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The Jukebox Romantics and Triple Sundae detail UK tour

New York’s The Jukebox Romantics are to embark on a UK tour with London pop-punks Triple Sundae. The tour will take in dates in England, Scotland and Wales.

Full details of dates are below.

The Jukebox Romantics and The Sewer Rats announce split / European / U.S. Tour dates

New York road warriors The Jukebox Romantics are headed back on tour with their German buds The Sewer Rats in support of their upcoming split singles album out this September on Mad Drunken Monkey Records, Creep Records, and Monster Zero Inc. This special edition 7″ packages up two brand spanking new songs from each band with some really great art by Karl Ranseier. Check out the full schedule with U.S. tour dates below.

The Jukebox Romantics kick off tour with Less Than Jake and Face to Face, open custom snare drum contest

NY natives The Jukebox Romantics are officially kicking off their tour with Less Than Jake, and Face to Face today!

The boys are playing tonight in New Orleans at the House of Blues, and then will head off to Houston, TX and beyond.

In addition, any “Sleepwalk Me Home” album purchased between now and the end of the tour will automatically be entered to win a custom Darkhorse/ Jukebox Romantics snare drum. Purchase an album and a chance to win here!

Check out the dates below.

Jukebox Romantics release video for “Gringo Starr”

New York punk rockers  The Jukebox Romantics have recently premiered a video for their song “Gringo Starr”, the 6th track off their latest release “Sleepwalk Me Home”. You can watch the video below.

The Jukebox Romantics’ last release “Sleepwalk Me Home” came in late 2017 via Paper + Plastick Records.

Punk! vs. Fibrosis Productions release new compilation

Punk! vs. Fibrosis Productions, founded by The Jukebox Romantics‘ drummer Mike Normann, have released a 29 song compilation, “Bunco Llama Volume 1”. All proceeds from the compilation will be donated to the New Jersey State Organization Of Cystic Fibrosis.

You can listen to the album below – and order it from Bandcamp.

The Jukebox Romantics announce ‘Sleepwalk Me Home Tour’ with Ate Bit, From Parts Unknown

New York based punks The Jukebox Romantics are kicking off their ‘Sleepwalk Me Home’ tour next week on September 15!

The trio is hitting the road with Ate Bit and From Parts Unknown.

Check out the dates below!

Show Review: Two Fisted Law’s final show with Jukebox Romantics & Lost In Society (August 12, 2017)

Eventually everything comes to pass, even we as humans will reach the inevitable end and have to face our own mortality…I have often wondered if it would be better to go quickly and silently without any notice of my own end. Or if it would be better to know ahead of time and be able to get all of my affairs in order, say good bye to all my loved ones, enjoy the pleasures of my favorite meals or films one last time and I don’t know maybe have one last party before my eventual demise.

Bands for the most part break up or give up after an internal dispute over art, or money or some personality conflict. And although it may not always come as a surprise to the band members themselves it often is a surprise to the world and to the fans. Well this Saturday I was able to witness a spectacle of punk rock love and brotherhood few have ever been able to experience…After over fifteen years of cross country tours, numerous lineup changes, on stage fistfights, and hundreds of drunken booze soaked practices and shows the boys from Two Fisted Law decided to call it quits in early spring of this year. Professionals that they were they kept every date they had booked on their calendar during 2017 and added one more…The Official Final Show which could not be held in their hometown of Danbury Connecticut due to the closing of their local venues Cousin Larry’s and The Heirloom Arts Theater so was held in neighboring New Milford Connecticut at the surprisingly large and well equipped Fast Eddies Billiards.

Upon arrival I was able to catch the last few frantically fast paced songs by Danbury locals and longtime Two Fisted Law friends Social Standards. The speed and aggression of their front man made me kick myself for missing most of the set and reminded me of my own mantra about always checking out every band at a show.

Next up in the lineup was a crowd favorite The Jukebox Romantics who quickly whipped everyone into a frenzy with front man Mike Terry screaming anthemic vocals to an audience of well-versed fans who sang along to every song while shaking fists into the air while slamming into one another…between songs the band would crack jokes and trade insults while sharing Two Fisted Law stories with the audience, this performance alone was worth the hour and a half drive I had to get to New Milford for this show.

