The Mahones have chosen the current political climate to release a lyric video for “Riot Tonight”, from 2015’s “The Hunger & The Fight (Part Two)”. You can watch the video – and read a statement about the decision to make the video – below.

Album Review: The Mahones – “The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk”

The Mahones have had a lasting impact on the world of Irish punk. Since their start on Saint Patrick’s Day 1990, they have been one of the hardest working and most successful bands in their genre.

With the announcement of their career-spanning compilation album titled “The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk”; we here at Dying Scene thought we should take some time and tell you what we think.

The album is a collection of the finest from The Mahones throughout their career and with 18 songs to choose from on the album, you’d be crazy not to find one that you like. With songs that have becomes staples in a punk’s playlist, both young and old, the band has summed up their 25 years of experience into one excellent album. Now I know what you are thinking, revisiting and re-recording the classics could change the way they sound after all of these years. Let me assure you, these guys haven’t lost a 4/4 beat; and I will do my best to give you some insight in the short time we have together.

The album starts off strong with a re-release their track “A Great Night on the Lash”, a song all about drinking, making noise, and having a good time. The raw emotion from the first rendition has easily carried over to the new recording, letting you share in the pandemonium of a long night/early morning out with the band. It kicks just as much ass as the first version and is a great way to get you in the mindset for a nice thick beer. Overall, this song was already a classic for me, but the revisited version is just as good and will put your mind in a barstool next to a slumping irishman.

The next few tracks on the album give you a strong taste of authentic Irish sound. Heavy fiddle, flute, and accordion give that almost folky vibe to the punk chugs and chanting that they accompany. The straight-fowardness of the drums mixed with the multiple layers of instruments and countermelodies give you something to bop your head to and something to smile about.

One song I particularly liked on the album was “Streets of New York”. It brings that slow side to punk that makes the speed hit so heavy. The song brings the feel of that waltzy ¾ time traditional of Irish folktales. The song was good when it was first released on their album “Paint the Town Red”, but since then you can tell the band has really embraced the song because the version on the new album has a passion and soul in it that you can only get from living the Irish punk scene.

Their song “Past the Pint of No Return” was probably my favorite on the new album. The original version has a upbeat, rushed feeling which, for some older bands, can be tough to keep going after all these years. I thought The Mahones did an excellent job keeping that feel in this song while putting a little bit more wisdom and soul into how it is performed. It seems that the band grew with the song and it shows in the music. Also, it’s always awesome to hear someone rip out a fiddle solo mid-song!

Overall thoughts: The album as a whole is one of those ones you listen to straight through. When I sat down to write this piece, I wanted to get a taste of the new sound and to hear some songs I haven’t heard before. I started the album at the top and I didn’t touch the skip button once before it was over. It is easily listenable and doesn’t beat you over the head with the irish or the punk; the nice mix of both give the album a spice, but the garnish doesn’t overpower the flavor of the music or of the messages. They have a genre, and they do it well, but they frequently pull from other genres to give variance to what, for some, can be a slightly repetitious sound.

The album contains a passion that you can only get from performing for 25 years, and it shows up in force for this ‘greatest hits’ album. Overall, I rate it a 4.5. It is definitely worth the attention, if not for the true professionalism of a timeless Irish punk group, then for the awesome music that this group puts out.

DS Exclusive: The Mahones stream “The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk”

We’re beyond stoked to bring you the exclusive premier of the soon-to-be-released greatest hits compilation from none other than Canada-based Irish punk rockers The Mahones!

Entitled “The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk,” the release chronicles the band’s roots and their evolving sound over the last quarter-century. It’s due out this coming Friday (August 26th) via Whiskey Devil Records in Canada, Sailor’s Grave Records in the States, and various outlets throughout Europe…buuuuut you can stream the entire thing today! Check it out below!

You can catch The Mahones on tour in Canada and Europe later this year in support of “The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk.” Details are below as well!

WTFest announces first round of bands & “A Fat Wreck” screening

The 2016 edition of UK punk festival WTFest is set to take place from October 14th-16 in Southampton, and the initial lineup has been announced. A few notable bands playing the fest include The Mahones, Muncie Girls, Sorority Noise, Ducking Punches, and Turnover.

The full list of bands currently on the lineup can be seen below.

WTFest will also be hosting an exclusive screening of the Fat Wreck Chords documentary A Fat Wreck. The film will be shown at The Joiners (the main festival venue) on Sunday, October 16th.

For more info on WTFest, head over here. To grab tickets, go here.

The Mahones detail ‘best-of’ album, announce more 25th anniversary shows

Celtic punk veterans The Mahones have announced they will be releasing a career-spanning compilation album titled The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk on August 26th through Sailors Grave Records. The LP will feature newly recorded versions of the band’s best songs.

You can check out a new recording of their track “A Great Night on the Lash” a find more info on the album below. Details on the band’s upcoming 25th anniversary shows are also down there.

The Mahones last released a 2-part LP titled The Hunger and the Fight in 2014 and 2015 through Whiskey Devil Records.

