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Natterers (punk) stream debut album “Head In Threatening Attitude”

Natterers are streaming their highly anticipated album Head In Threatening Attitude and it is well worth a listen, of course. This is their first full length release after they stormed onto the DIY scene with a brilliant demo in 2016 and the even better Toxic Care in 2017.

So check out one of the finest bands the UK has to offer below.

DS Feature: Catching up with Chicago’s Mystery Actions at Motoblot 2018!

A couple of weekends back — June 22 to 24 — Dying Scene were out and about at the 5th Annual MOTOBLOT Vintage Motorcycle & Hot Rod Street Rally, held at the All Rise Brewing/Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL. In addition to a number of contests and bike and scooter shows, the three-day festival featured performances from more than two dozen bands, including such varied acts as the Legendary Shack Shakers, Supersuckers, The Creepshow, and Nuns of Brixton, the self-described “Only Clash Cover Band That Matters.” While we’ll bring you photo coverage from the bulk of the festival in another day or so, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one of the bands present that we’ve never quite covered before: Mystery Actions.

One of Chicago’s most promising up and coming groups, Mystery Actions took the Mods and Rockers stage to deliver yet another fiery performance. So who is Mystery Actions? Allow us at Dying Scene to introduce them to you.

The band is made up of Nikki Beller on lead vocals; Lucy Dekay on guitar, Mary Rose Gonzales on drums; and Sarah Travelstead on bass guitar.

The band was started in early 2013 by bassist Shauna Fay. Per Gonzales, Shauna was looking to start an all-girl punk band and recruited with the words “Playing rock and roll is good for the soul.” Gonzales was introduced to Beller and Dekay and from the start, the band became the baby of all four as Gonzales describes it. Though Gonzales was the most experienced musician, meeting and jamming with the other three, all first-timers on their instruments helped lift her out of the funk she was in.

“I always daydreamed about it, listening to the Supremes or the Ronnettes as a kid, daydreaming on the couch.  Oddly enough, “Be My Baby” was our first jam that night we all got together at Superior rehearsal spot” recalls Beller. Later in the year, Shauna moved to Portland, OR. The three other members have remained the entire tenure of the group. However, they went through 7 “unofficial” bassists until 2016 and Sarah Travelstead came along to cement the still current lineup.

Per Beller, there have been quite a few exciting moments for her and her bandmates. Among her personal faves, “I’d say our first highlight was opening up for Oi Polloi in 2014. Upon our east coast tour return, we had the pleasure of playing one of the last shows at Chicago’s legendary Double Door, alongside Cocksparrer. Playing with the Buzzcocks for the 2nd in 2017 at the Ritz in San Jose, CA was otherworldly. We recently shared the stage with GBH and the Dead Boys. Other memorable shows would for sure be Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Shonen Knife, Protex, Murphy’s Law, The Freeze, The Queers, Lower Class Brats, Go Betty Go and more to come! We’ve been very lucky and are very grateful.”

Recently, Mystery Actions got their friends and fans involved in trying to land them a spot on Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise 2018. “I read about the contest from the Flogging Molly cruise Facebook page and decided to enter. I made the video for our entry using pictures of our friends and family along with live shots of our shows,” says Travelstead. Though they did not get the spot, they recall the process as a positive one.

Of course, four people will have varying influences and on ideas which shape them as musicians and as a group. As for musical influences, per Beller: “We all have different influences which really helps add to the sound. I have influences all over the board, from Diana Ross of the Supremes and Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes to Vi Subversa (Poison Girls) Honey Bane, Wendy O Williams (The Plasmatics) and Alice Bag (The Bags), Suzuki Quattro, New York Dolls and Girlschool, Motörhead, Prince, Bowie Mick Jagger, Screaming Jay Hawkins, I could go on and on. I also draw out my demons and toxic energy on stage, it’s definitely a release. Before I found punk, I grew up on Rock and Roll music from the 50’s, Chicago blues and the big band era.”

Gonzales had some differing influences: “All of us girls grew up with different influences but our sound has been relatable to the 70s punk feel. I grew up listening to Elvis Presley but when I reached 5th grade I discovered the band No Doubt. Gwen Stefani blew me away as a child. 1 she was a woman and 2nd she did the damn thing. When I reached high school I was obsessed with the Buzzcocks and thought Joan Jett was practically god”.

