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Introducing Knoxville Based Pop/Emo Quartet Rough Dreams

Rough Dreams was formed in the summer of 2018 by guitarist/vocalist Jake Jones and longtime friend and drummer Paul Lowe. The band was originally started simply as a means to play music back home in Tennessee while not touring with their other bands. Eventually, the boys added childhood friend Ty Carrington on bass and fellow Knoxvilleian (that can’t be right…) Chris Suggs on second guitar. The band’s sound has been described as a throwback vintage sound, reminiscent of late 90’s/early aughts emo/pop punk. With enough songs to record a demo, Rough Dreams enlisted Nick Diener (formerly of The Swellers), Zach Householder (of Whitechapel), and local engineer Miah from the Soundlair to help track the band’s debut album which was jsut rtelased last week. Now’s the part where we tell you to go listen to it! Soooooo, go do it below! NOOOOW!

Zebrahead announce new album, release video for “All My Friends Are Nobodies”

Punk/alt-rock legends Zebrahead have announced they will be releasing a new album. Brain Invaders will be released March 8th, to celebrate the announcement Zebrahead have released a video for the song “All My Friends Are Nobodies” off of the new album. The video features a cage, a dog collar and a brief rage, that may have been induced by an intense hatred for Monopoly.

You can check out the video below.

Zebrahead last released Walk The Plank back in 2015.

Calmgrove (pop-punk, CA) release video for “Keep Close”

California pop-punk/emo quartet Calmgrove has released a video for new single, “Keep Close”.  The track is the follow up to recent single “Retrace”. Both songs are up on Spotify now.

Have a watch of the video below.

Album Review: Horror Section – Self Titled

I’d not come across St Louis’ Horror Section before seeing their name on the Dying Scene review list but I’m very glad I took the time to check them out.

This, their self-titled debut, was released back in December on Eccentric Pop Records and serves up 16 slices of horror themed pop punk – and damn fine it is too.  There is a strong, ominous Lillingtons vibe on tracks like They’re Inside, First Kill & Remains while there are lighter, poppier moments such as Are You There, Rooms and Echoes & Make Them Pay.  Elsewhere we get more straight up driving punk rock, examples being Murder & instrumental track Working Title.  The horror influence is clearly there through the whole album but, where previous Eps are dedicated entirely to specific horror movies (The Omen, Season of the Witch etc), you could easily listen to a portion of these songs oblivious to their macabre influence.

The album is consistently excellent from start to finish and so catchy that you’ll be singing along on your second listen.  If you’ve got a soft spot for Ramones-core meets early Fat Wreck skate/pop punk then these guys will be right up your street.

4.5/5 Stars

Masked Intruder to release new album “III”, premiere video for new song “No Case”

Masked Intruder, the ski-mask clad, punk rock felons from Madison, Wisconsin have announced details surrounding their escape from prison and upcoming album, III, their third full-length and debut release on Pure Noise Records. They have also released the first single and music video for “No Case”, which can be seen along with the band’s upcoming tour dates withe The Interrupters below.

For the new album, the band – Intruder Blue, Intruder Green, Intruder Red and Intruder Yellow – recruited lead producer/engineer Roger Lima (who also plays bass in Less Than Jake) as well as co-producer Mike Kennerty (who plays guitar in some band called The All-American Rejects) and recorded the album at Lima’s studio, The Moat House in Gainesville, Florida.

“Our songs aren’t just about the feelings and situations that they describe but they’re supposed to hopefully help other people think about and reflect about their own situations,” Intruder Blue summarizes.

III looks to be slated for release on March 1st. Pre-order it from the band’s website.

Introducing Pop Punk Act: Skyline the City

Skyline the City is one of those bands that is perfect addition to a mid summer’s night drive with your bestie. They are a feel good yet angst-filled band, with infectious melodies and fiery lyrics. They are in the same vein as Broadside, State Champs, and Seaway. If you like coherently eloquent meditations on the human condition; Skyline the City will not disappoint you.

Notably, Skyline the City caught my attention with the songs “Waiting Room” and “Snake Eyes”. Both of these songs have been stuck in my head interchangeably. They are responsible for lyrics like “every word you’ve ever said I get buried in my head.” I felt that shit.

Hailing from the great city of Philadelphia, Skyline the City is a fantastic find. In addition to their discography, they recently put out a new album called Call it Clarity. It was released December 14, 2018. Be sure to check out this band here.

