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November’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Rise on Everest

Thanksgiving always throws off our timing on Hidden Gems but I guess it’s better late than never, right? RIGHT!??! Look, 2016 has been rough on all of us in one aspect or another but as we near it’s end, we would like to thank you for reading and hope that our silly little article has made this tough, bitter pill of a year a little easier to swallow. This month, we’ve got six sick bands that we’re betting you haven’t heard of, to help get you over this last, awful gulp. Check out November’s stellar selections below and then we’ll see you back here next month for our year end blowout!

Rumspringer steams new album “Stay Afloat”

Arizona pop-punkers Rumspringer are streaming their newest album “Stay Afloat”. You can listen to it here.

“Stay Afloat” was released today, June 18th.

New Song: Rumspringer – “Tourists and Vagabonds”

Rumspringer have put up a stream of a brand new song titled “Tourists and Vagabonds”. The song is set to appear on the band’s upcoming album, Stay Afloat.

You can listen to “Tourists and Vagabonds” right here.

Stay Afloat will be released June 18th via Dirt Cult Records.

Rumspringer/ Sister Kisser split up for pre-order

Arizona pop-punkers Rumspringer are releasing a split with Sister Kisser. You can pre-order it here.

Rumspringer’s released “Empty Towers” back in 2010.

New Song: “The ‘May I Help You’ Riff” off Rumspringer’s upcoming album “Empty Towers”

Arizona pop-punkers Rumspringer have posted a new track off their upcoming album, Empty Towers, due out June 2nd on Traffic Street Records. Check out The “May I Help You” Riff on the Traffic Street’s MySpace page. Party on Wayne!

Rumspringer is currently on tour.  Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

Rumspringer releasing new full-length album “Empty Towers”

traffic-street-recordsArizona’s Rumspringer are releasing a new full-length titled Empty Towers June 2nd on Traffic Street Records.   Here’s what Traffic Street had to say about the release:

Eleven songs clocking in at around 36 minutes. While I would have been more than happy with another batch of songs that sounded exactly like last year’s 10″ / CDEP, the band took a chance and mixed it up a little bit here and it’s definitely paid off. I can’t stop listening to this!

Rumspringer is currently on tour.  Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

Rumspringer releasing debut full-length

traffic-street-recordsTraffic Street Records have announced that Rumspringer are currently in the studio working on their full-length debut. The as-yet untitled album will be released on Vinyl by Traffic Street on May 31st, but there are talks of possibly getting it released sooner.

Rumspringer are playing a handful of shows in Arizona in the coming weeks so check their Dying Scene Shows page for details.

Listen to Rumspringer’s “It’s Literally Tearing Me Apart”

traffic-street-recordsRumspringer just posted their new song “It’s Literally Tearing Me Apart” to their MySpace page, which is a 4 way split with Turkish Techno, Shang-A-Lang, and The Anchor. You may want to check this out because it may be the last new song for awhile. According to the band, after being together for a year they are going to “crawl back into the hole they came from” until they have even more new songs. Will it be worth the wait?