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Festival Review: Sixth Annual Rats Nest Run-In (American Pinup, Koffin Kats, Kyle Trocolla and more)

I visited and reported on this show last year and had such a great time I vowed to make the trip back up to New York’s Catskill mountains just outside of Albany to revisit it this year, and I am happy I did.

This was the sixth annual Rats Nest Run-In but only the second for me, it’s a counter culture car show which features predominantly pre 1965 vehicles that are rebuilt by their owners from spare parts of numerous other cars that have been pieced together in all sorts of interesting and imaginary way’s.

The crowd and the mood of this marvelous event is also decidedly counter culture and as diverse as the cars, it’s a really nice mix of old and young hot rodders ranging from infants to the infirmed, there are families with children, psychobilly greasers, and crusty punks walking the large field filled with an endless number of cars, one more interesting than the other.

Dozens and dozens of vendors line the field hawking car parts, tattoo art, retro-rockabilly clothing, and all sorts of interesting crafts and wares that catch your eye, I could have spent a whole day just shopping, but I had bands to see.

Large crowds gather and disperse from the stage (An old semi trailer) as the bands, burlesque performers, and pinup girl contest make their way on and off like clockwork giving the crowd some sort of new sonic or visual adventure every 30-40 minutes or so.

Upon my arrival on Friday I caught a set by The Bothers, a Brooklyn based Rockabilly Roots band that really had it together, they were tight, fun and looked the part with their slicked back hair, high cuffed jeans and tight t shirts…Another great Rockabilly act was Lara Hope and The Arktones featuring Matt Goldpaw of the Arkhams on stand up base, While front gal Lara belted out song after song in a sweet rockin’ voice that was undeniably fitting for this show.

Later when the show moved inside I caught a stellar set by solo artist Kyle Trocolla that blew us all away with his alt country sound and punk lyrics, I am a fan of this genre and I was delighted by this heartfelt gravel voiced set…Next up on the inside stage we saw another new band (new to me anyway) called Pitchfork Militia who delivered a very high energy set and entertained the audience with antics like using a toy fire truck as a guitar slide. Then came The Creepin Cadavers who were an all out Psychobilly assault that was pure high energy fun…And one of my new favorite bands as of that night is The Grizzly Band who came up from Texas and delivered a phenominal alt country set complete with steel guitar, truckers caps, and long beards, all of which added to their authentic sound and feel, and the last band of the evening was again an unexpected surprise called Those Crosstown Rivals who do a punky southern rock, that included hints of classic southern rock with the edge of punk and hints of country that never leaned to much in any direction, lets just say I liked them.

Saturday brought more of the same, so many interesting cars, burlesque and side show acts, and more great music by acts like the rockabilly band Whiskey Kill who did a killer classic rockabilly set, and a really fun and really good Surf band called The Sci Flies who played all the old surf classics while wearing matching Fly masks, later both on the outdoor stage, and again on the indoor stage, American Pinup performed remarkably flawless sets that brought the crowds right to the front of the stage to hear their sets, American Pinup also played this event last year and is an obvious crowd favorite. Finally the night was topped off by the Koffin Kats who as they always do delivered an hour plus of high octane Psychobilly that brought the house down with their unmatched onstage showmanship and operatic vocals that place them at the top of their genre…Thus the evening came to an end.

Sunday we all licked our wounds from the night before, waited to long in line for breakfast then sat in the sun with a lemonade and watched repeat performances by Whiskey Kill, American Pinup, The Bothers and Lara Hope and The Arktones…while awaiting lunch at the free, That’s right free Pig Roast and Tiki Pool Party…by this time much of the crowd had dispersed and headed home leaving maybe 500 or so of us left to enjoy the roasted pigs, nurse our hangovers and listen to more really great music.

This was once again a wonderful weekend and I hope to attend it again next year…I just hope my liver can survive it.

Upstart Fest 2015 announces dates, locations, and first wave of bands

The dates, locations, and first wave of bands have been announced for the 5th annual Upstart Fest. The tour will run from September 24th to October 4th and you can check out the full list of dates and locations below.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated when the bands are announced.





Rats Nest Run-In announces 6 new bands

The annual Rats Nest Run-In car show (and music festival) has announced six more bands that will be joining the fun on August 21st-23rd, 2015 in East Durham, NY (upstate, near Albany).  The new announcements include The Koffin Kats, The Grizzly Band, Kyle Trocolla, Whiskey Kill, Dressed For The Occasion, and The High Five Revival.

In addition to the Rat Rods car show, burlesque, a pin-up contest, a tiki pool party, and pig roast, a number of rockabilly, psychobilly, and americana bands will play over the 3 days. The newly announced bands will be joining American Pinup, Creepin’ Cadavers, Those Crosstown Rivals, Pitchfork Militia, Lara Hope and the Ark Tones, and The Bothers.

We will keep you posted as more information becomes available. Head over here for DyingScene’s rundown of last year’s event.

