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BK Punks THICK Release Video For “Lyfe”

Photo By Jeff Schaer-Moses Photogrpahy
THICK guitarist Nikki Crowdsurfing during their set at Brooklyn Bazaar on Dec, 8.

Brooklyn punks THICK released the video for their newest single “Lyfe” at Brooklyn Bazaar on December 8. I don’t want to overstate how good I think THICK is, so lets just put it this way …. get on that wave right now because THICK is the new religion and it’s not going anywhere but up from here.

THICK is already one of the most exciting bands in the BK and it’s only a matter of time before their infectious sound crosses the East River and spreads through The Big Apple like a plague of ass-kicking destruction. THICK may not be reinventing the wheel with their pop-punk tunes but what they are doing is bringing a whole new energy and attitude to the genre.

Glass Slipper, Fat Heaven, and Whiner acted on support on THICKs big night in Greenpoint.

Brooklyn’s THICK streams new EP “Would You Rather?”

In case you’re not well versed on what’s coming out of the Brooklyn Underground all girl 3-piece THICK would be a good place to start. Their tunes are oozing with attitude and three ladies from New York City truly dominate the stage when they play live. They don’t have a huge catalog of songs but there isn’t a single bad one in the bunch thus far.

Their newest recording Would You Rather? Dropped on May, 22nd and it’s an abrasive 10-minutes of music with some really clever songwriting and tremendous musicianship. THICK doesn’t only know how to write a great song, but they really know how to perform it well. Their use of harmony and their bridges are truly top notch.

It is impossible to pick a single from the four songs because honestly, all four of them could easily be a single. They all have relatable lyrics, infectious choruses, and unforgettable riffs. This may not be a masterpiece but it is the best THICK has had to offer so far and a really builds up the excitement for a full-length.

Give the release a listen below.

THICK (punk) releases video for “Girlie”

Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography
THICK at Palisades in Bushwick, Brooklyn, winter of 2016.

New York punk three-piece THICK released a brand new video on January 18th for their tune “Girlie” and it’s the group’s first new track since October of 2016. “Girlie” is a kick-ass song that uses some pretty intense vocal harmonies to sell the chorus and it translated into an even more kick-ass video complete with lighthearted shenanigans, headbanging and a group of incorrigible ladies reaping havoc all over New York City.

Check out the video below.

THICK has quite a few New York area shows coming up in the next few months, so now is the time to see them on the cheap before they start selling out venues nationwide.