And their outfits? Beller being out in front is especially cognizant of how she presents herself and what helps her performances. “As for outfits, I wear whatever I feel. I’m comfortable with myself and in my power and strength of Womanhood/spiritual being. I like to wear clothing that makes me feel powerful, sexy, innocent, whatever mood I happen to be in that day. I like to bring out my kink and personality in what I wear. Being all female musicians, people like to put us in a separate box. We’re tough and powerful and I like to make that known by the way that I look. Like hey, boys, we’re here, we’re comin’ and demand respect. We don’t really plan anything, we work hard and show up, whatever happens on stage is raw and natural, as it should be.”

It’s always intriguing to me how band names are selected. I discussed with Gonzales.”… we booked our first show without having a band name. In order of operation, we wrote songs, booked a show and lastly came up with a band name. Eventually, they needed something to put on the flyer so we needed not only a name but we needed it fast. We referred to ourselves as “last minute bitches” and that’s exactly what we were. We all sat in the middle of our rehearsal space with our notebooks, calling out random names. If we liked it we wrote it down and started the process of elimination. I remembered one of the names Nikki came up with was “Leather daddy and the sailors” but obviously we weren’t gonna use it. Hahaha, Mystery Actions was what stood out. Not only was it a song by The Rezillos but the name just truly meant something to us .”

So what is on the horizon for Mystery Actions? Little doubt more highlights and increasing a fan base to their infectious punk rock and the rowdy, leave it all on the stage performances. One thing sure to increase exponentially the amount of touring. Beller: “we haven’t toured much far away yet, we did an east coast (2016/6 shows) and west coast tour (2017/4 shows down the coast of California). We since got our passports, so more to come!”

Specifically though, they are in the process of finishing up their debut release with producers, Vee Sonnets and Karl Gustafson,( both of whom are members of The Crombies) at Legendary Records. They have several as of yet unreleased tracks. “By late fall it should be in the works and be in people’s hands by the holidays. We’ve also worked with Filmographer Sarah Giroux and will be releasing our first music video for our song, “Line in the Sand.” Next show we look forward to will be September 22nd for Punk the Burbs fest. It’ll be our second time playing with The Queers and our first time playing with The Bollweevils!” Gonzales informs me.

Beller also discussed with me reasons for her excitement at recording. “This will be our first record available and it’s long overdue. I’ll be ecstatic once that baby is in my hands. And when I say baby, I mean it will be the equivalent of holding my non-existent first born child in my arms. We have put so much work and dedication into this band… vinyl is what I want. It lasts forever and I look at it as your footprint, it will last long after we are gone… unless you leave it out in the sun, but then we’ll be a warped candy bowl or ashtray.. which oddly enough, still sounds exciting.”

Mystery Actions is one of the upcoming stars of the Chicago punk scene. They may be based here but with them and their fans alike know they will become known widely outside their respective zip codes in short order. Anyone who has seen them perform will attest there is no mystery to what make them exciting.

Crossing the Limits release video for “Predictable”

Female-fronted pop-punkers Crossing the Limits have released a music video for “Predictable”, which can be viewed below.

“Predictable” is taken from the band’s latest EP Perseverance, which came out earlier this month.

Choked Up (pop-punk) streaming Self Titled EP

Brooklyn based pop-punks Choked Up are streaming their brand new Self Titled EP. Released earlier this month on Get Better Records this is the début album for the pop-punks, and features four very fast and very punk songs for your listening pleasure.

You can check out Choked Up’s début album below.

Bratakus release video for “No More Love Songs” on valentines day

One of my favourite bands, Bratakus, have released a music video for their brilliant song “No More Love Songs”. Check it out below.

The band have some gigs coming up this April which you can see below the video. I highly recommend getting to a show if you can, and if you haven’t picked up their album Target Grrrl then you are missing out on one of the best albums of 2017!

DS staff picks: Steve Kingston’s favourite releases of 2017

I returned to the UK towards the end of last year after spending years in Asia where there was very little punk scene. To make up for the lack of gigs I made it my mission to attend as many as possible this year; and what a bloody years its been. Some excellent shows took place in the diy scene here and there where some great releases. Here are some of my favourites in no particular order. Check them out below.

Bratakus (Punk) stream “Ghouls To The Front” EP

Bratakus are one of my new favourite bands at the moment, so what a treat to find they released an EP on Halloween! “Ghouls To The Front” contains two new songs, one of which pays tribute to their favourite horror movie (and one of mine) Evil Dead. Listen to it below.

The band released “Target Grrrl” in August which is one of the best albums of the year so far in my opinion. So check them out! You can also find a list of November gigs below!