After The Jukebox Romantics left the stage Asbury Park New Jersey’s Lost In Society who have just completed a tour with Face To Face and soon leave for tour with Unwritten Law took the stage and unleashed a super tight set of fast paced pop punk songs that again had the entire place dancing and singing along song after song as front man Zach Moyle leaped all over the stage like a man possessed…It was a truly exceptional performance and I can see why these guys are so popular at the moment.

After Lost In Society had finished the feel of anticipation grew as did the crowd which pushed out of the band area of the venue and crept into the main bar and pool playing sections of the club. In attendance was a who’s who of Northeastern punk bands including members of Damn Broads, Cry Havoc, Enziguri, The Lost Riots and others I’m sorry I recognized but could not identify.

It was now about 11:45 pm Two Fisted Law took the stage and current front man Lance thanked everyone for coming out and thanked the band for having them adopt him into the family and the set began…it was tight it was loud and it was fast as they blazed through song after song Lance screaming into the microphone as if his head was about to burst right off of his neck.

In between every other song Lance or Kyle would tell a little anecdote from a past show, or share some love for someone in the room, they thanked the opening acts all of whom have shared in the long and proud history of Two Fisted Law both on and off the stage. Then maybe 25-30 minutes in Lance invited Big Jym the previous and longtime front man up on stage to do a duet, and both men laid into 3-4 songs together the crowd going completely insane then Lance left the stage and the show continued on with Big Jym singing more fan favorites, another pause and the original drummer Matt Rosenzweig, original bassist Dave Haug and original Guitarist Ricky Foster took the stage with much adulation from the crowd of longtime fans they all shared a couple of jokes and insults back and forth and then Ricky sang a never before performed on stage song from the very first inception of the band from some 15-16 years ago before they all went back into the full show with Jym on vocals and the old lineup still in place the band rocked for over two hours in total playing possibly every song off of every release they had done…and in the end every member got on stage including once short term member Mike Terry of the Jukebox Romantics. Kyle Trocolla then again gave a short thank you speech to all in attendance and explained how the song Late Nights And Bar Fights Was indeed written for, and about, every fan who ever made it to any of their shows, they all shared a shot of whiskey and saluted one another and the crowd and then they all…5 Guitarists, 2 bassists, 2 drummers on 2 drum kits, and 2 front men all playing and singing in unison belted out that song. And they tore the house down…I have seen many great shows, I have seen many touching moments on stage, and I will say that as of today this one song at this one show, with everyone onstage playing their hearts out, and managing with all the booze and emotion to be so fucking tight and deliver the wall of sound that they delivered with that many people on stage playing together was bar none one of the greatest moments in punk rock history and I only which everyone in our world was able to experience that one song…It was truly the thing legends are made of.

R.I.P. Two Fisted Law.

Check out photos from the show by Just Vibe below.

Get rad with The Jukebox Romantics new video single, “Breaking Rad”

New York punk-rock heartthrobs The Jukebox Romantics have unveiled a stream and a video of a new track, “Breaking Rad”. Check it out after the jump.

The Jukebox Romantics (punk) announce European tour dates with OC45

Downstate New Yorkers The Jukebox Romantics have announced dates for their upcoming European Tour via City-Rat Records/Booking. Touring with the JBRs are their Boston brothers, OC45. Check out the dates and locations below.

The Jukebox Romantics are releasing a new album in early fall, keep your eyes and ears out. They released their last full-length Transmission Down on October 16th, 2015, through Jailhouse Records.

Jukebox Romantics announce first tour dates of 2017

Upstate New Yorkers The Jukebox Romantics will spend most of March on the road, with tour dates taking them down the East Coast and across Texas.  You can check out all the dates and places below.

The Jukebox Romantics plan to head out on another tour of the U.S. and Europe later in the year, to coincide with the release of a new full-length album.  The band anticipates a release date in late spring/early summer, so we will keep you posted on that.  They released their last full-length Transmission Down on October 16th, 2015, through Jailhouse Records.

