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Avem streaming new album “Split” with Cobra & the Daggers

Ramonescore bird-nerds Avem are streaming their latest high-flying release “Split” along with Cobra & the Daggers. Avem happens to be from my neck of the woods and are truly after Celine’s heart with these beautifully crafted aviary-punk masterpieces. I was especially impressed with the track “Flying Back to You”.

Check out the new release below.

This is the first new music from Avem since Don’t Call Me Bro earlier this year. 

Avem (Aviary-core, Canada) Stream Single “Don’t Cull Me Bro”

Self-confessed bird-nerds, Avem, have a new single out. It’s called “Don’t Cull Me Bro” and it’s the first new music from the feathery-four-piece since their 2018 EP, Sing Every Day.

Check out “Don’t Cull Me Bro” below.

Avem (Aviary-Core, Canada) Stream EP “Sing Everyday”

Finally, here’s something for our many legions of feathered followers. Avem are a Ramones style, pop punk outfit who build their nest in Ontario, Canada. The three-piece have just released their latest EP. It’s titled Sing Everyday and features four tracks of aviary-inspired punk rock ideal to flap your wings to.

You can check out Sing Everyday below. It’s the first music from the band since earlier this year when they released the track “Morning Birding in Kirkfield, Ontario”. Enjoy!