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DS Photo Gallery: The Radiator Rattlers Rock Nashua’s Holiday Stroll

It’s not often that Dying Scene covers performances at local Christmas season outdoor holiday strolls. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the only time we’ve done it. However, it’s also not often that a band as cool as The Radiator Rattlers plays a local Christmas season outdoor holiday stroll, so this past weekend, we packed up our camera bag, headed to our old hometown, and took in a pretty awesome performance to finish out the family-friendly annual event.

As you may recall from our recent sit-down with guitarist and co-frontman Frankie Piessens, The Rattlers hail from a half-hour down the road in Haverhill, Massachusetts. However, the octet’s (Piessens, Kenny Turner on washboard and vocals, Matt Pepp on banjo and vocals, Travis Boucher on mandolin and vocals, Carla Pierce on acoustic guitar, Luke Williams on Drums and Jimbo Ritchie on bass) swashbuckling pedal steel player Jonee Earthquake has been a fixture in the New Hampshire punk rock community for…well, for as long as I’ve been alive, and I’ll be forty on my next birthday. Earlier in the week, they announced a pretty huge milestone in their career that spans about a half-dozen years; they’ll be playing the big stage at next May’s Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas! And while you wouldn’t think of “family friendly downtown holiday stroll in southern New Hampshire” as perhaps the punk rockingest of venues, the set up was very much guerrilla-style and DIY: the street was blocked to through traffic by off-duty DPW heavy equipment, and the band performed on the in between snowbanks on a sidewalk – no stage in sight – outside a dive bar in the sub-40 degree temperatures. That’s pretty punk rock if you ask us.

Check out the rest of our full photo gallery below.


Crazy & The Brains stream their cover of “People Who Died” ahead of new LP

New Jersey punks Crazy And The Brains are streaming their cover of The Jim Carroll Band‘s “People Who Died”, the closing track from their upcoming album “In The Ugly”, which is out on November 23rd. Pre-orders are up now via the band’s Bandcamp

You can have a listen to the track over at Brooklyn Vegan now.

Capital Youth stream new song “City Drip”

After ‘Holiday In The Sun’ released in August via NewNoise Magazine, here is a second song from Capital Youth! These guys are now streaming “City Drip” which is coming off of their Single Series and is available from Roosevelt Records.

Check it out below!

Milk Crimes (Indie Punk, UK) Stream Latest EP “II”

Leeds-based indie rockers Milk Crimes are allowing fans to stream their entire new EP. The effort is simply titled II and features four tracks of feel good alt rock.

II is the first new music from Milk Crimes since their 2017 single “I’ll be back soon.”

You can check out II in full below.

Glass Slipper premiere self-titled debut album

The most likely question asked by Brooklyn four-piece garage rockers Glass Slipper when they finished recording their debut self-titled album was “is it nasty enough?”, and the answer is yes. The current lineup consisting of Dave Harris on guitar and vocals, Kuba Pieczarski on guitar, Myles Peterson on bass, and Greg Hanson on drums have been working together since 2016 but Glass Slipper is their first record.

The heavily distorted and lightly demented quartet recorded at Time Castle Studios in their home borough of Brooklyn and are dropping the record on the BK’s very own King Pizza Records. Follow this link to pre-order the cassette and stream the album below.

The Cryptkeeper Five (punk) sign to Say-10 Records, release new video

New Jersy punk act The Cryptkeeper Five have announced their signing with Say-10 Records.  The label will be re-releasing the bands’ last album The Stronghold on vinyl with a bonus cover of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.”

To celebrate the announcement, the band has also released a video for their song “1000 Keys.”  You can check that out below along with the bands’ upcoming tour dates.

The Cryptkeeper Five originally released The Stronghold in 2016.

King Pizza (garage punk) releases “Music to Make Nightmares By” Halloween Compilation

King Pizza has released another collection of songs in the latest edition of the Music To Make Something By series: Music To Make Nightmares By. It’s a doozie of spooky, scary singalongs by your favorite artists including The Royal They, Sun Voyager, The Mad Doctors, The Rizzos, Coach N Commando, and many, many, many, more. This compilation includes a total of 26 songs and it’s only $6.66 on Bandcamp. And you can feel good about it because all proceeds go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness! Check the whole thing out below.

