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Angels & Airwaves stream new video for “Rebel Girl”

California supergroup Angels & Airwaves have released a music video for “Rebel Girl”, the new single from their upcoming as-yet-unnamed sixth studio album on Rise Records and first original song since 2016’s Chasing Shadows EP. If you’re curious what Tom DeLonge has been up to while Lil Wayne is touring with Blink-182, check out the video below for a taste.

Tom DeLonge hints at new Angels & Airwaves release

Tom DeLonge made a slightly cryptic instagram post that refers to plans for a “hallmark” Angels & Airwaves album. You can view the post below.

The band last released “The Dream Walker” in 2014.

Angels & Airwaves release ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper’ acoustic EP

Calling all Angels & Airwaves fans. The band formed around former Blink 182 front-joker Tom DeLonge recently released an acoustic EP. ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper’ is a collection of stripped-down arrangements of four formerly released fan favorites. You can head to Delonge’s To The Stars website to download the whole thing immediately or to your favourite streaming favourites to give it a play first.

The band has also released a lyric video for “The Adventure,” which features rare studio footage circa 2005-2006 during the We Don’t Need To Whisper sessions. Head down below to give it a play.

About ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper’ DeLonge had this to say: “It’s been about a year since we put out new music and I wanted to give the fans something while the band works on the soundtrack to the upcoming Strange Times film. Being in the studio brought back memories of AVA’s first album and I thought it’d be fun to reimagine those tracks and play around with the arrangements a bit. It’s the first time we’ve ever put out an all-acoustic release and it’s great to be able to do it with these songs, which are all pretty special to me.”

Angels and Airwaves tease new record

Blink 182 alumni and UFO junkie Tom Delonge has teased some action on the Angels & Airwaves front.

In a slightly cryptic Instagram post, Delonge teased the future of the band by stating “@angelsandairwaves new album in the works….”

No details yet on a release date or any info on the new record, but another cryptic post hints at at more information to come.

The band last released The Dream Walker in 2014. Dying Scene will keep you guys posted once details arrive from the mothership. Live long and prosper.

Tom DeLonge (former Blink 182) to release non-fiction book on UFOs

Ever since the Enema of the State days, it was clear that Blink 182‘s Tom DeLonge loved the idea of aliens. Since leaving his former band in 2015, he’s clearly had a lot more time to concentrate on his passion. His UFO research has been compiled into a book called Sekret Machines: Gods. Authored by DeLonge himself, the release is due for March, 7th, 2017 and contains interviews with scientists, intelligence officials and military personnel.



Box Car Racer to reunite for new album?

In a recent interviewBlink-182 drummer Travis Barker talked about the possibility of reuniting with Angels & Airwaves frontman and former Blink bandmate Tom DeLonge for another Box Car Racer album. He states:

“You know, it’s been mentioned [laughs]. That’d be cool, but it’s hard because the last one caused so many problems with Blink. It was weird because at the time I was listening to Stanford Prison Experiment, Pitchfork, Quicksand, Fugazi, all these bands, and Tom [DeLonge] was like, “What the fuck is Quicksand?” He heard it and fell in love and really dived right into that whole post-hardcore genre.

We started writing and had no idea what it was going to be for. I think we were both under the impression in the beginning that it was going to be a Blink album. Then it was like, no let’s do this cool little side project, but we won’t put an album out. Then the label heard it and wanted to put it out. Then there wasn’t going to be a tour, but they were like ah, you can do this tour. It just spiraled out of control. . . But I don’t know. [Mark’s] not in the band, so would it cause a lot of problems? Would it not? I have no idea. It’s something I can’t even wrap my head around just because I’m so proud of this album that we’re currently supporting. But I love Box Car. It was a cool album and cool sound.”

Box Car Racer’s only release, a self-titled album, came out in 2002 before they disbanding a year later.

Angels and Airwaves stream ‘Chasing Shadows’ EP

Angels & Airwaves are streaming their new EP, Chasing Shadows, in its entirety. The EP is a companion to front-man Tom DeLonge’s latest novel, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows, which was co-written with AJ Hartley and released on April 5, 2016. You can stream it below.

Angels & Airwaves last release was …Of Nightmares EP, which came out on October 6, 2015, and is a part of a larger multi-media project that also includes (but is not limited to) Angels & Airwaves’ 2014 album, The Dream Walker, the 2014 short film, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, and DeLonge’s Young Adult novel (co-written with author Suzanna Young), Poet Anderson: Of Nightmares.

Tracklist announced for “Music for Boobies” fundraiser compilation

The Keep a Breast Foundation, which raises money for breast cancer education around the world, has announced the tracklist for their upcoming fundraising compilation.  50% of the proceeds will go directly to the Foundation’s outreach efforts.

The comp will feature The Maine covering the classic “You Get What You Give,” and Angels and Airwaves singing a new version of their song “Saturday Love.”

The comp will be released on March 18th, but you can pre-order a copy here.

