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The Reaganomics (punk) stream new demo songs from

In August The Reaganomics will be heading into the studio to record a new LP for Red Scare Industries and to get you properly stoked they’ve released a few demos, which you can stream below. Here’s what the band had to say about “The Jeff Sessions:”

“In the spirit of the live action remake of Disney’s The Lion King, we’ve decided to release some new music for free. Here’s some demos. Put it this way… these three demos are Simba. Young, eager, but rough around the edges. At some point we’ll be putting out our third LP on Red Scare, which will represent Mufasa, the ever powerful king of the jungle, of course until his brother Scar murdered him. Um, maybe the new album is Simba as an adult. Or… dare I say Nala! Shit, I don’t know. Enough nonsense.”

The band’s last album was Lower The Bar which was released in 2011 via Red Scare, although they have since released a split with the Carousel Kings in 2013.

The Reaganomics stream new demos

The Reaganomics have released a stream of some demo tracks for your listening pleasure. Some are of tracks that appeared on the band’s debut album Lower The Bar, while others are brand new tunes. You can give a listen to the tunes below.

The band’s last album was Lower The Bar in 2011 via Red Scare Industries, although they have since released a split with the Carousel Kings in 2013 and contributed (in this writer’s opinion) the best track on the Red Scare Industries: 10 Years of Your Dumb Bullshit compilation last year. There is currently a rumor of a new EP in the works.

The Reaganomics added to lineup for Red Scare’s 10th anniversary show

Red Scare Industries is celebrating 10 years of labelhood on October 25th with a killer show at Chicago’s Metro.  Already announced as part of the lineup are The Falcon, The Lillingtons, The Methadones, Elway, Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder and more, and today The Reaganomics have been added into the mix.

Here’s what frontman Greg Alltop had to say about getting to play this awesome show:

Most of the bands that have been/are on Red Scare are the reason we started The Reaganomics and we are thrilled to get super drunk with them, compare beards, try on each others flannels and see who’s wearing the dirtiest Chuck Taylors. Our plan for the show is to get sloppy drunk, play a few Nomix, cover some old Metallica songs, and hope the Cobra Skulls are gonna play. One might say we’re “stoked”.

Red Scare will be announcing 1 band per day via different sites so keep your eyes peeled for more additions.  In the meantime snag your tickets here.

The Reaganomics stream their half of upcoming split w/ Carousel Kings

The Reaganomics are streaming “When I Say Fuck You” and “Your Band Sucks” from their upcoming split with Carousel Kings, which is being released on May 22nd via Red Scare Industries.

Click here to check it out.

The band last released “Lower The Bar” in 2011.

Red Scare to release Carousel Kings/The Reaganomics 7-inch

Red Scare Industries has announced a new split between The Reaganomics and Carousel Kings, to be released May 22nd, followed by a Chicago release party on May 24th. The split will aptly be entitled “Split.”

Pre-orders are available now here.

Compilation Stream: “Sexy Babies Across The Wasteland” (Reaganomics, Koffin Kats, Turbo ACs, etc)

The folks at Sexy Baby Records are releasing a comp titled “Sexy Babies Across The Wasteland” on May 1st.  It features a bunch of great bands like The Reaganomics, Koffin Kats, Turbo ACs, Teenage Rehab and more, and it’s streaming in full here.

The Reaganomics working on new album, stream new demo “Song In A”

The Reaganomics are streaming a new song simply titled “Song in A” and you can stream and/or download it for free right here.

The song will appear on a new album the band hopes to be releasing this Summer.

The Reaganomics last released “Lower The Bar” last year on Red Scare.

The Reaganomics streaming new track “Ed Hardy” off upcoming album

The Reaganomics (which features members of the now defunct band Ryan’s Hope) have posted another new song to their MySpace. “Ed Hardy,” featuring Kody Templeman of Teenage Bottlerocket, is off their upcoming sophomore album Lower the Bar.

Check out the song here.

Lower the Bar will be released on February 15th through Red Scare Industries.

New Music: The Reaganomics – “You’re Done” and “Directive 5 (Robocop’s Always Down)” off upcoming album “Lower the Bar”

The Reaganomics (which features members of the now defunct band Ryan’s Hope) have posted two new songs “You’re Done” and “Directive 5 (Robocop’s Always Down)” off their upcoming sophomore album “Lower the Bar”.

Head over to the band’s Facebook and have a listen.

“Lower the Bar” will be released on February 15th through Red Scare Industries.

Red Scare releasing new albums from The Reaganomics and The Heat Tape

San Francisco based punk label Red Scare Industries have announced that on February 15th, 2011 they will be releasing the debut full-lengths for both The Reaganomics (which features members of the now defunct band Ryan’s Hope) and The Heat Tape (which is fronted by Brett Hunter from The Copyrights and Dear Landlord).

The Reaganomics release will be titled “Lower The Bar” and The Heat Tape release will be titled “Raccoon Valley Recordings.”

The Reaganomics recording new full-length for Red Scare Records

The Reaganomics (comprised of all former members of Ryan’s Hope +1) are recording a brand new full-length album this August which they plan to release by October on Red Scare Records.

The band released their last album Get Lost, Stay Lost on Red Scare in October, 2009.

Listen to more songs from upcoming The Reaganomis album “Get Lost, Stay Lost”

reaganomicsThe Reaganomics are releasing their newest album “Get Lost, Stay Lost” October 20th on Red Scare and they’ve just added 2 new tracks from the release to their MySpace page.  They’re titled “Semi Productive” and “Midlan.”

The Reaganomics is comprised of all former members of Ryan’s Hope +1.

Listen to 5 new tracks by The Reaganomics

reaganomicsThe Reaganomics (comprised of all former members of Ryan’s Hope +1) are releasing a 17 song, 22 minute EP on September 29th and you can listen to 5 of those songs on the band’s MySpace page.

Says the band of the songs you’ll fine on the release:

We are bitching a lot about work, and about people we’ve encountered while playing punk rock over the years. If you’re sick of assholes who think they are too important for this planet, you’ll dig these songs.