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Music Video: Get Rad – “Word Is Bond”

Milwaukee-based hardcore band Get Rad have premiered a music video for their song “Word Is Bond”, taken from their long awaited Sweet Cobra split 7″. The video, cut together by from footage recorded at the 2012 Gilead Music festival, can be seen below.

The split will be available for the first time this weekend at the “Arluck Time 2014” memorial show for Mat Arluck (of Sweet Cobra, who passed away in 2009) at the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

Get Rad West Caost/Upper Midwest Tour Dates

Get Rad has taken off for a 2 week West-US tour and you can check out their Dying Scene Shows page for the dates.  Unfortunately, the one sided LP/EP “What the Fuck Happened to Common Sense” wasn’t ready in time to be available on the tour, BUT the band should have the CD version of their next full album on Hyperrealist called “I Can Always Live” with them.

Get Rad releasing “What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense” LP/EP

get-rad-what-the-fuck-happened-to-common-seneseUnderground Communique Records has announced that they will be releasing an 8.5 song one sided 12″ EP titled “What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense” for hardcore-punk act Get Rad.  No official release date yet other than “sometime this Fall” but here’s the statement from Underground Communique:

The band brings what I believe as their best recorded material to date, a recording finally matching the power of seeing the band live.  Originally 3 of these songs were going to go on the Sweet Cobra split 7″ but that idea is sidelined right now until Sweet Cobra finishes writing new songs. That split will definitely still happen, just not yet…so we decided to combine the whole recording session into one EP instead and solve the problem of having songs for a split and a separate 7″ but no split band and no one to release a separate 7″.

Get Rad has recently finished a different full-length album titled “I Can Always Live”, which they are releasing on Hyperrealist when they finish their tour (fans can pick up copies of the album right now if they catch the band on the road).

Get Rad: West Coast Tour

m_e71f9ccee8b947f5a8328b7a5c76a168Get Rad announced the dates and locations of their West Coast Tour.  The tour will start out in Vermillion, South Dakota, hit Spokane, Washington,  make its way along the coast to San Diego, and then head back through to Milwaukee. Take a look at the Full Story page to see if the tour will hit your town.

The band’s newest album “I Can Always Live” is being officially released on Hyperrealist after the tour but the guys will have copies of the CD and a limited “tour edition” vinyl available for fans at their shows.  Their last album, “Say Fuck No To Rules, Man,” was released August 22, 2006, on Hyperrealist.