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Subhumans (UK) release “Split” album with The Restarts

Veteran UK anarcho-punks Subhumans have teamed up with fellow UK hardcore act The Restarts to release a “Split” EP through Pirates Press Records. The album features one track from each band, and both songs are absolute bangers.

Check out the new album below.

Subhumans just released Crisis Point earlier this year, which also happened to be their first new music in ten years. 

Subhumans release “Thought Is Free” ahead of new album

Veteran UK anarcho-punks Subhumans release their first album in over ten years, Crisis Point, next month via Pirates Press Records.

The first track from the album has surfaced. Have a listen to “Thought Is Free” below. The band are to embark on an East Coast tour in September.

Subhumans (UK) announce new album “Crisis Point” and East Coast tour dates

Veteran UK anarcho-punks Subhumans have announced that they will have new music for the first time in over ten years, as Crisis Point is due out in September on Pirates Press Records. They last released Internal Riot in 2007.

In support of the new record they have also announced a East Coast US tour. Check out the tour dates below.

Manchester Punk Festival Goes Big on 2019 Announcement Number Two

It’s that time of year again. All your favourite festivals are beginning to announce which acts will grace their stages next year. This week, the stalwarts of the European calendar have each dropped big announcements; with Brakrock Eco Fest and Punk Rock Holiday snagging the likes of PEARS, Propagandhi, and Descendents amongst their huge crowd draws.

Not ones to be outdone, the UK’s Manchester Punk Festival has made its second announcement for the 2019 edition. Joining this year’s show will be a host of legendary and up-and-coming international and domestic acts.

These include the legendary Subhumans, psychobilly rockers The Creepshow, and Fat Wreck export Smoke or Fire.

You can check out the rest of the line up, plus all the ticket information below.

Manchester Punk Festival takes place in Manchester, UK, from 19th to 21st April 2019.


Subhumans (UK) announce September U.S. tour dates

UK-based punk rock veterans Subhumans have announced some U.S. tour dates in September. Baltimore’s War on Woman will be joining them for some of these dates.

Check out the dates and locations below.

Subhumans (UK) announce summer tour dates in Europe

Veteran UK anarcho-punks Subhumans are staying on the move as they have added more tour dates. This time they heading to parts of Europe through the beginning of July.

Check out the tour dates below.

Subhumans (UK) announce west coast tour with Kicker and Raukous

Anarcho-Punk favorites, Subhumans have scheduled a West Coast tour with Kicker and Raukous, kicking off in early September.

Supporting act Kicker will be releasing their new album “Rendered Obsolete” on September 6, 2016 through Tank crimes Records.

Here’s a full list of the tour dates.

9/7-Seattle, WA- The Crocodile
9/8-Portland, OR-Hawthorne Theatre
9/9-San Francisco, CA-Thee Parkside (Kicker or Raukous to play in Eureka, CA 9/9)
9/10-Oakland, CA-Oakland Metro Operahouse
9/11-Reno, NV-PB&J’s
9/12-Santa Cruz, CA-The Catalyst
9/13-Fresno, CA-Strummers
9/14-Ventura, CA-The Garage
9/15-San Diego, CA-Brick By Brick
9/16-Santa Ana, CA-The Observatory
9/17-Los Angeles, CA-Los Globos

Punk Rock Bowling Festival Vegas: Day One – FLAG, The Exploited, Subhumans, The Bronx, Youth Brigade, NO!SE, JFA

Saturday, or Day One as its known, began with a phone call from DyingScene head honcho Mr. Buck reminding me of my bowling requirement, and my near miss of the shuttle to the alleys. Punk Rock Bowling was officially underway, and I was already tired – how does that happen. Bowling every year is a moment of pure embarrassment for the Dying Scenesters, who historically never make it past the first round. This year, with the addition of a new bowler, the team did relatively well, and even moved on to the second round – something we didn’t figure out until Monday night. The shuttle ride back to the Golden Nugget is always the highlight of the bowling adventures, as the tiredness has dissipated making way for drunken (and sometimes drug fueled) debauchery. The shuttle driver had the radio on and Styx’s classic “Come Sail Away” started playing and, for a bunch of punks, we all started singing like a scene out of Wayne’s World – it was quite the moment and the mood was set for a day in the sun, with the main stage festival commencing momentarily.

The main stage began not only on time, but a few minutes early and I had missed the first three songs of JFA. Bowling and other preparatory duties prevented the DyingScene crew from getting to the festival earlier, but once arrived it was game time. I’m shite at these show reviews, especially when there’s seven bands to go through. Let the photos do the talking. Despite approaching AARP eligibility, JFA still rocks with tireless energy, and frontman Brian Brannon bounces around stage, often involving fans in the vocal duties. I feel like the band should have played a little later in the day, or weekend, but the band killed their set despite the thin, still growing crowd.

