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Rocket From Russia streaming yearly compilation album

West Coast punk festival Rocket From Russia Fest is streaming their yearly compilation album Punkouver Vol. 3. This is one of my favorite yearly comps, being in Southern Ontario I often miss the boat on the Canadian West Coast punk scene. Getting the chance to catch up with the Rocket From Russia Fest lineup every year is a true pleasure.

Check it out below.

This years edition features tracks from Russian Tim and the Pavel Bures, The Brass Action and Jesse LeBourdais

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures (punk) streaming new EP “Greatest SuperHITs”

Vancouver punks Russian Tim and Pavel Bures are streaming their latest EP Greatest SuperHITs. Featuring six all new tracks, top to bottom this is a solid new release. There’s a little in there for everyone as well, the album starts off with some hard and fast punk songs and takes a bit of a left on the track “Marshmellow”. Probably my favorite track on the new EP, the song is reminiscent of Gogol Bordello, all kinds of mayhem and a catchy tune.

Check out the new album below.

This is the first new music from Russian Tim and Pavel Bures since they appeared on the Punkouver Vol. 2 compilation album last year. As mentioned above if you’re into Gogol Bordello, you will no doubt get a kick out of these guys.

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures bring you a great success (two songs, name-your-price)

So you’re looking for Russian pop/rock hits covered as punk songs, with musical homages to well-known punk songs thrown in? And you need it to be from Vancouver? That’s oddly specific, but I happen to have just the thing for you!

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures (Byoo-rays for those of you that don’t speak hockey or Russian) are an ensemble cover band that specializes in Russian songs done punk. They’ve released “SuperHIT” and “The Other Song” for name-your-price at bandcamp. You can stream them below, and be sure to drop some Canadian rubles for Russian Tim & company.