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Werthless (noise punk) release new track “Food Stamps”

Tacoma noise punks Werthless have released a new track, “Food Stamps”. The song is available via their Bandcamp, and is free to download. The track follows recent video “Mr Melk“.

You can have a listen to the song below.

Werthless (Thrash) release video for “Mr. Melk”

Tacoma thrash punks Werthless have released a video for their song “Mr. Melk”. The video featuring an 80’s shaggin’ wagon, quite literally the largest port-o-potty I have ever seen, was seemingly shot on the drummers front lawn. None the less it is full of energy and some straight in your face vocals.

Take a trip to Tacoma below.

“Mr. Melk” comes off the band’s first full length release “Roadkill” which came out back in September. If you like hard, fast, in your face punk these guys are for you.