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The Offspring back in the studio

The Offspring have been in the studio on and off for the last five years working on a new album with producer Bob Rock. This time, the band (who had just finished touring North America with 311) posted a picture from the studio via Facebook, with the caption reading, “Back to work.”

Whether or not this update means they are still working on the follow-up to 2012’s Days Go By remains to be seen. Guitarist Noodles recently stated that they might release two albums next year.

Shook Ones announce new album, stream new song

Seattle based punk act Shook Ones have announced they will be releasing their new album, Body Feel, on October 19th via Revelation Records.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the new album, the band is streaming a new song called “Night Blind.” You can give that a listen below.

Shook Ones last released a split EP with Norwegian melodic hardcore act Death Is Not Glamourous in 2013 via Run For Cover Records.

Kid You Not announce new album, stream first single

Florida pop-punks Kid You Not have announced they will be releasing their new album, Home Again, on October 18th via Deep Elm Records, with the vinyl release being handled by Bypolar Records.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the album, the band is streaming the first single “Only Posers Die.”  You can give that a listen below.

Kid You Not last released Never A Dull Movement in September 2017.

Single Mothers stream new album “Through A Wall”

London, Ontario punks Single Mothers are streaming their new album, Through A Wall, which was released on September 5th via Big Scary Monsters and Dine Alone Records.

You can give it a listen below.

Single Mothers last released Our Pleasure in 2017.

Riverside Odds R.W. Hellborn Talks Speed Punk and their Roots

I first saw Riverside Odds in March of 2018 opening up for The Split Seconds at little punk venue called Connie’s Ric Rac in Philadelphia and they tore the stage apart with their fast aggressive sound that they have dubbed Speed-Punk Rock & Roll, which they deliver fast hard and without mercy to their adoring fans.

Here are a few words I was recently able to share with front man R.W.Hellborn

DS: Your name really is RW Hellborn ?

RW: Well that’s what I’ve been telling people and they seem to be buying it.

DS: Is the bands name Riverside Odds ot The Riverside Odds? I’ve seen it both ways?

RW: We did call ourselves The Riverside Odds once or twice but dropped the “The” cause honestly it just looks better.

DS: And you call your sound Speed-Punk Rock & Roll right?

RW: Damn right we do! I don’t remember when we actually came up with that title, but there was whiskey involved definitely. We’re not really a punk band, but punk fans love us. We’re not really a “rock n roll” band but rock n rollers dig us too. Put us on a bill full of hardcore bands or metal bands and we’ll walk away with new fans that night too, so that title not only speaks to what it is that we do but the fact that we can more than hang with em all.

DS: Cool, tell me a little bit about your band, how you met and your sound.

RW: Timo and I formed the band in January of 2013. He and I were in a band previously which ended around thanksgiving the previous year and he and I wanted to keep things going, so we hooked up with Matty on guitar, and another friend of ours, Tommy on drums. was also in a different band with both of them years earlier. Tommy unfortunately didn’t work out so after auditioning a number of drummers we finally got hooked up with Darren and it just clicked. We played as a 4 piece for about a year and eventually picked up Dan as lead guitarist around spring of 2014.
Coincidentally, Darren and Dan were also in a band together years previous as well, so every member of this band has been in another band with at least one other member. As far as our sound goes, well we just play the way we wanna play… we’re always gonna veer towards the “fast and loud” side of rock-n-roll but we’ll mix it up when it feels right and we’ll let our fans decide how they wanna describe the sound. We’ve had people tell us we remind them of bands like Black Flag, Municipal Waste and Motörhead, and I’m not gonna try and correct them on those compliments.

DS: Tell us a little about being a punk rock & roll band from Philadelphia and about your local scene.

RW: The ‘scene’ is really more of a ‘community’, honestly. It doesn’t matter what genre you’re in here, because when you’re part of this community everyone will help each other out and will supporting each other’s shows and promotions regardless of genres… There’s so many great bands in Philly right now, I could fill a whole other article just listing them out and why they’re awesome… and I have to say we’re lucky to have played with a lot of them and friends with even more.

DS: Tell us a little about your last album “Let The Mayhem Begin”

RW: Well… as the name implies, from the second you hit play, it’s gonna be a wild ride. The songs have a variety of topics, some serious, like “Pissing in the Gene Pool” which is about the insane level of frustration living in a society seemingly so advanced yet still can’t get past the idiocy of racism, sexism and bigotry… but then others are just for fun, like “Camel Clutch” which is (obviously) about the legendary Iron Sheik. It’s definitely an aggressive album to start out with, but we wanted to hit the ground running, firing on all cylinders. Imagine the Kool-Aid man busting through your speakers, except the Kool-Aid man is actually John Rambo and instead of guns blazing he’s chucking Motörhead, Zeke and Dwarves records at your head. Everything for that album was done at Sweet Creek Studios in Ottsville, PA at the beginning of 2015 and we released it later that year during The Liberty Music Fest, which is an annual music festival created by our friends Jim & Vince from DVT, in August of that year.