Tom DeLonge releases teaser of new Angels & Airwaves song

Angels & Airwaves frontman Tom DeLonge has released a short clip of a new song from the band’s upcoming EP …Of Nightmares, and it can be heard on his Instagram page.

…Of Nightmares is set to release on October 6th, and it will be bundled with a graphic novel of the same name by DeLonge and author Suzanne Young. Pre-orders are available here.

Angels & Airwaves announce pre-orders for “Of Nightmares” EP and graphic novel

Angels and Airwaves have announced plans to release an EP titled “Of Nightmares” on October 6th of this year. The EP release accompanies a graphic novel of the same name by Tom Delonge and Suzanne Young.

You can pre-order “Of Nightmares” here.

Tom DeLonge teases new Angels & Airwaves EP

In a recent post on his Instagram page, Tom DeLonge revealed plans to release a new Angels & Airwaves EP sometime soon. This news comes just a week after the release of the former Blink-182 frontman’s solo album.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on this EP come to light. Angels & Airwaves’ latest full-length album The Dream Walker was released last December through To The Stars Records.

Interview: Tom DeLonge on Area 51, having his phone tapped and so much more X-Filesy weirdness

Photo by Albert Sanchez

Okay, so we all know Tom DeLonge has been labelled a bit of an odd duck over the last handful of years (decades?). To say that the now-former Blink-182 co-frontman (and present Angels & Airwaves frontman) has become a bit of a “UFO nut” is akin to saying former bandmate Travis Barker is a bit of a tattoo guy. You’ll recall that DeLonge penned a “children’s book” entitled “The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve” a couple years ago. He launched the Strange Times website a couple years prior, serving as a home to “very latest in reported UFO activity and conspiracy-theory related events.”

Just prior to his recent highly publicized departure/non-departure/okay-it-really-was-maybe-a-departure from Blink-182, DeLonge sat down with Paper Magazine for a lengthy interview that goes pretty far down the tin-foil-hat rabbit hole. A couple highlights:
…You have to understand, I’ve been involved in this for a long time. I have sources from the government. I’ve had my phone tapped. I’ve done a lot of weird stuff in this industry — people wouldn’t believe me if I told them. But this is what happens when you start getting on an email chains with hundreds of scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and different universities around the country, and you start outing seniors scientists from Lockheed Martin talking about the reality of this stuff, guys that hold 30 patents, guys that work underground out in the Nevada test sites in Area 51…

On having his phone tapped:
Yeah, yeah I did. For quite some time. Years ago, there was somebody who was gathering 150 hours of top secret testimony specifically for Congressional hearings on government projects and the US secret space program. People from NASA, Rome, the Vatican, you name it, they’re all on there.

On whether his safety was in jeopardy:
They (the government) do weird stuff. At the time I didn’t know it, but the person I was dealing with was being awoken in the middle of the night with clicking and buzzing noises and falling on the ground vomiting, every morning at 4 a.m. I know now that those are artifacts from mind-control experiments, where the same technology that we use to find oil underground, we can zap somebody at the same frequency that the brain operates on, and it can cause some really horrific things to happen.

On spaceships:
One time I remember bringing up a very specific craft that I believe we’re building, in secret, to emulate the phenomenon that our government has been observing for decades. … I went through the whole thing, and this engineer looks at me, this guy is 70 years old, and he goes, “You better be real fucking careful about what you’re talking about.” And I go, “Okay, so I’m close.” And he goes, “I’m not fucking kidding with you. You better be really fucking careful.” And he calls me up the next day and he goes, “I’ve had calls about you. If someone comes and asks you to get in their car, don’t fucking get in the car.”

It’s a fairly compelling, or at least entertaining, read; you can scroll through the whole thing here. Seems there are a few schools of thought here. First, Tom’s completely lost his mind and is too far gone to come back to real life. Second, Tom’s imbibed in his fair share of pharmaceutical-grade hallucinogenics over the years…and is too far gone to come back to real life. Third, though, is that Tom’s right. What if it’s that? What if Tom’s right? We’re all pretty quick to dismiss the supernatural rantings of a madman…but what if the madman is on to something totally next-level? What do you think…column A, column B or column C? Something else entirely?


Angels & Airwaves release music video for “Tunnels”

Angels and Airwaves have premiered a music video for their song “Tunnels” off their new album “The Dream Walker” and you can check it out below.

The album officially dropped December 9th via To The Stars Records and serves as a follow-up to the Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal EP, which was released in January 2013, also via To The Stars. Their last full-length album was 2011′s Love: Part Two.

Angels and Airwaves stream new album “The Dream Walker”

Angels and Airwaves are now streaming their new album, The Dream Walker, in its entirety and you can check it out right here.

The album will officially drop tomorrow, December 9th, via To The Stars Records and serves as a follow-up to the Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal EP, which was released in January 2013, also via To The Stars. Their last full-length album was 2011′s Love: Part Two.

Angels and Airwaves stream new song “Tunnels”

Angels and Airwaves are streaming their new song “Tunnels” off their upcoming album Dream Walker. You can listen to it below.

The Dream Walker will be released on December 9th.