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Gen Why (streetpunk) releases video for “Rotten Few”

Street punks Gen Why released a video for their song “Rotten Few”. The band photo, the band name and the song title should give you some information on what to expect from the song but to make it more obvious: the song starts with the word “BLEGH!”

Watch the (nicely shot) music video below!

Noi!se (street punk) release new single “Mass Apathy” ft Skinhead Rob, donate proceeds to charity

Punk has never been a stranger to tackling controversial issues. On the contrary, for more than 40 years, punk has shown time and time again to be a LOUD voice of reason and unity in a chaotic, irrational and often devastating reality. True to their punk roots, Tacoma streetpunks NOi!SE tackles these issues head-on, more specifically here, the issue of gun violence and school shootings, in a very powerful, non-political way.

“Mass Apathy” (previously unreleased) is brutal, and the intentional vocal silence between verses is deafening; a symbol of lives [children] lost. The words themselves and the vocal contribution from Skinhead Rob (TRANSPLANTS/RANCID) really bring it over the top.

Stream the single below.

Unquestionably, this important song and message will spread far and wide, adding a colorful set of voices to an already loud and vibrant movement. The real goal though is to get people standing up and demanding changes to policies that endanger the lives and futures of America’s children.

In response to the recent barrage of public shootings, especially those involving school children, NOi!SE and Pirates Press Records will donate all proceeds from this song/record to several charities. In the true spirit of this band, and to make sure no voice is unheard, fans will have the opportunity to vote on the charities which will receive donations on behalf of NOi!SE and Pirates Press Records.


DS Exclusive: The Hanging Judge (Street Punk, GA) Stream Video for “Vultures”

The Hanging Judge has been kind enough to give you lovely Dying Scene readers the first glimpse of a new video for a previously unreleased track “Vultures”. The Atlanta-based, street punk unit features Chris May, aka Cheeto Mayhem of The Queers on bass and the tune used with their latest visuals was recorded at Joe Queer’s personal recording studio.

You can check out the video for “Vultures” below.

Introducing New Street Punk Act: Radio89 (full EP stream)

Yes, there are a good amount of street punk acts you haven’t heard yet, but here’s one that actually deserves your attention. If the opening guitar riffs of Revolution Red‘s title track doesn’t grab you by the short and curlies then you’ve never shaken your fist in the air at a punk rock show. Radio89 aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but holy hell it’s great to hear a younger band doing the sub-genre justice. Stream Revolution Red in full below.

Lazy Class (street punk) announce new album, release three song music video

Polish street punks Lazy Class (ex- Warsaw Dolls & Wounded Knee) have announced they will be releasing their new album, Interesting Times, on December 6th via Contra Records (Germany) and Oldschool Records (Poland) for the vinyl version, and TNT Tunes for the CD version.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the new album, the band has released a video featuring three of the songs from the upcoming album.  Check out “Adversities,” “Sick Of You,” and “Made It Out Alive,” below.

Lazy Class last released Pressure Rising in May 2017 via Spirit of the Streets records.

Slow Faction stream new EP “The Blank Generations Demos”

Our friends over in Slow Faction are now streaming a new EP featuring three demo tracks from August of this year. These guys have previously released  ‘Alternatives: Volume 1’ which showcased their new drummer on some of their older tracks that were re-recorded. 

Check out the new EP below!

Album Review: The Drowns – “View From the Bottom”

In this heated, post-election climate, I see street punk making a comeback. It’s political, aggressive, and catchy—but it’s also by and of the people. It just goes to show, if you wanna be heard, try being loud. Still, it’s not a style I hear a lot of, and I still tend to associate it with the old-guard studs-and-spikes crowd. So, color me surprised when I heard that members of the Shell Corporation and Success were forming the Drowns and playing gravelly, catchy street punk. It made sense, but it was also a total sucker punch. But, there I was, intrigued.

I know Rev from Success. He’s a killer songwriter, with a great voice, and some intense guitar chops. These Red Scare-ready instincts bring us massive choruses and heartfelt messages—but with the Drowns, I was ready to see this mode of operation translated into something rougher, more direct. It’s the meeting of two worlds, isn’t it? The punk rock of new (practically a supergroup!) playing a defiantly old-school style. View From the Bottom, from the concept alone, was immediately interesting.

The album opens with “Eternal Debate,” a call-to-action as well as in-your-face criticism. It captures the Drowns approach to street punk perfectly. Loud, direct; classically punk and catchy as all Hell. The Drowns bring to mind the blue-collar anthemics of Cock Sparrer, dragged spitting into 2018. It’s also on “Eternal Debate” where we get a taste of the Drowns’ lyrical direction. Lines like, “maybe we could solve the problems of today, people with no food and no place to stay, instead we’re locked in eternal debate,” point to a perspective implied by the album’s title: a view from the bottom. The Drowns are making a record for the underclass, the folks who get stomped on by those with a view from the top. I don’t know how many records I’ve reviewed this year that I’ve described as having a blue-collar perspective, but as pressure from the top starts to squeeze the people at the bottom, it’s nice to hear no one’s going quietly.