Kyle Trocolla announces dates for the Not So Far From Home Tour

Folk-punk singer-songwriter Kyle Trocolla has announced a super short run of East Coast tour dates later this month, and you can find out where you can find him below.

He will be joined for all the dates by Reverend Todd Seely of the Bruisers and Jeremy Zombii of Zombii.  In addition, some friends and label mates from Altercation Records will join him for some of the dates, including members of American Pinup and The Jukebox Romantics.  

Trocolla’s debut release, The Stranger, was released on Altercation Records in 2015.

Mike Terry (The Jukebox Romantics) streams debut solo EP ‘Bitter Nostalgic’

Mike Terry of The Jukebox Romantics has released his debut solo EP, Bitter Nostalgic. You can stream it, or download it for free, right here.

Terry released Bitter Nostalgic earlier this week, on May 24, 2016, through Death To False Hope Records. Terry’s main band released their latest full-length Transmission Down on October 16th, 2015 through Jailhouse Records.

The Jukebox Romantics release music video for “Art of Wrestling with Life”

New York punks Jukebox Romantics have released the music video for their song “Art of Wrestling with Life.”

You can watch it below.

The band released their latest full-length Transmission Down on October 16th, 2015 through Jailhouse Records.

Jukebox Romantics announce 2016 “Spring Training” tour

New York punks Jukebox Romantics are keeping busy as always and have graced us with a new tour announcement. The band is gearing up for a run of shows in March around the east, southern, and northern states.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

The band released their latest full-length Transmission Down on October 16th, 2015 through Jailhouse Records.

Album Review: The Jukebox Romantics – “Transmissions Down”

The Jukebox Romantics’ third full-length album Transmissions Down was produced by long-time Bouncing Souls guitarist Pete Steinkopf. Within minutes I was reminded of the Souls, even before I was aware of the connection, although the Romantics have rougher vocals and more spastic drumming, neither or which are negatives.

Really, similarities abound between the Romantics and the Souls. Both east coast outfits (from Westchester/Orange county NY) mix a blend of melodic pop punk and street punk, evident here in Transmissions Down’s first track, “Living With Sin,” for which a video has been released. And even when yelling, neither band sounds all that upset – not nearly as angry as Rise Against surely is, another band the Romantics’ vocals are reminiscent of.

After two solid opening tracks, the album kicks it up a notch with the fast-paced “East Coast Communication.” “Human contact is what I crave,” sings front man Mike Terry, as the whole world has gone off the grid, rendering cell phones and the internet useless. “We can’t communicate anymore!” is the never-ending moan, perhaps serving as an indictment on this modern world’s dependency on electronics.

Song titles “All Grownups Are Pirates,” “We Kill Pirates,” and “Spilling Your Intestines” offer a playful side of The Jukebox Romantics. In the tradition of the early Bouncing Souls song “These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80’s Movies,” all three of these titles come from early-nineties Steven Spielberg films, the first two from the same scene in Hook, and the latter from the original Jurassic Park (an early description of a velociraptor’s killing methods: “slashes at you here, or here, or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines.”) The lyrics aren’t always easy to understand, though I don’t believe the songs are actually about the movies; the quotes and lyrics are just similarly themed.

Transmissions Down is strong throughout, but the highlight perhaps comes at the finale. “Basement Song,” a potential anthem for the Romantics for years to come, clocks in at nearly four minutes, which is sort of long for a punk song, though more common at the end of an album. “We don’t give a fuck about our market, or how we might saturate it” – not a great mission statement if you’re starting a business, but it should make punk rock purists happy. “We wrote this song to play it”– I’m tempted to interpret this as a jab at bands who don’t play certain songs live because they tampered with effects too much in the recording studio and can’t pull them off on stage. “So book another show in the basement!” – ah, sweet nostalgia, and a strong finish to a solid effort.

In preparation for this review, I’ve listened to The Jukebox Romantics’ Transmissions Down (available digitally and on vinyl through Jailhouse Records) in its entirety a few times now. I like it. I think I’ll keep listening to it.

4 / 5 Stars