DS: Tell us about the album you are working on for spring of 2019, is there a title yet? I have been told you will be working with Eddie from The Super Suckers…are there any details you can share?

RW: We had a title we were bouncing around for a while but after a while it just didn’t seem to fit, so we’re going to give it time and finish writing the record first and figure out the name after. When we were writing the songs for the first album, Dan wasn’t in the band yet, so all of those songs were written by Timo and Matty. Dan literally came into the band while we were recording ‘Mayhem’ so we threw him directly to the wolves by making him go right into the studio and write leads for all of them.
After that, Dan started writing stuff for the band immediately so some of the songs, like Dominos, we’ve had since before ‘Mayhem’ was even released. Everyone in the band has had more input into all the songs on this record. There’s songs that Timo wrote, some that Dan wrote, some that Matty wrote and at least one or two that I wrote as well. It’s gonna be great to finally see some of these reach their full potential on the album cause there’s a few we’ve been playing live for 3 years already.

And I’ve been fortunate to have built a good relationship with Eddie and the Supersuckers over the years so we pitched him the idea of producing the record and he was completely down with it. He did warn us that he would be putting us to some hard work, and that the only way this will work is to check all our egos at the door. This record isn’t going to be about us. It’s only about the record.

DS: Thank you so much for sharing RW

RW: No thank you for the interest Kelly



Pity Party (emo) announce North American tour

Oakland based emo act Pity Party has announced a full North American tour. The fifty-six stop tour begins in San José October 5th, winds its way up to the great white North, before concluding December 1st in the band’s home town of Oakland.

You can check out the full list of dates on the poster above and check out their latest release below.

Pity Party released the EP Are You Happy Yet? earlier this summer. These guys put on a killer show, so be sure to catch them if they make a stop near you.

The Blankz release video for “I’m A Gun!”

Phoenix based indie-punks The Blankz recently released a lyric video for their track “I’m A Gun”. The song is the title track off The Blankz new E.P. If you watch MTV (they still play music?) you can catch the new video for “I’m A Gun!” regularly on the indie playlist. These guys draw from the amazingly pleasant sounds of early punk pioneers like The Ramones and the legendary indie sound of Devo.

Check out the new video below.

The Blankz have been busy over the last year or so. Having formed in 2017 they have been steadily releasing material ever since, with their 7″ White Baby being released earlier this summer.

Clowns release video for “I Shaved My Legs For You”


Australian hardcore exports Clowns have released a video for “I Shaved My Legs For You”, from their recent two track, stopgap offering, which is the prelude to the band’s fourth album, which they are off to the studio to record.

You can get the EP from Bandcamp and watch the video below.

Anti-Flag release video for “For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield Cover)

Pennsylvania political punks Anti-Flag are to release acoustic album “American Reckoning” on September 28 via Spinefarm Records. Ahead of the album, the band have released a video for “For What It’s Worth”, a cover of a Buffalo Springfield track, which you can have a watch of below.

Album pre-orders are up now.

Listen: Talk Show Host / Chump / Bias (pop/skate-punk) stream 3 way split

PCT Musique is proud to present the 4th volume of its Canada-Europe split series featuring Toronto pop-punkers Talk Show Host, recent DS band spotlight Belgium’s Chump and France’s BIAS. A great intro to all three bands if you’re unfamiliar with them. 

The split is available for download as a “name-your-price” on Bandcamp and you can stream it below.

The Friday Prophets (FFO: old Green Day) stream new song “Reason, Where are You?”

Swedish punk rockers The Friday Prophets are streaming the first single from their upcoming album In the Key of Sublimation, to be released November 30th via Holy Howl Records.

The 90s-eqsue, pop-punk song “Reason, Where Are You?” is the first release from The Friday Prophets since their May EP, Vae Är Du Nu? / Att Befria Sig Sjalv. 

You can stream the new track below, and you can pre-order the whole album on vinyl right here. Then keep yourself updated on all things The Friday Prophets by following them on Spotify right here.


Advertised on the Fat Wreck Chords website as “one of their top 3 live albums to date”, NOFX released their third live album last month.

