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Part Time Killer streaming new song “System is Using You”

Finnish skate-punks Part Time Killer are streaming their new song “System is Using You”. The song comes off the band’s upcoming yet to be named album. Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room, the new album promises to be a gem.

Check out the new song below.

Part Time Killers released “Notes To Myself” back in February. If you’re a fan of Ten Foot Pole or Millencolin, you will enjoy these guys.

Part Time Killer release new track “Notes To Myself”

Finnish skate punks Part Time Killer have released a new track. “Notes To Myself” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. The song will feature on an as-yet-untitled, upcoming album, out later this year.

Have a listen on Spotify now.

New Song: Part Time Killer – “Burning Flames Of Hell” off upcoming split with One Hidden Frame

Scandinavian punk act Part Time Killer have posted a new song  called “Burning Flames Of Hell.”

You can check it out here.

The song will appear on their upcoming split 7-inch with One Hidden Frame. No word on when the split will be released but we’ll keep you updated. Part Time Killer released their latest EP, “Dead And Gone,” in 2011 on Longplay Music.

Album Review: Part Time Killer – “People. Religion. Death.”

I’m a child of the 90’s and as a result my punk rock roots are, like many others, in the So-Cal, skate punk era that saw the rise of what is now referred to as the Epi-Fat sound.  Skate punk in the modern day has fleeting moments of brilliance but it’s somewhat fading…fast.  This isn’t to say that there aren’t bands out there doing it and doing it well.  Finnish band, Part Time Killer is a perfect example of a band still doing the punk scene proud.  The band rose from the ashes of Flippin’ Beans and there have been a constant flow of releases since the band’s inception.  A 7 inch, a 3 way split and now a full-length is a release schedule that would put some of their bigger contemporaries to shame.

Their first full length People.  Religion.  Death. continues down the same road as the band’s previous efforts with more vigour and passion than I thought was ever possible.  It’s not that “Fuck The World” was lacking in ferocity, but the full-length definitely takes it to the next level.

Opener, “Heartbreaking Music” is not a Lagwagon cover like most would think but it does give an insight to a band that tours hard, produces music constantly but fails to reap the rewards from a scene that continues to take.  “Another amazing town, another amazing crowd, another amazing song but no one sings along.  And it’s breaking my heart.  This is heartbreaking music,” is a particular stand out lyric if only for the fact that I want to yell it back to them at a show to let them know this is amazing music.

Back to the music.  The album is fast-paced from the minute it starts to the second it ends.  The album is heavy on gang vocals, evident in “15 Minutes of Fame” and “Teenage Riot” which bust out the whoas in the most appropriate places.  The simple three chord guitar ethos of skate punk bands gone by is employed here but with a structured attack that many modern day bands are missing and “Weight of the World” is a prime example of this.

“Anti-Everything” could almost be a lyrical spit against Gen Y but mainly focuses on faith yet it has that melodic hook which will ensure a crowd singing along to every word.  “Your Life Story” was included on the “Fuck the World” 7 inch but the album version features Sammi from Finnish hardcore band, St. Hood whose gritty vocals add an unexpected element, anger.

Lyrically the album covers issues plaguing modern day society, as outlined in the album title, it meanders through topics of people, religion and death.  Not always glamorous topics but important nonetheless.  It’s extremely political in some views without being overly preachy, a shining testament to the song writing ability of the band.  “Freedom Fight?” is one that addresses war, an issue which many of us are now so conditioned to that we’re almost blind to it.

The strength in this album is that it never attempts to be something that it’s not.  There are no over-the-top, wanky breakdowns, there are no slow numbers; there is not a single song in the album that doesn’t fit with the overall picture of the band.  The album is solid, passionate, and furious without being overtly technical.  If most bands did simplicity as well as PTK then punk rock would be a better place.  Part Time Killer are doing skate punk in 2011 the way it should have always been done…well.

DS Exclusive: Track by Track of “People. Religion. Death” by Part Time Killer

Music is a beautiful thing and one of the beauties that lies within it is the ability for two people to interpret a songs meaning completely differently.  We derive our own meanings from any words we hear and use that interpretation to relate it back to ourselves and the world around us.  Here at Dying Scene, we always want to know more about it so this time we asked Alex Aaltola, bass player and singer for Part Time Killer to give us a run down on meaning behind the words on their new album, “People.  Religion.  Death.”  You can read the full track by track breakdown here.

The album was released on March 9th and you can grab a copy on the Pee Records website.

Part Time Killer streaming debut LP “People – Religion – Death”

Comin’ straight outta Lahti, Finland, Part Time Killer are streaming their debut LP, “People – Religion – Death” on their bandcamp page. The album is officially set for release on all of the normal formats (CD/LP/Digital) somewhere around March 18th through Australia’s Pee Records.

Part Time Killer’s last release was a three-way split with Burning Fiction and Jet Market.

PEE Records streaming releases of the past 12 months, more to come

100% independent Australian label, PEE Records are streaming all releases of the past 12 months in their entirety on their Bandcamp page.  If you like what you hear then you can purchase it right there and then and receive a free download as thanks for your purchase!  Some of the albums include:

One Vital Word – “Early Days”

Safe Hands – “Oh The Humanity”

Part Time Killer – “Fuck The World”

Driven Fear – “Society’s Finest?”

Damn The Empire – “With Trends Like These”

The label will be adding more releases from their back catalogue in the future so keep checking back for updates.

Part Time Killer releasing new album “People, Religion, Death”, streaming new track

Scandinavian punk act Part Time Killer have just announced that they will be releasing a brand new full-length album titled “People, Religion, Death,” March 9th, 2011 via Longplay Music / Pee Records.  To give you a taste for what’s to come the band is streaming a new track from the album titled “Heart Breaking Music,” and I know what you’re thinking… It’s not a Lagwagon cover.

