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DS Exclusive: The Butts stream “Alex Jones Is One Of Them” off upcoming “Nightmare at Area 51” EP

Austin, TX punkers The Butts have just announced their upcoming EP, Nightmare at Area 51, to be released on Stars at Night Records this coming June. This will be a follow up to the band’s 2017 self-titled full-length, and hopefully marks a pivotal stance towards more future releases from the group who had not previously released any music since their 2011 Second to All LP which “took about a year and half, two guitar players, and three drummers to release… [they’re] lazy.”

Taking a new trajectory, these goofballers with the best band name since The Misfits, have formulated a concept album of four punkers broken down in the vast West Texas abyss, kidnapped by space invaders and forced to do gawd knows what at Area 51. All that remains of their mysterious disappearance is a tape. See? It says that here.



A tape? C’mon I mean this is 2019… anyway… this calamitous documentation has been disbounded and manifestly declassified to be made available on all streaming parameters June 7. Also, a preview has been released to the general public regarding some of these futuristic transgressions in an effort presumably to ease the rudimentary minds of those unwilling to accept the implications of such developments.

That preview, a warning that others may already be among us is streaming below. It’s called “Alex Jones Is One Of Them”. Included are lyrics hacked and decoded by DSLeaks themselves, at the upheaval of American authorities. The people have a right to know.