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The Brokedowns and Vacation Bible School streaming split EP

Chicago punk bands The Brokedowns and Vacation Bible School have released a split EP together. You can check it out by going here.

VBS recently released a split with Pity Party, as well, and The Brokedowns recently announced a split with The Slow Death.

Vacation Bible School streams split with Pity Party

Illinois punk rock group Vacation Bible School are streaming their split 7-inch with New York/New Jersey’s melodic punk act Pity Party right here.

The album contains 6 tracks (2 from Vacation Bible School and 4 from Pity Party) and is being released through Underground Communique.

Pity Party is Fid & Joel from the beloved the Measure (sa)’s new band and this is their debut release.

Vacation Bible School releasing split 7-inch with Pity Party

Illinois punk rock group Vacation Bible School will be releasing a split 7-inch with New York/New Jersey’s melodic punk act Pity Party at this year’s Fest 11.

The album will contain 6 tracks (2 from Vacation Bible School and 4 from Pity Party) and will be put out through Underground Communique.

Pity Party is Fid & Joel from the beloved the Measure (sa)’s new band and this is their debut release.

The record will come with a download card.

Album Review: Vacation Bible School – “Ruined The Scene”

Sometimes it is hard to get creative in finding words to describe pop-punk release after pop-punk release. There is really only so much that you can say about ninety-second, fast-paced, three-chord songs, even if you love the genre as so many of us do. Plus, punk fans can be a finicky bunch, at times deriding bands for maturing and straying from their pop-punk roots, while at other times deriding bands for continuing to put out the same album over and over (and over) again. Generally speaking, there has to be something in particular to make a release standout, whether it be expert guitar work, higher-than-normal production value, a particularly nimble-fingered bass player, etc.

What does it for me with Vacation Bible School is the lyric/vocal combination. I’ve long been a fan of lyricists who are self-deprecating, unafraid to raise a middle finger to themselves just as quickly as they raise it to other people or to society in general. And it takes a decent vocalist to do that without sounding condescending or overly self-serving (or overly whiny and snot-nosed). On their debut full-length, “Ruined  The Scene” (released on Underground Communique Records), Vacation Bible School combine high energy, chunkier-than-average (Gimme Gimme-sytle) pop punk melodies with the sort of ‘fuck you, fuck me, fuck society’ ethos that spawned the genre thirty-plus years ago.

Album-opener “Douchebag” is perhaps the best example of all of the above, kicking off with vocalist Johnny Vacation snarling that “you can fuck right off, you can shut your mouth, you can get the fuck out, you can leave right now.” Or “The Worst Of The Best” with its “nothing but the worst for you, nothing but the worst will do” chant-along outro (that could stand to feature more in the way of chanting, but that’s nit-picking). Perhaps the album’s best song, or at least my favorite, is “You + Me = Shit,” which has evokes images of the study hall notebook scribblings of a pimple-faced high schooler but, when Johnny Vacation sings “The world has gone to shit and so have we,” he comes off quite sincere. Also, this track features the album’s best guitar solo, always an added bonus in a world where guitar solos have long been going the way of the major label contract.

Pop punk is always going to sound like pop punk, but VBS do a pretty admirable job of changing the tempos, time signatures and length of the songs that they don’t sound formulaic, meaning that “Ruined The Scene” is a very easy album to listen too without getting bored, even when playing it on repeat a few times through for purposes of doing a review.


Band Spotlight: Vacation Bible School

Finding new pop-punk bands is not hard.  Finding ones that can write good songs and play them well is a bit more challenging.  If you’ve been on the hunt for new bands lately, Vacation Bible School is a gritty pop-punk band that I recommend adding to your radar.  You can check them out by streaming their brand new full-length right here.

Vacation Bible School stream entire upcoming album “Ruined The Scene”

Streaming a new album from Illinois punk rock group Vacation Bible School is a great way to start your Saturday morning (don’t worry, it’s still “morning” if you just got out of bed).  The group is releasing their newest album “Ruined The Scene” on Underground Communique and the label has been kind enough to stream the entire thing right here.

The latest full length from Vacation Bible School is 13 awesome songs about hating the world, everyone in it, especially ex-girlfriends (and wishing them to die), and let’s not forget welcoming the apocalypse…so if you’ve ever had one of THOSE days where everything is going wrong and you hate life and everyone you come in contact with…well, they have written the soundtrack to that mentality in the funnest and catchiest way – you’ll seriously have these songs stuck in your head for weeks!

