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Introducing: Chousand, sadsack pop punk extraordinaires

Alright, so, I’ll get this out of the way: Chousand has a shitty fucking name. It sounds dumb, looks dumb, and feels dumb rolling off my tongue. What’s more frustrating is that Chousand is actually pretty damn good. So, here I am, stuck in the uncomfortable position of telling friends and family they should listen to a band called Chousand, out loud. Over and over. Ad infinitum.

Well, that’s the breaks, I guess. Because, despite my weird, perverse dislike of their name, I love their music. Their self-titled dropped in May of 2018 and somehow totally passed me by—on it, you’ll find some indie-ish, emo-ish pop punk with a youthful, vibrant perspective communicated via sugary-sweet vocal melodies. Think Remo Drive, Joyce Manor, or Modern Baseball and you’re kind of in the ballpark.

The opener, “Cool Me,” is the sort of self-deprecating anthem that gives you a burn in your lungs after too many beers with a lot of words that mean a bit too much at just the right time. It’s that kinda band, and for a lot of folks, that’s all they need to know. 

The whole album is great, with solid songwriting and hooks abound, but what’s better is that if you go to their bandcamp (RIGHT HERE!), the whole thing is free, too—which is pretty cool for a band named Chousand.

Listen below to see what’s up.