Radkey (Punk, MO) Stream New Track “Rock And Roll Homeschool”

Missouri-based punk three-piece Radkey are allowing fans to stream their latest track. The effort is titled “Rock And Roll Homeschool” and it’s the first music from the group since their 2016 LP, Delicious Rock Noise.

Isaiah Radke, one of the group’s vocalists and bass player, spoke about the inspiration behind the tune:

“I’m not sure how many people know this about us, but we were homeschooled… That’s one of the main reasons we had a ton of time to work on songwriting and play tons of video games. The only problem was that we started to feel pretty uncool having zero friends. We would constantly fantasize about getting out there, and what life would be like if we had gone to ‘real school.'”

Along with the new music, Radkey will also be hitting the road with legendary British punks The Damned later this month.

You can check out “Rock And Roll Homeschool” on Spotify and Apple Music. The full list of tour dates are below.

Pierre (garage punk) stream “Canvas” and “Poppy Fields” off upcoming album “Pierre”

Pierre, everyone’s favorite Minnesota-based grungy post-hardcore alt-garage-punk band, is proud to announce the October 12, 2018 release of their debut, self-titled, full-length album, “Pierre.”

Pierre is now streaming two singles from the record, “Canvas” and “Poppy Fields”, which you can check out below, along with their creative new “Poppy Fields” video. If you’re into it, the album is available for pre-order now.

DS Exclusive: Frankie Piessens on The Radiator Rattlers’ Upcoming Full-Length, “Hold On”

By the time you’re reading this, Haverhill, Massachusetts’ The Radiator Rattlers will be less than 24 hours from the official release of their newest studio full-length. It’s called Hold On, and it’s due out Saturday (September 29th) and it makes the group’s first full-length since their self-titled debut dropped back in 2015. Now, if you’re saying to yourself “wait just one good god damn minute…who are the Radiator Rattlers?” well…that’s partially my fault. The octet — that’s right, there are eight Rattlers — have been slowly and steadily building up a following in the area north of Boston over the last half-dozen years, playing a souped up version of good-time punk rock run through a rockabilly-Hank Williams-cowpunk filter that’s ways that could only come from a band that includes a washboard player on vocals, a mandolin player, a banjo player, a stand-up bass player, and a pedal steel-playing pirate among its ranks.

One recent weeknight after work, yours truly took a ride into the working-class heart of the Merrimack Valley to catch up with Rattlers’ guitarist/vocalist Frankie Piessens (pictured above) at the tattoo shop he owns and operates in order to shed some light on Hold On. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been a patron of the shop for years, and Radiator Rattlers’ vocalist/washboard player Kenny Turner did my most recent piece. As fate would have it, Piessens just happened to be finishing up a sleeve on Rattlers’ original bass player Mike Bastek, which gave some pretty good insight into the history of the band. Here’s a quick recap:

It all started out six years ago. Piessens, Bastek, and Rattlers’ mandolin player Travis Boucher lived together in a multi-family house affectionately known as South Central in Havehill, Massachusetts. Having all been in myriad bands throughout the incestual Merrimack Valley music scene for more than a decade at that point, the trio figured playing music together was a no-brainer, at least as a way to hang together after work. What made this project different from previous bands, however, is that 2/3rds of the lineup didn’t know how to play their instruments. “It started basically because Mike got a stand-up bass and wanted to learn how to use it,” explains Piessens. “We started covering Stones’ songs, Pogues’ songs…just fun songs so they could learn their instruments, because Travis didn’t know how to play mandolin either.”

As time went on, more people were added to the mix. Matt Pepp on banjo. Carla Pierce on acoustic guitar and, at times, accordion. Kenny Turner on vocals and, because he didn’t play a stringed instrument, washboard. Luke Williams on percussion, which is generally drums but has also include various household objects including but not limited to a suitcase. “At one point or another, we all lived in the same house. We didn’t even have a name,” says Piessens. “We were hanging out in this living room, drinking beers and playing songs. It was an old house, and everybody that lived in the house was people that we knew and worked with. We had gotten to the point where we were going to maybe play an open mic just to get it out of our system. And Jed, our neighbor upstairs, he called when we were practicing one night and he was like “yo, man, you guys are like totally rattling my radiators right now.” And it was like “there’s the band name!”

