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DS Staff Picks: Anarchopunk’s Top Ten Albums of 2018

Well….damn. It’s already time for another year end list?!? That was pretty quick. I’m gonna keep it short this year because I’m a busy man, comrades. I’m sure you’ll all let me know if you don’t agree. So get to readin’ and then take to social media to tell me how lame I am using as many obscenities as possible. 2018’s Top Ten Albums of the Year list is below!

*If you want to stream all of the albums in their entirety, head over to Spotify and take a more comprehensive listen to my AoTY Playlist

11 Songs to Jumpstart Your Week (Curated by DS Resident Renaissance Man, Anarchopunk)

Hey there comrades! Your favorite molotov cocktail waiter, Anarchopunk here with a perfect playlist to kick of your work week. If you’re unfamiliar with my work, there’s not much that I don’t do around here. In addition to hosting the official podcast of Dying Scene, I also manage the exclusive premieres, and try to chronicle every show possible in picture form for the DS Instagram page. Today’s playlist has a great balance of emerging artists as well as some older more well known acts from just about every genre you can think of. Variety is what I’m all about! Check it out below and remember, you don’t hate Mondays, you hate Capitalism.

January’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

The first installment of Hidden Gems for 2017 is hot off the press and the Orginal Content Team has continued their annual tradition of mediocrity. In celebration of another year of employment, they again mailed it in, offering up the least amount of featured artists since last January…way to go team… Luckily, we believe in quality over quantity and all five acts on the list this month are incredible! Even better though, we’re betting they’re not on your radar yet. So, let’s get ’em on there! Check ’em all out below!