The Mahones announce St. Patricks day tour dates

Celtic punk-rock titans The Mahones are celebrating St. Patricks Day in a big way this year for their 25th anniversary.  In addition to releasing the best-of album, 25 Years of Irish Punk, they will also be playing a home town show on the holiday, as well as a few other shows throughout the week.

Check out all the dates, including the bands upcoming summer festival dates, below.

The Mahones last released The Hunger and the Fight via Whiskey Devil Records.

The Mahones (celtic) release track listings for anniversary “Best Ofs”

Celtic punk-rock titans The Mahones have announced track listings for their acoustic and full-band “Best Ofs” to be released this year.

The group have also mentioned an anniversary world tour, the dates of which will be available in Feburary.

Full details of the band’s anniversary celebrations can be found here and the track listings below.

The Mahones announce releases for 25th anniversary

Long-time celtic punks The Mahones have announced plans for their 25th anniversary year. They will be releasing FOUR albums throughout the course of 2016. These albums are 25 Years Of Irish Punk (The Very Best) which will be re-recordings of old classics, is to be released “in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2016”. 25 Years of Irish Folk (The Very Best) will be acoustic re-recordings of Mahones folkier classics, to be released halfway to St. Patrick’s (September 17th, 2016). They are also planning to release a deluxe version of their last double album, “The Hunger and The Fight.” Finally, they will be re-releasing their debut album “Clear The Way” which will include bonus early recordings from back in the day. In addition to releasing all these albums they will release a 25th Anniversary Pictorial History book along with a documentary, and a live-in-concert DVD.

The Mahones release lyric music video for “Punk Rock Saved My Life”

Canadian celtic punk band The Mahones have released a new lyric music video for their song “Punk Rock Saved My Life”, which you can check out below.

The band recently released “The Hunger & The Fight II”, this past September, which was the punk sequel to volume one, which showcased the bands more folky side.

The Mahones are currently on tour in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta until December 14th. Have a look at all the dates and locations here.

The Mahones announce Western Canada tour

Canadian celtic punk band The Mahones have just announced dates for their upcoming Western Canada tour, set to kick off later this month.

The band heads out on the heels of its most recent release, “The Hunger & The Fight II”, released this past September and punk sequel to volume one, which showcases the bands more folky side.

The upcoming tour begins November 25th in Duncan, BC (and ironically takes Thanksgiving off…in Canada), and continues on through British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta until December 14th. Have a look at all the dates and locations below.

Music Video: The Mahones – Fuck You

Canadian celtic punk band The Mahones have released a brand new music video for their song “Fuck You”, the 9th track off of their latest album The Hunger & The Fight  II. The video is comprised entirely of photos sent in by fans in the span of 24 hours, calling for a very interesting and cool concept. Check out all the middle fingers in the video below.

The Hunger & The Fight (Part One) was an Irish folk album, paying tribute to the band’s ancestry and musical heroes. It featured original and traditional songs and music, and told stories of Ireland, and specifically Dublin. Part Two brings the journey to America, and specifically to New York City, and the music transitions from folk to punk. This half of the album showcases the other side of The Mahones, and is a full out punk album. It was released on September 18th via Whiskey Devil Records.

Exclusive: The Mahones stream new album “The Hunger & The Fight II”

Canadian Celtic punks The Mahones recently released part two of their double album “The Hunger & The Fight”, this half focusing much more on the band’s straight-forward punk rock stylings, and today we’re stoked to bring you a stream of the entire thing. Give the album a listen below!

The Hunger & The Fight (Part One) was an Irish folk album, paying tribute to the band’s ancestry and musical heroes. It featured original and traditional songs and music, and told stories of Ireland, and specifically Dublin. Part Two brings the journey to America, and specifically to New York City, and the music transitions from folk to punk. This half of the album showcases the other side of The Mahones, and is a full out punk album.

The Mahones stream “Fuck You” off of new album

The Mahones have a new album full of their brand of Celtic punk in the works, and they are giving fans a little preview of what’s to come.  You can stream the track “Fuck You” below, and you’ll get to hear accordion player Katie Kaboom sing lead vocals for the first time.

The song will appear on the band’s upcoming release, The Hunger & The Fight, Volume Two, which will be released September 18th on  Whiskey Devil Records.

New Video: The Mahones – “Punk Rock Saved My Life”

Here’s a pretty fun way to kick off your weekend. It’s a new lyric video from your favorite Canadian Celtic punks, The Mahones. The song, as you’ve probably all heard by now, is called “Punk Rock Saved My Life,” and it’s the lead single from their upcoming album, “The Hunger & The Fight – Volume Two.” The lyrics are actually super-imposed over a series of dozens of pictures of the band both playing live and hanging out with their friends and fans. Cool concept; check it out below!

“The Hunger & The Fight – Volume Two” is due out on Whiskey Devil Records online on September 18th. It’ll be in stores in North America that same day, and in the rest of the world on October 9th.