Songs like “Where’s Bobby,” are less political, but still paint a picture of a bleak urban landscape. Its chorus is a nostalgic joy, a callback to the days of early punk where the refrain was a simple phrase, repeated. In this case, “Bobby’s back on heroin!” Still, it’s appropriately dark, and it’d be unfair to paint it as View From the Bottom’s fun barn-burner. The chorus is direct and confrontational, mincing no words—and because of that, it sounds off like a gunshot.

But if you do want a good old fashioned barn-burner, the title track fulfills the need to scream along and throw up some fists. “View From the Bottom” is a fast-paced number with some catchy guitar licks and coughing vocals. It’s a posi fuck-you, with lyrics like “go ahead and see if I care, I got some shade here,” as well as “this view is looking pretty good from the bottom!” It’s loud, adhesive, and proud—and it makes no apologies. The final track, “Darkness,” ends the album with a message of hope, delivered in a distinctive, yet beautiful croon. What else do we need to know in dark times except that we’re not alone? “Darkness” unites rebels, outcasts, and artists—and gives them promise for a better tomorrow.

View From the Bottom is refreshingly punk. In a time where the genre can mean any of a dozen things, the Drowns set themselves up as true north. It’s a back to basics punk record where politics, filtered by the perspective of blue-collar songwriters, takes center stage. This is ten tracks of angst, anger, and community that doesn’t drag for a second. The Drowns bring their message, set their fire, and jump the fence before the sirens get close.


The Clinch (Street Punk/Oi!, Australia) stream new album “Our Path Is One”

Australian Street Punk/Oi! band The Clinch are streaming their debut album, Our Path Is One.

You can give it a listen below.

Our Path Is One was released on June 14th.

The Hex Bombs stream new single “Let’s Go”

Michigan street punks The Hex Bombs are streaming their new single “Let’s Go.”

You can give it a listen below.

“Let’s Go” is the bands’ first release since their last album, Everything Earned, was released in 2014 via East Grand Record Company

Bad Sam (thrash punk) streaming new album “Bring Me the Head Of…”

Newport thrashers Bad Sam are streaming their latest album “Bring Me the Head Of…”. The album features a face paced in your face rhythm, with some old school thrash vocals.

You can check out the new album below.

This is the third release from the band and the first since the July 2014 release of “Newport Hotel”. If your a fan of Suicidal Tendencies these guys are similar.

Slow Faction re-releases tracks on ‘Alternatives: Volume 1’

First generation-influenced punkers Slow Faction just re-released a couple of their older tracks. The Brits went out and re-recorded some of their singles with their new drummer and bundled them all on a new EP. ‘Alternatives: Volume 1’ is available for pay what you want in digital format now.

Head down below and give ‘Alternatives: Volume 1’ a spin.

Joe Koontz (ex-Against All Authority) Launches New Label

Joe Koontz of veteran punk band Against All Authority recently announced the launch of his new label, A Jam Records. Based out of Florida, A Jam Records is an independent record label devoted to artistry, music, and fans. They are starting to put out new releases this week from Radio89 and Koontz’s new project MC1.

You can check the label out and keep up with its activities here.

Stay tuned during the upcoming weeks look for more from A Jam Records.


Japanese website NHK World releases a documentary on Myanmar’s punk scene

The NHK World (a Japanese international broadcasting service) website has released a 30 minute documentary detailing the rise of the punk scene in south-east Asian nation Myanmar. You can watch the video in English here.

The description provided for the documentary is as follows: Just 1 year ago in Myanmar, the National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi was formally elected, freeing the country from the grip of a 50-year military reign. During the past regime, punk music had emerged as an underground medium to protest the government’s authoritative rule. However, new social problems have grown visible under the current government. In the midst of Yangon’s economic growth, harsh income gaps and joblessness are major obstacles, giving modern punk music a new perspective for their voice of protest. In this episode, we follow the activity of The Rebel Riot, a punk band in Myanmar addressing social issues through song, and working to help the country’s disadvantaged citizens.

Knock Off (UK Street Punk) release lyric video for “This Ain’t No Love Song”

UK Street Punk act Knock Off have released a lyric video for their song “This Ain’t No Love Song.”

You can check it out below.

“This Ain’t No Love Song” comes from the bands’ latest album Like a Kick In The Head, which was released on August 3rd, 2017 via Step-1 Music in the UK and the Longshot Music store at Pirate Press in the US.

Band spotlight: KNOCK OFF – UK street punk

It’s been a good long time since I heard street punk I could behind. KNOCK OFF delivers straight-forward, pissed off street punk heavily influenced by the early 80s UK scene. They’re angry, bitter, disillusioned, and catchy as hell. If you’re a fan of some of the bands they’ve supported, such as Buzzcocks, UK Subs, and The Business, and beer bottle-fingered dudes in denim taunting well-meaning gang members to come out and play, you should definitely check them out.

Their latest album, “Like a Kick in the Head,” is available on vinyl for the UK and Europe here from Step-1 Music. A US version will be available from the Longshot Music store at Pirate Press some time later this month. The CD is available at the band’s site, and a digital version at their bandcamp page. You can check out the stream from bandcamp below.