After a little liquid refreshment I was back in the photo pit for NO!SE. The Seattle street punk band has gained quite the following over the years and it’s no doubt why – the guys rock. Great stage presence, ripping guitar and classic vocals are the recipe for success and these guys nailed it.

The beloved Stern brothers with the help of John Carey and Joey Garibaldi (aka Joey Balls) took to the stage next for Youth Brigade. Despite what has been said about the brothers, the guys still rock and their music transcends any politics. I just wish bands would wait to play my favorite songs until later in the set, as it is very difficult to jam out to “Modest Proposal” and photograph at the same time. Watching Joey Balls perform though is a beautiful sight to see – not only is the guy super nice and friendly, but he plays one of the most wickedest bass I’ve seen lately.

The Bronx is one of those bands that has kind of slipped through the cracks for me, although I have been a big fan of their alter-ego Mariachi el Bronx. The guys played a great set although I couldn’t recall any highlights from the performance.

Out of all the bands on the main stage bill, Subhumans was the one I was most excited to see – and also the band I’ve seen the most times. They never get old – literally – I don’t know how Dick Lucas is still alive, and as spry as he is. Another band that performed one of my favorites too early. As “No” came on for their second song, I put the camera down and began to sing along – that song is just soo good. Other standouts were of course “Work-Rest-Play-Die” and the obligatory finale “Religious Wars”. I am very thankful for the handful of very talented and honest photographers I have been able to work alongside, as they allow me to drop my gear for a bit and dance around like times past. Big thanks to Anthony Constantine of PunksInVegas for that one.

I remember seeing The Exploited for the first time years ago at Rebellion in England and thinking, wow – I just saw the fucking Exploited. Crazy. I was equally excited this time around, and although details of their set are a bit hazy, the cuts and bruises were testament to my enjoyment.

FLAG is a band that is a must see, if only for the show that you’ll be treated to. With the legendary Keith Morris manning vocals and Chuck Dukowski’s relentless energy, the band still knows how to rock it after all these years.

Have a look at all the photos from day one below, and stay tuned for more photos in the following days.

DS Photo Gallery: Subhumans, La Plebe at Metro, Oakland (10.23.15)

Night two of the Subhumans in the Bay Area took place at the ol Metro Operahouse in Oakland. But don’t pay attention to the venue name – no opera here tonight, just pure punk rock (and a little horns). I would come to realize that night one paled in comparison to the second night, for many reasons – one being the amazing La Plebe de San Pancho (aka La Plebe).

First to the stage was Oakland-based Love Songs who play a classic style of punk rock with a blend of gang anthems, melodic vocals, ripping guitar, and a bit of the macabre. I had just arrived as the guys took to the stage, and made my rounds to say hi to all friends and acquaintances. Camera stayed in the bag for this set, in preparation for the debauchery of La Plebe. Love Songs has just finished recording a new album, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates as they become available. The band is also contributing tracks to the “Dookie Tribute Records”, which is set to be released in the following months.

I’ve seen La Plebe more times than I can count on my hands, however it still seems like not enough. I absolutely love these guys. From the first chord til the last trumpet blare, these guys deliver non-stop energy, fast-paced action, and leave fans sweaty, bruised, and out of breath. The band mixes traditional punk chords with cantina-style horns, switching from English and Spanish vocals, often times within the same song. “Guerra Sucia” is one of my all-time favorites which appeared on the setlist, as well as “Siempre Unidos”, “Pinches Fronteras”, and “Bella Ciao” which always gets the crowd going nuts. There literally is not a song from their discography that I don’t love.

I hadn’t dispensed all my energy quite yet, and was excited to enjoy the Subhumans in a much larger venue than Thee Parkside the night before. The band played much of the same set, but with a little more time on stage, the band mixed it up a little bit. “Internal Riot”, “Supermarket Forces”, “Peroxide”, “It’s Gonna Get Worse” saw the light of day alongside the classics “No”, “Religious Wars”, and more by which we have come to love the Subhumans. I wish there was more people that knew how to dance to this music, instead of just jumping and running around like little kids. Oh well, times have changed. One thing that has remained constant? – Dick Lucas’ amazing stage presence and quintessential vocals. I would love to see a final album from the Brits before they head into retirement.

Have a look at La Plebe and Subhumans’ photos below.

Thanks to Alberto, Mark, Jason, Vanessa, and all my local mates that made this an incredible show.

DS Photo Gallery: Subhumans, Torso, Korrosive at Thee Parkside, SF (10.22.15)

Last Thursday I woke up in eager anticipation for the next two nights of Subhumans in San Francisco and Oakland respectively. The shows left me bruised, haggard, hungover, and wanting more as the UK punks continued on their West Coast tour.

