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Punk & Disorderly Festival (DE) announces initial lineup

The annual Punk & Disorderly festival takes place again in Berlin in April 2019 – and the initial lineup has been announced. Headliners include Cockney Rejects and The Business.

Have a look at the bands booked so far below.

The Business frontman Micky Fitz succumbs to cancer

Mickey Fitz – The Business

Because 2016 hadn’t quite stepped on our collective throats enough after repeatedly knocking us down, there’s a super sad story to report to close out your Thursday evening. While the band has yet to announce anything official via social media, news is trickling in from across the the pond that Michael “Micky Fitz” Fitzsimmons, frontman from genre-defining Oi! band The Business for the better part of the last four decades, has succumbed to cancer. Fitz was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph gland a year ago and had undergone both surgery and radiation to treat the illness. We’ll pass along official word from the band when it comes along, but for now, our condolences go out to Micky’s family and friends.

Rest in power, Mick!

DS Photo Gallery: The Business, The Attack, Salita and Beantown Boozehounds – Church of Boston (6/25/14)

The Business

I’ve long considered The Business to be one of those bands that I should have seen when I had the chance. I recall being probably 17 when I heard “Smash The Discos” for the first time and feeling like I had already missed the boat. Along with bands like Cock Sparrer and Cockney Rejects and Sham 69, The Business represented such a specific moment in time that, as the years went on, seemed appealing and yet more and more distant.

However, 35 years after their debut (and mine, coincidentally), Micky Fitz and the boys are still at it. However, “the boys” have changed several times over the decades, creating, on paper at least, the impression that The Business circa 2014 were little more than a nostalgia act; Willy Mays playing for the Mets in 1973. Brett Favre playing for the Vikings in 2010. You get the idea. And yet, the band’s 2010 Sailor’s Grave Records release Doing The Business had more than a few bright spots, and their 2014 7-inch “Back In The Day” is one of the highlights of this year in street punk.

I can assure you that the 2014 edition of The Business is anything but a nostalgia act. Alongside high-octane Orlando punks The Attack, the UK four-piece rolled into Church of Boston on an early summer Wednesday evening. Local support came from the Beantown Boozehounds (whom, you might imagine, are a Boston band who fancy themselves a stiff beverage or twelve) and Salita, the new project featuring Kicked In The Head’s Gary Hedrick on vocals. The latter put on one of the more stellar “local opener” gigs that I’ve witnessed in quite some time. If only the sparse Wednesday night crowd had made its way to the front of the venue for any of the first three bands, we could have had ourselves a small but rowdy show for the ages.

Head below to see our photo gallery, featuring each of the night’s four bands.

DS Interview & EP Premiere: Charlie Bender (The Attack) on touring with punk legends, running a full-time business, and singing in five languages

For all but the proverbial 1% of bands, finding a way to carve out a living as a working musician is an undeniable struggle. To most, it means bouncing from menial labor, retail, dishwashing or bartending jobs (or some soul-sucking combination thereof) that’ll allow the time off to hit the road for a few weeks at a time every couple of months. The Attack‘s Brad Palkevich and Charlie Bender might be on to something. The guitarist and frontman, respectively, of the increasingly successful Orlando-based progressive political punk band are also co-owners of the Enemy Ink, a full-service custom screen printing and merch distribution company that is equally successful in its own right.

As the business has grown year-by-year, the band has hit the road for increasingly high profile shows with acts like Flogging Molly and the Misfits. We caught up with Charlie Bender just a few days before he and the rest of the band hit the road to begin a three-week jaunt with English Oi! legends The Business. We talked about balancing responsibilities at the office with the call of the road, what it’s like to tour with some of the more legendary bands of our time, and why on God’s green earth he decided to record vocals to the band’s latest single, “Under The Gun,” in five languages.

“What’s that,” you say? “Five languages?” You got that right. The band’s new single, due out Friday, June 13th, was written and recorded in English before being translated and re-recorded by Bender in Spanish, French, Italian and German. To get you ready for the release, you can stream the whole entire EP below! Check out our interview while you’re at it.

The Business announce US tour dates with The Welch Boys

Legendary UK Oi! band The Business are returning to the US, albeit briefly.

The band are set to team up with Boston-area street punks The Welch Boys for what’s being dubbed the “Whiskey And Beer Run 2013.” Click here for details.