Interview with John Polydoros of Vacation Bible School

Sounds like Chicago punk rockers Vacation Bible School might be getting up and coming to your town soon, but no promises.  Head on over here to read a cool interview with lead singer John Polydoros.

In addition to giving a history of the band, of which I was sadly unaware, Polydoros mentions that the band “recently discovered that people in other places like our band, and now that the shock of that has worn off, we’re gonna get off our asses and try to hit the road to play for some of these people”.

Vacation Bible School most recently released a limited CD pressing of the album “Ruined The Scene” last summer through Underground Communique records.

Dear Landlord recording new material next month

Minneapolis’ punk group Dear Landlord have a treat for their fans: They are headed to Chicago at the beginning of next month (December) to record four new songs they call follow-up tracks to their latest album Dream Homes. Two of these songs will be on a 7″ spilt with The Dopamines, and that is to be released early next year on Paper + Plastick. The other two will be on another split, this time with Toys That Kill, to be released early next year on No Idea Records.

The reasoning behind this batch of new songs to be recorded is simple: Drummer Brad explains, “With only 763 days until the Mayan calendar ends, we are trying to make the most of the time we have left as a band.” That’s completely logical.

While in Chicago, Dear Landlord is going to be playing a show on December 5th at the Subterranean with Chinese Telephones, Vacation Bible School, and No Enemy.

Vacation Bible School releases tracklisting of upcoming album

Illinois punk rock group Vacation Bible School is done with their new album, titled Vacation Bible School Ruined The Scene. They have posted a tracklisting (which you can see here), and let the public know of their CD release show in Chicago on December 5th. The album will be coming out around that same time, and we’ll really see if VBS ruined the scene or not.

Vacation Bible School Ruined The Scene will be released on Underground Communique.

FREE Underground Communique Fest Sampler

Underground Communique Records has announced a free sampler featuring a few new, unreleased songs and some select favorites from recent releases and a few kinda old releases.  The 14 -song compilation includes new, unreleased songs from Vacation Bible School, Olehole & Mexican Cheerleader. As well as previously released songs from: Hellmouth, Voice In The Wire, Explode And Make Up, The Copyrights, X One Way X, Shot Baker, The Methadones, The Honor System, Get Rad & the Killing Tree.

You can download it for free right here.

Vacation Bible School sign to Underground Communiqué, working on new album

Vacation Bible School have signed with Underground Communiqué Records in preparation for an as yet untitled full-length album. The band has started recording with Dan Precision (of 88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against) at Bombshelter Studio and with Joe Gac (The Catburglars, The House Gloria Vanderbilt) at Red Door Studios.

Vacation Bible School released a split with the Goddamn Doo Wop Band this past April on Traffic Street Records, another with Bi-Furious on Let’s Pretend in 2008 and a CD EP on Cassette Deck in 2007. Underground Communiqué previously released a Vindictives Tribute split 7″ with Vacation Bible School and Shot Baker in 2006; this will be the bands first collection of original material with the label.

The band will be playing the Fest 9 in Gainesville, FL this year as well.

Vaction Bible School and God Damn Doo Wop Band releasing split 7-inch “Covered”

traffic-street-recordsVacation Bible School and The God Damn Doo Wop Band (members of The Strait A’s and The Soviettes) are releasing a split 7-inch titled Covered in April on Traffic Street Records.  The release will feature one new song from each band on the a-side and both band’s covering one of the others’ songs on the b-side.

You can check out the tracklist and stream one of the album’s songs right here.

Anchor Arms benefit show and Split 7″ with Vacation Bible School

anchorarms2Friday, January 15th Anchor Arms is going to be doing a benefit show in Gainesville, FL to help Nick Poot (brother of Jeff Poot, from Kiss Of Death Records band Witches With Dicks) who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma,  pay off his medical bills. James from Anchor Arms had the following to say about the show…

“I really think that this is the most important thing we’ve ever done as a band, we’d LOVE to help him out with some money as I know 1st hand how tough medical issues can be on your wallet. This past year my mother, brother and myself all dealt with some serious medical issues and it was tough.”

So if you guys are in the area make sure you attend the show..and if you’re not in the area get in your car and drive there! It’s for a good cause.

In other news…Anchor Arms will be putting out a brand new 7″ at Rad Fest this year. This split with Vacation Bible School will be releasing on Fail Safe Records.  The Anchor Arms side will feature an alternate version of their 1st single, Eight Ghosts from their upcoming full length album The Morning Pistol releasing on Kiss Of Death Records.  Right now you can get their split with Madison Bloodbath by visiting and