A brief history: NOFX first released I Heard They Suck Live, a classic for sure, way back in 1995. In 2007, they released They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live. This second one was unique because the band went out of their way not to repeat songs from the first live album, thereby leaving off classics “Bob”, “The ’Brews”, and “Linoleum”. But considering the band had released so much new material since 1995, this was an uncharacteristically classy move for the band. What was not classy was teasing the listener by playing the almighty Decline as an encore only to fade the recording out after just a couple minutes (pisses me off just thinking about it). The band did eventually release a live version of The Decline, though by itself and in DVD and vinyl format only.

In the early stages of this millennium, Fat Wreck Chords launched the Live In A Dive series, subsequently releasing seven volumes between 2001 and 2005 and featuring, among others, Lagwagon, Bracket, and the Subhumans. The Live In A Dive title was shed when NOFX released They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live, though the Mad Caddies 2004 live album had also gone by a different title.

Then a bunch of years passed before the Live In A Dive series was revived with Ribbed – Live In A Dive. As the title suggests, the band plays songs only from their 1991 album, Ribbed. In fact, they play them all, and in order. The band even plays “Brain Constipation”, despite suggesting beforehand that the audience members take a break to go to the bathroom, and calling it “one of our worst songs ever”.

It has actually become commonplace for bands to perform albums in their entireties, and even releasing those concerts commercially; Less Than Jake did this for each of their first five albums. Ribbed – Live In a Dive is a first for NOFX, though.

Going back to “Brain Constipation”, this is a song that I’ve surely listened to dozens of times while listening to the Ribbed album or to NOFX on shuffle, and while it never stood out as a particularly strong song – I’m sure I didn’t even know what it was called before now – nor did it strike me as particularly awful. That’s one of the interesting things about NOFX in concert: they are so NOT rock stars. Their stage demeanor is casual and conversational and filled with self-criticism. I’ve always been fascinated when a band critiques its previous output, as NOFX often does before and after songs, whether panning “Brain Constipation”, or giving themselves passing grades on the final three songs, calling them “all pretty good”.

From their earliest days NOFX has been known for humor, though never really as a musically comedic act, like The Vandals kind of were, and maybe not intentionally, either – how seriously should we take Fat Mike as he sings about bathing on Wednesdays and Saturdays only, that they are “Shower Days”, and that he hates them? Sure, sometimes they cross the line, but in general Fat Mike, El Hefe, and Eric Melvin make me laugh.

Fat Mike also talks down “Food, Sex, and Ewe” as he laughingly reminisces of the days when he thought ska was cool because of Operation Ivy but suggests that he now thinks ska is stupid. Which is too bad because, while most of my favorite NOFX songs are of the fast and hardcore variety, one of the reasons I originally got into NOFX over twenty years ago was because they were often considered a ska-punk band. S&M Airlines has one ska song while Ribbed has two – I say “I Don’t Want You Around” counts – and they continued that practice throughout the decade. “Food, Sex, and Ewe” is not a bad song.

“I Don’t Want You Around” is a better song, though. Not to give too much away but there is a guest singer for this one due to Fat Mike’s inability to sing and play the song at the same time (the guest is Kody from Teenage Bottlerocket/The Lillingtons; ok, I gave away everything).

While the second NOFX live album avoided repeating material from the first, this third one makes no such promise, a good thing because otherwise it would be pretty short – “Moron Brothers”, “El Lay”, “Together on the Sand”, and “Nowhere” were all on I Heard They Suck Live; “Green Corn” was on They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live; and (this only kind of counts) Ten Years of Fucking Up had live videos of the studio versions of “Shower Days” and “Gonoherpasyphilaids”. Teenage Me thought “Gonoherpasyphilaids” was hilarious. Thirty-Something Me still finds it amusing.

Speaking of things Teenage Me liked, how about the new boobs-jugs-balloons doo-wop tag at the end of “New Boobs”? They actually pull it off live! Comparing the songs “New Boobs”, about breast implants and cosmetic surgery, and “Malachi Crunch”, about racist skinheads, show the wide range of lyrical content NOFX can showcase throughout an album. Showing their range musically is showcased in “New Boobs” alone. Moments like the doo-wop tag seem to have been built for El Hefe. So perfect for him is this tag, as well as “Together On The Sand” and the doo-do-do-do-do-doo interlude in “Moron Brothers”, that it’s easy to forget that El Hefe didn’t actually join the band until after the original Ribbed was released. The transition from the acoustic pseudo-love song “Together On The Sand” into “Nowhere” is identical to that on the first live album, which was identical to the studio version. I’ve always loved the guitar lines in “Nowhere”.