The seven-piece played their first open mic at a venue called the Chit Chat Lounge in their hometown of Haverhill. Having received a modicum of positive feedback, things progressed in a natural, organic fashion. The band played parties and other open mics, and started to develop a local following, without having any pretense that they’d turn into the next big thing. “We all have careers, we all have shit that we want to do,” Piessens explains. “But for us to get that feeling of playing music like we used to when we were kids and having fun, that’s what we were chasing.” Eventually the band decided to start recording original tunes and to narrow down a sound. Enter: The Pirate.

Jonee Earthquake, that is. Earthquake is a bit of a local legend in the southern New Hampshire/northern Massachusetts music scene. He’s been playing in bands and recording music and putting on shows in the area since 1979. For comparison’s sake, that’s also the year Bad Religion started, and the year I, your resident old Boston-area fart, was born. Earthquake joined the Radiator Rattlers about a year after the band started, taking on the role of pedal steel player. He recorded the band’s music, and brought with him a sense of professionalism (well…it’s punk rock and he dresses like a pirate, so professionalism might be an overstatement) that got the now eight-piece to focus. As Bastek interjects: “You don’t want to disappoint the pirate!”

As Piessens figures, the band started to hit their proverbial stride after two or three years as a unit. They recorded and released their self-titled debut full-length in 2015. They also recorded enough material for a second full-length, including a few songs that ended up on their 2015 Summer’s Over 7-inch.  “We recorded the last one and this one at the same time, and just knocked out as much as we could,” says Piessens. There was only one problem: “the computer shit the bed,” he explains. “We lost everything. The only shit we still had was the two songs that were already on the 7-inch. We had to go back and record everything else again.”

The result of that follow-up session is Hold On, which is due out tomorrow on Earthquake’s Spiral Records label. It consists of ten tracks that find the band refining slightly their garage punk/alt-country/rockabilly infused sound, a natural occurrence given that the band’s members (Bastek has been replaced on bass duties by Jimbo Ritchie) have all learned how to play their instruments. Most of the band’s songs start out with Piessens working on a song or a riff at his house. Once the basic structure is cemented, Piessens will bring the song to the practice. “There’s a bunch of wild cards!” he exclaims. “Usually I’ll work it out with the “core group” – the drummer, Carla the acoustic guitar player, maybe a mandolin or a banjo. Then we’ll bring in the rest of them and they add their own little flavor to the song. Jonee especially, when he adds the pedal steel over that shit, it just changes completely where the song goes. Once a song goes through the eight members, it might totally change what I thought it was going to sound like.”

At the end of the day, the Radiator Rattlers are still a punk rock band. A large, multi-instrumental punk rock band. “You’re throwing as much as you can at a wall and seeing what sticks,” Piessens explains. “They’re all cowboy chords, really, so they’re pretty open to going in either a punk rock direction or a country direction or whatever. We can cover anything from Johnny Cash to CCR to Ramones or Minor Threat or Fear. It’s all shit we like, it doesn’t matter if it “fits the band” or not. It’s punk rock, you can smash that fucking square peg into a round hole.”

It bears mentioning that the listener and/or showgoer should not let the number and type of instruments fool them into a preconceived notion of what the band sounds like. The Radiator Rattlers’ sound owes more to the sound of Hank Williams than it does to fellow Boston-area band Dropkick Murphys. Piessens explains: “We all come from bands where we have Marshall stacks, and we can’t have Marshall stacks in this band…A) because there’s not enough room on stage, and B) because you can’t have eight Marshall stacks on stage…this isn’t fucking Motorhead!”

While nobody in the band seems to have delusions of grandeur surrounding the Radiator Rattlers becoming a full-time operation, there does seem to be a sense of pride – and relief – that Hold On is now seeing the light of day. “We’re all happy with the lives we have. We’re all happy with the musical things we’ve done in the past,” Piessens says matter-of-factly. “It would be great to play on a bigger stage so we could all fit comfortably someday. That would be sick! I wouldn’t even give a fuck if it was opening up for Hootie and the Blowfish or something. It’s cool to be 35 and to be able to play music like I was when I was a teenager. And to put records out? It’s fun!”