Night one opened with the acoustic stylings of Sam Sadowski aka Closet Fiends, who just recently released her debut self-titled EP, which you can listen to here. I unfortunately missed the majority of her set (which I typically do), however friends thought it was a nice start to the night – heartfelt, emotional, and at the same time gritty yet melodic. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Closet Fiends.

Next to the stage was my buddies in Korrosive. The Oakland punks are no strangers to the scene, and they pool their collective experience to create a sound that seems like it would be straight out of ’80’s England. With a nod to bands like Discharge, Conflict, Anti-Nowhere League and more, the band builds on the success of the past, while maintaining a unique West Coast sound. As the night went on, I realized there was a similar theme to every band – the outlandish frontman (or in the case of Torso – frontwoman). With Scoochie at the helm, you’re sure to have a great time at any Korrosive set – just get ready to dance and move, or you might get trampled.

Fellow Oaklanders, Torso, were next to the stage – and this is modern D-Beat punk at its finest with a twist – female-fronted vocals! Quite the refreshing sound but don’t expect anything subdued or poppy, as the vocals are as in your face as ever, only stopping to catch your breath. The band is touring on the heels of its latest release, “Sono Pronta a Morire”, which came out last month. The majority of their set was comprised of new songs, one of my favorites of which was “No Commonality” – punk at its finest. You can stream the entire new album here.

The air was thick and the floor saturated in beer as the main event took the stage. Subhumans are a band that aren’t really creating new material these days, but that’s not what fans want. We want the classics – the “No”, “Society”, “Religious Wars”…the “Reason For Existence” and “Mickey Mouse is Dead”. Well we got everything we wanted and more. The set was relatively short, so it was very much a wham-bam-thank you ma’am kind of event, barely enough time to recover from the last song before you were thrust back into the overflowing can of sardines that was the pit at Thee Parkside. One thing I really love and admire about Dick Lucas is his longevity in the scene – not only is it testament to his talent and range, but it gives faith for other bands to stick with it and keep perpetuating that beautiful sound of the streets that we all cling to.

Have a look at all of the photos from the night’s sets below.

Thanks to Federico and all the staff at Thee Parkside, Christian, Kevin, and all the rest of the crew that made it a great sweaty night.

Mischief Brew announce North American July tour dates with Subhumans

Philly folk punks Mischief Brew have announced a North American July tour with veteran UK punks Subhumans and you can check out the dates and locations of the shows below.

Mischief Brew most recently released a previously lost album called “Kettle Rebellion” on April 1st of this year. You can read the story behind the record and stream it in full on the group’s Bandcamp page.

Documentary Stream: “The Day the Country Died: A History of Anarcho Punk” (2007)

For those of you punk fans with not much to do this Saturday here’s a great way to entercate yourself.  It’s a full stream of the 2007 documentary “The Day The Country Died: A History of Anarcho Punk”.

“A surge of popular interest in anarchism occurred during the 1970s in the UK following the birth of punk rock. However, while the early punk scene appropriated anarchist imagery mainly for its shock value, the band Crass expounded serious anarchist and pacifist ideas, and went on to become a notable influence in the burgeoning Anarcho-Punk movement.

Many anarcho-punks are supporters of issues such as animal rights, feminism, the anti-war movement, the antiglobalization movement, and many other social movements.

The story of the movement is told by some of the most influential performers, including; Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Colin Jerwood (Conflict), Colin & Kevin (Flux of Pink Indians) Dick Lucas (Subhumans), Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet), Gary Buckley (Dirt), Steve Lake (Zounds), Mark Wallis (Liberty), Gee Vaucher (Crass), Dave Hyndman (Hit Parade), Rob Millar (Amebix), Rodney Relax (Alternative), Stringy & Snout (Erratics) and Gerard Evans (Flowers in the Dustbin).

The interview footage is laced with both audio and visual music performance, some extremely rare, from the main performers on the scene including – Crass / Conflict / Subhumans / Liberty / Toxic Waste / Chumbawamba / Sacrilege / Inner Terrestrials & many more.”

Watch it here.

Subhumans (UK anarcho-punk) announce UK/US tour dates

Veteran UK anarcho-punks Subhumans (not the eponymous Canadian band) are headed out for a bunch of European and US tour dates later this Spring, including a stop at Punk Rock Bowling. Click here for details.

The Subhumans’ last relase was 2007’s “Internal Riot,” released on Bluurg Records.

Total Chaos announce Western US tour

California street punks Total Chaos have announced a slew of tour dates that’ll keep them on the road in the western part of the US for most of the month of May. Click here for the rundown, including a few dates with Subhumans.

Total Chaos released a new album, “Battered and Smashed,” earlier this month via Stomp Records.