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Sewerside Bombers (Surf Punk, FL) Stream Latest EP, “Tales From the Roach Motel”

Florida-based surf punks Sewerside Bombers are allowing fans to stream their entire latest EP. The effort is titled Tales From the Roach Motel and you can check it out in full below.

The previous release from Sewerside Bombers was the 2018 EP, B.Y.OB.

Sewerside Bombers (Florida punk) release new single “Banshee” off upcoming EP

Miami’s Sewerside Bombers have released “Banshee,” a single off their upcoming EP. It’s due out some time this summer. You can check out “Banshee” below.

Sewerside Bomber’s last release was 2017’s “Keeping the Skies Friendly.”