OC45 announces tour dates with Koffin Kats, Jukebox Romantics

Boston punks OC45 have only been off-tour for a couple months, but they are heading back out again this September.  This time, they are traveling with New York’s The Jukebox Romantics and Detroit’s Koffin Kats as they head through the Midwest and West on a 2-month jaunt.  You can find all the tour dates below.

In case you missed it, OC45 recently released a video for “Roberry,” a track off of their 2014 EP, When It Hits.  You can watch that here, and check out an interview they did with Dying Scene back in April.

Koffin Kats, Fang, Iron Reagan, and more to perform at Detroit’s Blackout BBQ

The people at Black Iris Booking have announced the first ever Blackout BBQ, a festival that includes a wide array of different bands such as Koffin Kats, The Goddamn Gallows, Iron Reagan, Fang, Downtown Brown, Against the Grain, Rebel Spies, Axe Ripper, The Worst Of, SNAFU, Dead Church, and more. In addition to these live performances, there will also be free food and art shows from Signature Tattoos and Big Top Tattoo.

Blackout BBQ is scheduled to take place at the various stages within The Majestic complex in Detroit, Michigan. If you are interested in going, you can learn more about the event at this location.

Koffin Kats part ways with guitarist EZ Ian

Sad news for you Koffin Kats fans. Guitarist EZ Ian has announced he will be leaving the band to assist with family matters back at home. Ian joined Koffin Kats four years ago, after previous guitarist Tommy Koffin parted ways with the band.

Below are statements from Ian and frontman Vic Victor regarding the departure.

The guitarist’s last show with Koffin Kats was last night at Woodruff’s Bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan with Break Anchor and The Gutter Ghouls. The band’s latest album “Born of the Motor” was released last year through Sailor’s Grave Records.

Koffin Kats release music video for “Giving Blood”

Detroit psychobilly group Koffin Kats have posted the music video for their song “Giving Blood.”

You can watch it below.

The Koffin Kats released “Born Of The Motor” on October 22nd through Sailor’s Grave Records.

Video: Upstart Fest 2013

BlankTV has posted a video chronicling the 9-city 10-day Upstart Fest that took place last year. You can check it out below.

Bands featured in the video include New Red Scare, The Koffin Kats, American Pinup, Turbo AC’s, Lost In Society, The Scandals, Two Fisted Law, The Svetlanas, Cry Havoc, and Fort Street.  You can also see the hostess with a Dying Scene shirt at the 6:05 mark!

Cover Art Battle Winner (October 22nd): Koffin Kats

Congratulations are in order for Koffin Kats, whose new record “Born of the Motor” won last week’s Cover Art Battle, which featured new releases from The Creepshow, AFI, Signals Midwest, Pentimento, and more with 36% of the vote!

As always, don’t forget to click here and get your vote in for this week’s Cover Art Battle, featuring new releases from Bad Religion, The Ridgelands, The Swellers, Fat Wreck Chords (the Tony Sly tribute album), and many others.

Congrats again to Koffin Kats! You can read our review of “Born of the Motor” right here.

Album Review: Koffin Kats – “Born Of The Motor”

I don’t often listen to albums as I’m reviewing them, but the Koffin Kats latest release, Born of the Motor, is simply too damn good to hit the “eject” button… And, might I add, rather conducive to the writing process; at least moreso than their previous albums.

Hailing from Motor City itself, Born of the Motor is an apt title for the band’s eighth album (and yes, I’m counting their Our Way and the Highway EP as an “album”). Musically, it showcases a more developed sound compared to the band’s earlier days, and the lyrics reflect a storied emotional expressiveness from the Detroit trio not seen in their past work. In short, it’s a mellower take on the driving psychobilly sound the Kats have made all their own; yet refreshing nonetheless.

Fans will undoubtedly notice a marked difference, rather improvement, in production quality of this album versus past releases; due in large part to the mastering brilliance of Adam Ayan of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Rolling Stones fame.

Despite presenting a cleaner, tighter sound, however, the band’s approach to Born of the Motor still provides glimpses of the grit and grime you’d come to expect from the Kats. “All of Me Is Gone” gets the ball rollin’ and establishes the overwhelmingly persistent vibe of the album itself; a consistency that is simultaneously endearing and mildly irksome, as the tracks seem to lack some of the energy of the bands previous releases.

For the swing-dancin’ kats and kittens, “Giving Blood” and “This Heart (Stays On Ice)” offer up ample opportunity for you to put those dancing lessons to good use in the next K.K. pit.

Lead singer Vic Victor’s voice is eerily (and pleasantly) reminiscent of Danzig’s earlier Misfits material and impressively borders on damn near operatic at times.

Born of the Motor is a fresh take on a sound Koffin Kats fans have come to adore and embrace over the years, and while it may be a tad more on the subdued side than some of their previous work, it’s still damn good.

4/5 Stars

Video Interview: Koffin Kats discuss “Born Of The Motor”, touring, unemployment, and more

Two-thirds of Detroit psychobilly act The Koffin Kats met up with the guys from BlankTV for an awesome interview about touring, unemployment, drinking, and their latest album “Born Of The Motor”.

