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Stream Dirty Dead’s new album “Nocturnal Emissions”

From Garden Grove, California, horror punk band Dirty Dead has just released a new album, Nocturnal Emissions via Nothing But a Nightmare. The hard-driving collection of 13 songs includes both a Misfits and a Sam Cooke Cover, so it’s not lacking in diversity.

Check out the stream of the album below.

The Brickbats (Horror Punk, New York) Release Sleestaks EP

New York City’s horror punk icons The Brickbats are back with a new two-song single, “Sleestaks”, which is currently available on their Bandcamp page. The title song is backed with “Puppets of Night” and both feature the band’s trademark sound and humor.

Head to the land of the lost and check out both songs below.

Stream The Draculads (Horror Punk) “Kristen” EP

Hailing from Bristol, CT, the horror punk duo The Draculads  (a side project of The Theatre Zombies) have just released their second EP, Kristen. With six songs that sound like they are played by a full band, this is a great find for anyone who likes more pop-leaning horror punk.

Check out the Kristen EP below.

Album Review: The Jasons – “Blood in the Streets”

The much-anticipated new album from The Jasons, Blood In The Streets is finally here and it does not disappoint. The hockey-masked boys bring more horror punk goodness that would absolutely be at home on a Ramones-core album. Catchy as always, the album kicks off with the titular track, “Blood in the Streets”, which is a happy little song about the streets flowing with rivers of blood – and I’d expect no less from this band.

The Jasons have definitely evolved and grown as a band, without losing any of what makes them… them. The sound is fuller and slightly more polished than previous offerings, which makes for a great album that really highlights the lead vocals, as well as the stand-out backing vocals.  It’s immediately apparent that this album is something special, and like the song says, it’s “Red Blooded American Punk Rock.”

As expected, there are Friday the Thirteenth themed songs. “It’s Still Crystal Lake To Me (No Matter What They Call It In Part 6)” particularly stands out (and damned right, it is still Crystal Lake!) “You Should Never Have Re-Opened That Camp” is one of the harder tracks on the album with gang vocals that stay with you as soon as you hear them – largely due to the unique timing of the chorus of the song.

Actually, sing-along choruses are part of what makes this album such an instant classic. I’ve been singing “Kay-Em 1” since I first heard it – it got into my head. This is a band where everyone can really sing, and it shows here.

There’s even a more hardcore-styled song mixed into the album – the short and sweet, “No Motivation”, which is an unexpected interlude nested in the middle of the album.

“Mark’s Legs Don’t Work Anymore” is just classic Jasons, as are “JJ Was a Headbanger” and “Dead Fuck”.  With lyrics like “his penis isn’t broken/he’s so well-spoken” – it tells the unfortunate story of Mark, as many of their songs tend to be full stories. They even take a detour and get into the politics of punk with “Scene Police (Static)”, which is an interesting departure from the usual themes of blood and horror movies – and an awesome punk rock anthem. I’d argue that “3Ds Got Ramones Jeans” – is also a bit of a punk anthem – even if it is just a homage to someone’s new pair of pants that improved their life and looks.

The album closes off with “I Jacked Off to Dee Dee Ramone” – a song that could just as easily be by the Queers, only it’s… better. The same can be said of “Chili is a Stoner”. (If that’s sacrilege, so be it. Complaints are being accepted by the guy with the machete down by the lake.)

If you already are a fan of The Jasons, this album will be a much-welcomed addition to your collection. And if you’ve never heard them, it’s a great introduction – and the 14 songs of pop-horror-punk perfection will leave you wanting more.  If anything, The Jasons are a band that consistently delivers the goods and hopefully will keep doing so for some time to come. The world needs more songs about Jason Voorhess and Camp Crystal Lake, after all.

5/5 stars

The Anti-Bodies (horror-punk) streaming new single “Ninety Years Without Slumbering”

New York horror-punks The Anti-Bodies are streaming their latest single “Ninety Years Without Slumbering”. Generally not a fan of horror-punk, I must admit this song is pretty great. Catchy lyrics and a subject which interests me greatly…slumbering, had me hooked.