Bratakus (Punk) Stream “Target Grrrl”

Kicking the night off with a belter of a record! Bratakus are a two piece Scottish punk act that are well worth your attention! The two sisters play straight up bratty punk rock that’s full of attitude. I must say it’s one of the best records I’ve heard in the last couple of months and I can’t wait to catch them playing in Sheffield next month. I’ve heard they do a great cover of “Animals and Two Veg” by crust legends Cress as well. So take some time out of your day and give “Target Grrrl” a listen below. Underneath you can also find a list of upcoming gigs.

Good Throb (Punk) to play one off show in London

Good Throb are bloody brilliant. I only came across them earlier this year and was gutted to find they were not really active anymore due to various members moving abroad. One of the first songs I came across was “The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock” and I crossed my fingers and hoped the band would be as good as the name of that song! Luckily they were! They play pissed off punk but every now and then you will find yourself chuckling to some of the lyrics. I find them totally refreshing and unique.

Well the band are playing a one off show in London at the Static Shock Weekend on November 11th. The line up is excellent including another favourite of mine, Limp Wrist, who are also there for a one off.

If you have never heard of them before then you can check out “Fuck Off” which was released in 2014 below.

Natterers (Punk) announce Germany/Belgium shows

If you live in Germany or Belgium then you are in for a treat my friends! One of the UK’s finest bands, Natterers, have announced some shows for this November, kicking off in Antwerp on the 8th. You can check out the list of dates below.

Natterers released “Toxic Care” this June and it is, in my opinion, one of the best releases of the year so far. If you haven’t listened to it yet then hurry up and give it a listen here.

Cheap Perfume (punk) release video for “It’s OK (To Punch Nazis)”

Feminist punk band Cheap Perfume have released a video for their single “It’s OK (To Punch Nazis)”, check it out below. The band created the song in response to debates on whether it was justified for people to use violence in certain situations; an argument that arose after a number of clashes took place this year between anti-fascists and the alt-right.

Band member No had this to say:

“After Richard Spencer got punched, the video was being gleefully shared on the Internet. Some people that we know would say, ‘Well, I’m not a fan of Richard Spencer, but it’s not okay to punch anyone.’ There were a few people saying it was never right. I just couldn’t believe that people were saying that, after I’d heard Richard Spencer speaking on several shows and newscasts and NPR, and he’s clearly espousing the exact views as the Nazis did. We were really confused that certain people we know seemed really sorry that Richard Spencer got punched in the face. As someone who has studied nonviolence and used to really push that home in the yoga classes that I teach, I really started thinking that there is a gray area, and there are exceptions, and one exception is Nazis.”

Proceeds from the single are being donated to The Heather Heyer Foundation. The foundation was set up in honor of the activist who lost her life after being hit by a car at an anti-fascist rally in Charlottesville earlier this year.


Music Video: Forever Starts Today – “Last One Standing”

Female-fronted power pop/punk act Forever Starts Today have released a music video for their song “Last One Standing”, which can be viewed below.

“Last One Standing” is taken from the band’s upcoming debut record Always Hope, which will be released this Friday (August 25th) via Third String Records.

CF98 (Punk, Poland) stream new album “Story Makers”

Polish female-fronted punk act CF98 are streaming their new album Story Makers.

You can give it a listen below.

Story Makers was released on June 1st, 2017.  It is their first full length since 2013’s 13. 

Hex (Hardcore Punk) stream new album “La Voisin”

The city of Leeds not only has one of the finest DIY venues in the UK (Temple of Boom), but is also known for producing a lot of great DIY bands. One of the angriest is female-fronted hardcore punk band Hex . Their new album “La Voisin” is ridiculously fast and brutal! Give it a listen below.

“La Viosin” was released on July 6th via Milk Run Records.

Natterers (Punk) stream new EP “Toxic Care”

Natterers is one of the band names on everyone’s lips here in the UK diy scene at the moment; and with good reason. Hailing from Yorkshire, these guys have been touring constantly and have been attracting quite a lot of attention since the release of their 4 track demo last year.

I was lucky enough to see them for the first time earlier this year at an all dayer with Discharge and they stuck in my mind as one of the best performances of the day; not only because of their music but also their stage presence. Emma, their powerful vocalist, pointed out she was the only female out of all the bands playing that day and called out for more women to get involved in the punk scene. Something I think we can all get behind.

“Toxic Care” was released on June 23rd via Boss Tuneage Records & Serial Bowl Records.  It consists of 6 raw and catchy songs that prove again why Natterers are one of the most exciting up and coming bands in the UK. Check it out below.