You can listen to the song on their MySpace page.

The band released their latest album which was a split with Burning Fiction and Jet Market last December.

Album Review: Burning Fiction / Jet Market / PartTime Killer: Split

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A split usually involves two bands showcasing a few songs so that fans of one band can be introduced to another. A three way split is pretty rare, at least to me, but I’m all for throwing in an extra band. The three bands on this split are Jet Market (Italy), Part Time Killer (Finland) and Burning Fiction (Australia.) They all contribute four songs each in exactly 35 minutes.

I’m not familiar with the band Burning Fiction but from the first track “Mindhead” they got me intrigued. The skatepunk evidence is all there. The fast beat, the melodic vocals, rhythmic bass and the driving power chords all sound as good as the pop of an ollie. The second track is slower but still good and I finally figured out who these guys sound like. It’s mostly the voice but I hear a resemblance to now expired aggressive metal/skatepunk band Layaway Plan. The next track is at the same pace as the last and again it is good but just not as good as the first. The final track from Burning Fiction is “The Grip” and it starts at the same pace as the last two but 30 seconds in picks up with some finger tapping solo’s and fires into the fast skatepunk sound I’m looking for. All around not bad but I would say they should of stuck to the same strategy as Layaway Plan and played them all fast.

The next band is one I am looking forward to hearing. I am a fan of Jet Market so I have high expectations for their four songs. “The Truck” immediately is recognizable as a Jet Market song and 15 seconds in to it I have goose bumps. Up next is “Tonight, Tonight” and it’s blazing fast and has a familiar sound to it. NO FUCKING WAY! It’s not until the palm muted picking and vocals that I figure out that the title is not just a coincidence to the Smashing Pumpkins song. Rad is all I can say. I love the original and now here is four Italians giving me a skate punk version of the hit song. They finish strong with the last two tracks making it three solid Jet Market tracks just as good as anything else they have done and one awesome cover song.

The last band is one that gave me slight puzzlement. For a few minutes I thought this was the Austrian punk band Renttokill who have a song called Primetime Killer but no, it’s Part Time Killer who I have never heard of until now. After I straighten it out the chorus of the first song is yelling at me to “Wake up.” Part Time Killer has a more straight up classic punk sound than the other two bands but they have infused it in to their own style of melodic skate punk. The four tracks are all fast and all have singable chant along vocals that make you want to rise up and fight against something like the government, rising beer prices, burnt toast or whatever you’re against.

As a whole Jet Market has the strongest tracks on the split but all the bands bring something to the table that is good in their own way. I ‘m glad that there are three different bands on this split, giving me three different styles of fast melodic punk rock to listen to. I might have never heard of Part Time Killer and Burning Fiction if it weren’t for Jet Market.

DS Exclusive Stream: Burning Fiction / Jet Market / Part Time Killer split

Get ready to turn your stereo up and piss off your neighbors because today we’re bringing you the Burning Fiction / Jet Market / Part Time Killer split courtesy of the rockin’ folks over at Pee Records.  In only 35 minutes, you’ll be delivered 12 tracks of the finest melodic punk rock available today.  You can listen to the album and get the track list, here.

The album is available on December 17th from Pee Records and you can pre-order it right now for a measly tenner from the Pee website, here.

So sit back, relax and get ready to punch something, or hug it.  You’ll have to listen to find out which!

Part Time Killer / Burning Fiction / Jet Market releasing split album

Scandinavian punk act Part Time Killer are releasing a split album with Burning Fiction and Jet Market December 18th on Pee Records.

You can pre-order it here and you can head over to Burning Fiction’s MySpace Page to stream the song “1000 Years” which will be featured on the split.

Part Time Killer is working on a new full-length album

Scandinavian punk act Part Time Killer are currently working on a new, yet to be titled album. According to a MySpace bulletin it is now being mixed and is expected to be released in early 2011.

The band released their debut 7-inch, “Fuck the World,” in August and you can stream it right here.

DS Exclusive Stream: Part Time Killer – “Fuck The World”

Ladies, gents and fellow miscreants, grab yourself a towel and take a seat because today we’re streaming the new Part Time Killer 7 inch, Fuck The World, courtesy of the cats over at Pee Records.  I’m going to go as far as saying that this is the best thing since Flippin’ Beans (see what I did there?).  Give it a listen here.

With only 300 copies in existence, you’d better be quick if you want to pick up one.  It’s definitely worth more than the tenner that I forked over.  The 7 inch is available now through:

Pee Records (Australia/New Zealand)
Three Tails Records (Japan)
Angry Chuck Records (Russia)
Toy Bomb Records (Europe/Rest of the World)

Part Time Killer streaming “Rise Against” from “Fuck The World” 7-inch

If you’re not already all over it, which you should be, Part Time Killer are streaming the track, Rise Against, from their freshly released 7 inch, Fuck The World on their MySpace page.

If you’re NOT a fan of the band Rise Against or AFI then this track comes with my highest seal of approval. If you are, it’s still awesome.

Fuck The World is available now through:


Part Time Killer announce release date of “Fuck The World” 7-inch, working on new split

Scandinavian punk act, Part Time Killer, will be officially releasing their limited edition 7″, Fuck The World, on August 16th through the following labels:

(or you can email the band directly for a copy at [email protected])

You can stream the title track from the 7″ on the band’s MySpace page.

The band also stated on their facebook page that they are currently recording a 7″ split with One Hidden Frame.  Not completely sure what that means regarding the full-length they are supposedly working on.