Is “Cheese/Where’s My Slice” one song or two? The title suggests two but they’ve never been split into separate tracks. The sarcastic refrain “Where’s my slice? I want more than equal rights. I want everything for free” along with the line “You think I give a shit if you’re a socialist” from “Nowhere” serve as reminders that punk rock’s political views used to be more libertarian rather than the extreme left it generally promotes today (my quoting from “Nowhere”, by the way, is a perfect example of a writer taking something out of context. Feel free to look up the rest of the lyrics).

While there will always be those who violently disagree with me, I will fight to the death in defense of my claim that Ribbed was NOFX’s first good album. Brett Gurewitz produced it (note the Bad Religion-like harmonies in the middle of “Green Corn”), but he produced their first two albums as well, so it would seem the band simply got better. Ribbed is a solid-sounding record, but the quality of indie punk recordings has gone way up since 1991, so even though this is a live recording (made in 2012 though not released until 2018) the sound quality is superior to the original studio quality.

While the sound quality is better, the performance is sloppier, which is often the case for live recordings, though not always – NOFX’s performances of “You Drink, You Drive, You Spill” and “Beer Bong” on I Heard They Suck Live were both better and tighter than their respective studio versions. One excuse the guys, especially Fat Mike, allows themselves is that these songs are harder, apparently way harder than the First Ditch Effort material. Fat Mike begins the album by warning the audience that they’re “going to fuck up a fucking lot.” Before “Shower Days” he says, “everybody watch me; this is hard”. After “New Boobs”, Hefe and Melvin have a playoff to demonstrate how difficult the guitar lick is in the song they’d just played. I haven’t tried to play any of these songs, but I’ll take their word for it – these songs do sound more complicated than, say, “Six Years On Dope”.

Too much talking often prevents a live album from holding up over time; I like blink-182 but The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show is almost unlistenable now. The novelty wears off after four or five listens as the chitter-chatter turns more annoying than funny. I’ve never found that to be the case with NOFX. I Heard They Suck Live in particular still makes me laugh over two decades later. Their crude potty humor somehow comes off smarter than their peers, despite the onstage discussion that Fat Mike, at the time forty-six years-old, started doing drugs when he was thirty-two, so he’d only been doing drugs for twelve years (uhhhh…math much?). Other talking points include the differences between ska-punks and punk-punks, how to distinguish a high five versus a Sieg Heil, the pronunciation of the word “sabotage”, the consistency with which Jews have good ideas, and that the writers of Californication plagiarized a line from “Moron Brothers” for an episode.

NOFX still sounds good despite the drugs and middle-age. Seems like I haven’t heard a great live album since the demise of the original Live In A Dive series, which coincided roughly with the decline in popularity of punk rock. This one probably won’t become a classic the way I view I Heard They Suck Live, but any fan of the band is going to get a lot of enjoyment out of Live In a Dive – Ribbed.

4/5 stars

New Video: Art Thieves – “DIY USA”

Massachusetts-based punks Art Thieves put out a goddamn awesome album, Russian Rats, today. They’ve also put out a video for the track “DIY USA” today, and you can check that out below.

Russian Rats, which, as I’ve said is goddamn awesome, hit streets today (September 14th) via equally Massachusetts-based State Line Records. Pick up your very own copy here!

Night Birds Stream New Song “Onward to Obscurity”

New Jersey surf punks Night Birds are streaming a track called “Onward to Obscurity” off their upcoming mini-LP Roll Credits, out September 21st via Fat Wreck Chords.

The first release from Night Birds since 2016’s Who Killed Mike Hunchback?, this nihilistic track features  “King of Punk” Jerry A. of Portland hardcore punk band Poison Idea.  

If you’re into music reminiscent of Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, you can check out the new song below.

New Music: Moonraker debut “They Called Me Mr. Glass” from upcoming album, “Lanterns”

Happy Thursday, boys and girls! We’ve got a pretty awesome music moment for you today. It’s a brand new track from Southern California’s Moonraker. It’s a track called “They Called Me Mr. Glass,” and here’s what vocalist/drummer David Green has to say about it:

“We’re probably never gonna write a better love song than “I Hope I Don’t Fuck This Up” by Dollar Signs, and we’re probably not gonna write a better tour song than “Van, Forever” by Not Half Bad, but “They Called Me Mr. Glass” is sort of our attempt to do both. It’s a song about missing the person you love while at the same time loving that you’re gone. Also, we threw like five Beyonce references into the first verse, cause Beyonce rules!”

“They Called Me Mr. Glass” appears on Moonraker’s forthcoming album, Lanterns, which is due out tomorrow via Tiny Dragon Records. You can check out their Beyonce-inspired effort below!