Check out the new song below.

This is the first new music from The Anti-Bodies since the 2018 release of Curse of the Full Moon. If you’re a fan of The Creepshow or The Lillingtons you will no doubt enjoy these guys.

Dirty Dead (horror-punk) streaming new track “Fear Becomes Flesh” off upcoming album

Horror-punks Dirty Dead are streaming the first track off of their upcoming album. “Fear Becomes Flesh” comes off the band’s forthcoming album Nocturnal Emissions which is slated to be released sooner than later.

Check out the new song below.

This is the first new release for Dirty Dead since Carnivorous Lunar Activities was released way back in 2008. If you enjoy The Misfits or Samhain, these guys are for you. 

The Anti-Bodies release lyric video for “Curse Of The Full Moon”

New York horror-punk band The Anti-Bodies have released a lyric video for their song “Curse Of The Full Moon.”

You can check it out below.

“Curse Of The Full Moon” was the first of four songs the band released this year. In 2017 the band released their self titled album. All of their releases can be found at their bandcamp.

The Anti-Bodies stream alien love song “E.T. Girl”

New York horror-punk band The Anti-Bodies are streaming their new song “E.T. Girl”. This ridiculously catchy song features some really cool vocals and excellent song writing. Stream the song below!

This is the fourth song the band released this year. In 2017 year the band released their self titled album. All of their releases can be found at their bandcamp. 

The Anti-Bodies (horror punk) streaming new song “The Man Who Was Death”

New York horror punks The Anti-Bodies are streaming the new song “The Man Who Was Death”. The new song features some slick guitar riffs and some eerie vocals. No word on whether this will be part of a bigger project or perhaps an album, but The Anti-Bodies have been busy.

Check out the new song below.

This is the first new music since The Anti-Bodies released the songs “Madness At Manderville” and ‘Curse of the Full Moon” earlier this year. If your into The Creepshow or The Lillingtons you will like these guys.

The Anti-Bodies (NY Horror Punk) stream “Madness at Manderville”

The Anti-Bodies (Buffalo, NY) have released a new song.

“Madness and Manderville” is fueled by a raunchy pop punk vibe, which gives way to the dead-man chill droning build-up that leads into wonderful harmonies and back to the catchy, driving rhythm of the chorus.

There’s some solid guitar on this one mixed amidst the paranoid realizations of a madman.

For fans of horror-punk, The Lillingtons, Pears. Check this one out below… if you dare!

The Anti Bodies stream new single “Curse Of The Full Moon”

Buffalo punks The Anti-Bodies are now streaming their new single “Curse Of The Full Moon.”

The horror punk three piece last released “Night of the Meek” in December of 2017.

Check out the single below.

The Jasons set to release new album “Get Sued” in April

Hockey masked, leather clad act The Jasons who have smashed slasher movies and bubblegum powerpop together have just announced that they’ll be releasing a new album in April. 

The album promises some new rad tunes since their last release of album, “Get Fucked” which made it’s way to the streets in 2016.

You can pre order the album here.


The Anti-Bodies (punk, NY) Stream “Unholy Union” Split With Grim Deeds (punk, CA)

New York punks The Anti-Bodies have just put out a split with California four-piece Grim Deeds. The record features two tracks from either band and is appropriately titled Unholy Union. This one should satisfy all those who love that classic Ramones-style sound.

You can check it out in full below.

The Anti-Bodies stream cover of AFI’s “Third Season”

Buffalo punk act The Anti-Bodies are streaming their cover of AFI’s “Third Season,” just in time for Halloween.

You can give it a listen below.

This cover follows the bands’ last cover of Ben E King’s “Stand By Me,” and their last release of the single “Mist” back in May.

The Anti-Bodies (punk) stream cover of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”

Buffalo punk act The Anti-Bodies are streaming their cover of the Ben E. King classic “Stand By Me”

You can give the song a listen below.

This song serves as a follow up to the band’s May release of the single “Mist”.