The Radiator Rattlers’ play their record release show in Haverhill tomorrow (September 29th) with a stellar lineup of local heavyweights that includes Tigerman WOAH and Michael Kane & The Morning Afters. Head here to pick up your own copy of Hold On…and stay tuned. “We’re slated to record a new album December 1st,” explains Piessens. “We have the songs ready to go, and we’ve got a new 7-inch that’ll be coming out. We take all the money we make from one record and put it toward what comes next.”

The Peawees Release Video for “Walking Through My Hell”

Italian soul-punk rock’n’rollers The Peawees have announced that they will be releasing a new album, “Moving Target”, this fall via Wild Honey Records/Rum Bar Records. 

If you’re into eclectic Elvis Presley inspired garage-rock with a vintage vibe, you’ll want to check out the video below for the album’s first single, “Walking Through My Hell.”

This will be The Peawees’ first album since the release of Leave It Behind, released via Wild Honey Records in 2011.

Introducing Punk N Roll Act: The Peawees (FFO Elvis Presley + Punk)

I was a total music nerd when I was a kid. I listened to absolutely nothing except golden oldies and Weird Al until I was in high school. I stumbled onto punk rock when I was 15 and considered myself musically “cool” but now that I think about it, starting a punk music blog is pretty much the pinnacle of fanboy geekdom – so, still a music nerd it seems. But I digress. I was telling you about golden oldies. I never lost my love for the rock ‘n roll of the 60s, which is why Italy’s The Peawees are striking such a chord with me. These guys channel the greats like Elvis, Chuck Berry or Buddy Holly but do it with decidedly punk rock rock flare. They’re not “new”, they’ve been kicking around the punk scene since 1995 but they’re new to Dying Scene and on September 14th they’re dropping their new album “Moving Target” via Rum Bar Records. Put your dancing shoes on and give a couple of the tunes a listen here.

Candy Ambulance (ffo: The Breeders) debut video for “Spray”

STOP THE PRESS!! … O.k., here we go again… NYC grunge-punk trio Candy Ambulance has a steamy new video streaming for the hit title-track off their new EP “Spray”. That’s steamy as in clean, you jock!  Although, this one is designed with the idea of making all of you Dying Scene viewers itch a little.

In their own words, “We wanted to remind the slackers lying on the couch, masturbating to infomercials that they aren’t weird.” Well, hey! That’s you, fella! So take a load off and enjoy (like, seriously, in a non-creepy way) this sexy, sweaty, smokey, stress-y, rubber dish-glove wearing, vinyl spinning ode to great 90’s grunge-punk.

The quirky video for “Spray” was produced by Chromoscope Pictures highlighting  “the lyric’s reflection of raw and unbridled mania and boredom” in a perceptible homage to 90’s cinematography and is available for streaming on the boob-tube along with the band’s upcoming tour dates below. Cheers!

Quarter Tank (Crossover, Canada) Stream Latest Album “Igniter”

Quarter Tank draw on a large range of influences from across numerous hard ‘n’ heavy genres to craft their sound. Throughout their latest release there are strong hints of heavy metal, punk rock, and hard rock. It’s titled Igniter and you can stream it below.

The previous release from Quarter Tank was their 2015 effort We Brought The Fire.

DS Exclusive: Lone Wolf stream “Lone Wolf” LP

Today, on the Dying Scene docket, a debut smasher from Dutch indie punks Lone Wolf.

We hope you like dancing, because these garage rockers will help give your ‘favorite pair of romping boots’ a new meaning. Invoking the charming lyricism of Merel Shaap and 70’s-era style riffage with a party-punk feel, Lone Wolf LP brings us back to the indie/garage rock scene of the early 2000’s. This self-titled inaugural release from the Rotterdam natives is being brought to us by Bearded Punk Records and Stardumb Records on September 8, 2018, and Dying Scene is happy as a clam in a conch shell to have the exclusive-stream for all you undead scensters a few daze early. Pre-orders are available NOW for both CD and LP pressings with a white and blue marble version from The Machine Shop in the U.S.A., and a white and pink variant courtesy of Bearded Punk Records. (Visit these locations for your appropriate merch fix: Stardumb, Bearded Punk, The Machine Shop)

Lone Wolf has quite a few shows coming up in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany so be sure and check them out if they make their way to your hometown. Stream Lone Wolf below and don’t forget to “get-get along, if you wanna… Do you wanna?”