The Business’ last release was 2012’s “Doing The Business,” while The Welch Boys’ “Bring Back The Fight” dropped back on June 11th. Both were released by Sailor’s Grave Records.

DS Photo Gallery: The Business at Punk Rock Bowling (Fremont Country Club)

Following The Unseen at Saturday night’s after hours show at the Fremont Country Club was one of my favorite bands of all time, The Business. I already recounted a story of stumbling into Mick Fitz pre-show, so once I had been able to get in, I was incredibly stoked to hear some jams.

They played the classics, Harry May, H-Bomb, Smash The Discos, Drinkin’ n Drivin’, and many, many more. The Business is one of those bands where I blast out photos as quick as I can, so I can put the camera bag down and get gnarly. It was a great show, but I still had to save energy for Agnostic Front, and whatever the rest of the night had in store for me.

Check out shots from The Business’s set here.

Videos: TSOL, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes & The Business live @ Punk Rock Bowling 2013

If you’re sitting around with nothing to do, we’ve got some good news for you! High quality videos from TSOL, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and The Business‘ sets at Punk Rock Bowling 2013 have surfaced online.

You can check ’em out right here.

Full DVD Stream: “Burning Britain: The History Of Punk 1980-1984”

It’s a holiday here in the good ‘ole US of A so that means its a bit slow on the news front.  Doesn’t mean we’re taking the day off from keeping you guys entertained though.  Nope.  We’ve scoured the net and dug up this here DVD called “Burning Britain: The History of Punk 1980-1984”.   It’s a collection of UK punk music from 1980 to 1984, featuring a mix of promo videos and, in many cases, extremely rare live material from the bands The Exploited, GBH, The Destructors, Peter And The Test Tube Babies and many more.


Free Download: Oi! This Is Streetpunk! Vol. 2 (features new Rancid song)

On December 12th Pirates Press Records will be releasing their next compilation “Oi! – This Is Street Punk! Volume 2” on 12/12/12 featuring bands like Street DogsThe Business, Flatfoot 56 and an unreleased (and awesome!) song from Rancid.

We announced a couple weeks ago that it was streaming here but now you can download the entire thing for by clicking here.

Full Album Stream: “Oi! – This Is Street Punk! Vol. 2” (featuring unreleased Rancid song)

Pirates Press Records will be releasing their next compilation “Oi! – This Is Street Punk! Volume 2” on 12/12/12, but the label is already streaming the whole thing online.

The compilation features bands like Street DogsThe Business, and Flatfoot 56, but as the story’s title suggests, there’s also an unreleased track by a little known band called Rancid that many people will probably be interested in checking out. You can check it out the Rancid song (and the rest of the compilation) right here.

Continental and The Business teaming up for December US tour dates

Continental, the most recent project of guitarist Rick Barton (formerly Dropkick Murphys and Everybody Out!), have announced a handful of tour dates for December, kicking off in their hometown of Boston. All dates will feature legendary UK Oi! band The Business. Click here for the short rundown.

Continental’s “All A Man Can Do” was released in July via East Grand Records.

The Business announce US Tour Dates with Downtown Struts

UK’s The Business are kicking of a slew of US dates tomorrow beginning in Seattle, Washington before making their way across the US over the following month.  They’ll be supported by Downtown Struts and you can check out the dates and locations here.

The band most recently released, “Doing the Business”, on Sailor’s Grave Records.

The Business announce U.S. and World Tour

UK’s The Business have announced that they will be kicking off a World Tour, beginning in the U.S..  To find out if the band will be coming to a venue near you, check here.

The band most recently released, “Doing the Business”, on Sailor’s Grave Records.



The Business and Hollowpoints announce West Coast tour

English hooligan godfathers, The Business, are busy as usual with their relentless touring escapades. This time, Micky and the boys will be hitting the west coast of the U.S with their good mates, the blokes from The Hollowpoints. Check out the dates and locations here.

The Business will be supporting their most recent release, “Doing the Business”, while The Hollowpoints will be supporting their most recent, “Old Haunts On The Horizon”, bot released last May on Sailor’s Grave Records.

Tour: The Business invade Canada/US with new dates

British Oi! hooligans The Business have announced a batch of upcoming Canadian and West Coast US tour dates. You can check them out by clicking here.

The band released Doing the Business, their Sailor’s Grave Records debut, this past May.