Click here to check out the interview.

The Koffin Kats released “Born Of The Motor” on October 22nd through Sailor’s Grave Records. Click here to pick up a copy of the album.

Cover Art Battle (October 22nd): Koffin Kats, The Creepshow, Pentimento & more

In this week’s Cover Art Battle, we have brand new releases from Koffin Kats, The Creepshow, AFI, Motörhead, Signals Midwest, Pentimento, The Ratchets, Old Lines, and Sainthood Reps.

Check out all of the artwork for these releases and cast your votes in the poll below!

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Contest: Win a copy of “Born of the Motor” from Koffin Kats

Detroit psychobilly group Koffin Kats are gearing up to release their new album, “Born of the Motor,” and this is your chance to get it for free. We’re giving away five copies of it on CD. All you have to do is go here and fill out the form. We’ll pick the winners this Friday, October 18.

“Born of the Motor,” which will be the band’s seventh full-length album, is set to be released on October 22nd through Sailor’s Grave Records.

Fest Review: Upstart Fest (Koffin Kats, Turbo ACs, Svetlanas, New Red Scare, American Pinup, etc)

The 9-city, 10-day travelling punk festival known as Upstart Fest rolled into Boston last Saturday night.  Billed as “The Northeast’s biggest and best punk rock party,” the tour stretched from Philly to Portland, Maine, with a group of established headliners as well as up-and-coming local acts.  The best part of the festival is the variety of punk sub-genres that they cover:  from folk to hardcore to psychobilly, the Upstart Fest lineup reads like a primer on the many facets of punk music.

The Boston show kicked off with the almost-pop-punkers OC45.  The band always brings a ton of energy to the stage, and may have brought even more thanks to the fact that this was the first night of their 2-month U.S. tour.  The band focused on songs from their newly-released EP, “When It Hits.”

The Old Edison brought their punk-folk style to the stage, kicking things off with the crowd favorite “Dead Vulture Hurricane.”  Among a slew of acoustic guitars (and no drums!), violinist Catherine Joyce shouted along the “You can go fuck yourself” chorus along with the crowd.

Connecticut’s Cry Havoc! never disappoints, thanks to the mid-song pit dives of frontman Johnny Disaster.  The almost-hometown crowd knew enough to expect Johnny to draw blood when he bashed himself in the forehead with his microphone (happens every time).  But don’t let the theatrics fool you, they play an awesome brand of hardcore punk, and even threw in a Bad Brains cover that really got the crowd moving.

Also hailing from Connecticut, Two Fisted Law delivered a typical all-in performance, mainly focusing on songs off of their second album, “Late Nights and Bar Fights.”

Albany’s New Red Scare is always an entertaining sight.  Frontman Bill Gwynn’s grinding, gyrating moves kind of make you think you’re watching a strip show, but somehow it works so well with their raw sound.

American Pinup started their set by assuring us that they really were a punk band.  Honestly, that may have been a bit of a stretch, but they mixed in some ska and swanky, slow rockabilly beats that worked great with singer Lauren West’s amazing pipes.

Russia’s Svetlanas definitely scored the biggest buzz of the evening:  before they played, bands and fans alike were telling me how unbelievable they were.  They were right.  The Svetlanas look and sound like traditional 80s punk (crazy eyes, spraying beer in the crowd), and were so alive and fired-up onstage that they even got yours truly into the pit.  Despite the fact that pretty much no one knew a word to their songs (though they do sing in English), they had everyone in the crowd moving and completely enthralled.

The Turbo ACs never disappoint, and as always sounded tight as hell.  I like that they throw an acoustic guitar into the mix, and drummer Mike-E is always solid.

The crowd really filled in by the time the Hudson Falcons took the stage, and their working-class rock got a big pit going.

The Koffin Kats were the headliners of Upstart Fest, and played a kickass set of psychobilly-fueled rock behind Vic Victor’s vocals and simultaneous antics with the upright bass.  Vic’s stage presence and willingness to throw himself and his bass around with such abandon would be a recipe for disaster for anyone less cool, but of course the Kats pulled it off superbly.

Upstart Fest is growing from year-to-year, and while it may never be as big as some of the West Coast punk festivals, the organizers do a stellar job of bringing together a stellar lineup of well-established acts and relative newcomers, all from different corners of our punk rock world.  Can’t wait for next year.

Top 3 photos by Chris Lynn, bottom two by Lyz Manikas.

Interview: Vic of the Koffin Kats talks roots, touring, and the meaning behind the Graveyard Tree songs

The Koffin Kats, Detroit’s psychobilly badasses, tour pretty prolifically, and they found themselves in Boston last week for Upstart Fest, a 9-city punk festival that showcases the best up-and-coming bands in New England and New York.  I got to sit down with their frontman, vocalist, and upright bass player Vic before the show last Saturday.  Read on to find out what he thinks about the tour, his native city, and his songwriting style.