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Saosin streaming new album “Along The Shadow”

Southern California’s Saosin have released their first new album in nearly seven years, titled Along The Shadow. It is the band’s second release to feature original frontman Anthony Green.

You can give it a listen below.

The album was released today, May 20th on Epitaph Records. Saosin last released In Search Of Solid Ground in 2009.

Saosin post music video for “The Silver String” from upcoming ‘Along The Shadows’

Saosin have posted a music video for their song “The Silver String” from their upcoming album Along The Shadows, out May 20th on Epitaph Records. The album will be the band’s first release since reuniting with original vocalist, Anthony Green. You can see the video below.

Saosin last released In Search Of Solid Ground in 2009.

Saosin sign to Epitaph, announce very first album with Anthony Green

Southern California’s Saosin have announced that they are now signed to Epitaph Records, and released a teaser for their long-awaited new album, which can be viewed below. The new album will not only be Saosin’s first one since 2009’s In Search of Solid Ground, but it will be the band’s first album with original vocalist Anthony Green, who was in the band in 2003–2004, but just recently rejoined. About the new record, Green stated:

“Making this record was such a sentimental thing for me. You can literally hear us making amends with each other while lamenting on our experiences together. It was very healing and cathartic, and might be the heaviest thing I’ve been a part of since the first EP.”

Bassist Chris Sorenson also commented on Saosin’s decision to sign to Epitaph, “We have known Brett Gurewitz/Epitaph was interested since our second show in 2003 but the timing wasn’t right. I am stoked to see our almost 13 year courtship come full circle in 2016. We’ve been working on the idea of recording a new Saosin record with Anthony since 2010. It’s great to be back, playing gigs, and writing the music we never had the chance to write from the beginning.”

Saosin announce string of shows with Anthony Green

Southern California’s Saosin have announced a string of shows with Anthony Green in March 2016. The band has recently been busy playing shows sporadically as well as recording a new album to be expected spring 2016.

Click below for an upcoming show near you.

Saosin release “Seven Years” rehearsal video

SoCal’s Saosin have posted a video of themselves practicing “Seven Years” from their 2003 EP “Translating The Name.” Check that out, along with some other practice videos below.

Soasin will be reuniting with their original singer Anthony Green for their upcoming performances at Skate and Surf Festival and Chicago’s Riot Fest. It will be the first time the group has played with him in almost ten years.

Skate And Surf Festival lineup revealed

The folks at Skate and Surf have announced their 2014 lineup, featuring Midtown, Saosin, Emmure, The Early November, and more. Check out the full bill below.

The festival, which takes place in New Jersey, is set to run May 17th-18th.

Saosin completes 14 new songs for next album

Saosin reports that they have 14 new songs written for their next album:

“Also, To satisfy those who wish to hear more about Saosin, We have written 14 songs. When they are ready, you will be the first to know. I know we have been cock teasing for 2+ years now, but this time, its for real. In other SAO news, 2 weeks ago we moved rehearsal spaces and it rained. We have a lot of gear, bands rule.”

Rumors of the band recording have been flying around since 2010. They released their last album, In Search of Solid Ground, in September 2009 on Virgin Records before getting dropped from that label.


Saosin might be finished recording new album

Word on the street is that SoCal’s Saosin are essentially done recording a brand-spankin-new album.

The band have been rumored to be working on a new full-length with former Tides Of Man vocalist Tilian Pearson handling vocal duties. Now comes word that recording has wrapped and that they’d like to put out said release by the end of the year pending some contractual obligations. More here. We’ll keep you posted.

Saosin’s last album was 2009’s “In Search Of Solid Ground.”

Saosin begin work on new album

Remember back in October 2010 we reported that Saosin were working on a new record? Well, yesterday, the band announced in a post on Facebook that they have finally begun work on it, explaining:

“We are working on a NEW release. I wont say its for everyone , but its something we have been wanting to do for a LONG time. We will release more details in the form of MUSIC, since thats really what we do. But in the meantime, an interesting read from TRENT RENZNOR. We have gone from self-released , to Major label bread winners, to tax write offs and back to independenence and this may shed a little light on what being an ARTIST in the music industry today feels like.”

Saosin released their last album, In Search of Solid Ground, in September 2009 on Virgin Records before getting dropped from that label nearly two years ago.

Saosin recording after hiatus

SoCal’s Saosin has had a rather tumultuous year.  They left EMI/Virgin/Capitol Records in May and in July, they separated with five-year-long singer, Cove Reber.  Aside from that, the band has been MIA, that is, until a Tweet yesterday in response to a fan’s question that indicates that Saosin are back in action and recording some new material.  Let’s see where this goes.

Saosin released their last album, In Search of Solid Ground, in September 2009 on Virgin Records.

Saosin part ways with lead singer Cove Reber

So Cal rock act Saosin have announced that they have split ways with their lead singer Cove Reber.  Guitarist Beau Burchell updates fans on the decision on the bands forums,

“after 5 years with cove, we have decided to part ways. so it will be a new experience for us, not knowing what to expect in the vocal dept, who will replace him, or if we will even find a replacement this century.”

Saosin released their last album In Search of Solid Ground in September of last year on Virgin Records

Saosin part ways with EMI/Virgin/Capitol Records

saosinSo Cal rock act Saosin have announced that they have left EMI/Virgin/Capitol Records, the label which released their latest album In Search of Solid Ground in 2009.

Technically “free agents” now, the band writes,

Yes, we parted ways with EMI/Virgin/Capitol. Not a huge deal to us. Were very excited about taking a DIY route again.

The band will be hitting up Australia in June with Story Of The Year and Blessthefall.

Tour Video: Saosin in Japan

saosinSeems like lots of bands have been overseas this year, you can add Saosin to that list as well.

In this video blog, there are a some candid shots of the the guys eating strange food, shotgunning beers and hanging out with the locals.

Saosin released their last album In Search of Solid Ground in September of last year on Virgin Records