Introducing: Chousand, sadsack pop punk extraordinaires

Alright, so, I’ll get this out of the way: Chousand has a shitty fucking name. It sounds dumb, looks dumb, and feels dumb rolling off my tongue. What’s more frustrating is that Chousand is actually pretty damn good. So, here I am, stuck in the uncomfortable position of telling friends and family they should listen to a band called Chousand, out loud. Over and over. Ad infinitum.

Well, that’s the breaks, I guess. Because, despite my weird, perverse dislike of their name, I love their music. Their self-titled dropped in May of 2018 and somehow totally passed me by—on it, you’ll find some indie-ish, emo-ish pop punk with a youthful, vibrant perspective communicated via sugary-sweet vocal melodies. Think Remo Drive, Joyce Manor, or Modern Baseball and you’re kind of in the ballpark.

The opener, “Cool Me,” is the sort of self-deprecating anthem that gives you a burn in your lungs after too many beers with a lot of words that mean a bit too much at just the right time. It’s that kinda band, and for a lot of folks, that’s all they need to know. 

The whole album is great, with solid songwriting and hooks abound, but what’s better is that if you go to their bandcamp (RIGHT HERE!), the whole thing is free, too—which is pretty cool for a band named Chousand.

Listen below to see what’s up.

Devon Kay and The Solutions (pop-punk) premiere new video-track, “Old Scent”

Chicago-based pop-punkers led by Devon Kay of Direct Hit, Devon Kay and The Solutions have announced a new album after six long years of dormancy. (Some might call that stability.)

Yes, I Can’t is being released on Vincent Fiorello’s (Less Than Jake) label Paper + Plastick, digitally on February 1st, and the album drops on vinyl April 26th. Pre-orders are sure to go up for grabs soon at the labels website.

A lot has changed with the band that “was born, now is here, and sometimes gets boners” since their last release in 2013. Their bassist left to pursue an actual productive life while Devon toured with Direct Hit! doing the exact opposite, composing songs in his spare time (which was a lot) with The Solutions drummer and long-time friend Ryan Solava over the internet. They threw in a horn section and YesI Can’t was borne, 12 pop-style tracks blending ska, folk, and punk in a progressive medley to the theme of a 20-something coming of age tale, and yes, I imagine the boners are still pretty consistent.

There’s some rawkin’ drums opening up the track we’re premiering, “Old Scent” which is available for streaming below, along with some tour dates and a previously released music video for the band’s title-track, “Yes, I Can’t”. Enjoy. Cheers!!

Project Revise premiere new music video for “Three Long Years” (ffo: Goldfinger, NFG)

There’s a new pop/skate punk crossover band out of Worcestershire, UK that has released a plethora of production-value music videos in the past year-and-a-half since they dropped their debut EP, Songs That Sound Like Songs, in December of 2017. Project Revise offers riff-driven and effervescent pop punk with catchy hooks and visceral harmonies, and given the proper decibel range seems perfectly fit for enrapturing large audiences in a festival environment.

Their newest release is a music video for the second song off that EP, “Three Long Years”. It differs, somewhat, stylistically than some of the band’s other tunes, which definitely tip-toe the lines of pop-punk/emo and skate rock. “Three Long Years” falls solidly in the latter category. Check out that video below.

When Project Revise isn’t on set they like to spend their time playing shows across the U.K. and writing song’s for their second scheduled EP, which will begin production in February, this year of our lord 2019. I, for one, can’t wait! Peace!

Offended By Everything release video for “You Call it Normal, I Call it Monotony”

Dallas pop-punk act Offended By Everything have released a  video for “You Call it Normal, I Call it Monotony”, a track from their EP  Evergreen, which came out last week via Standby Records.

You can have a watch below.

Dead Fall (pop punk, OH) release video for “Drowned Out”

Kent, OH based pop-punk quintet Dead Fall have released a video for new song “Drowned Out”. The track is out as a single and is the follow up to 2016’s debut EP “Desperate Situations“.

You can have a watch below.

Gary Yay (solo project/pop-punk, UK) streams debut track

Gary Yay, who’s been in a ton of punk bands in the UK over the years (Telegraphs, Eager Teeth, Summerslam ’88, Poindexter and more recently as guitarist in Phinius Gage), has released the first track, “Steven, is it really so strange?” from his upcoming debut solo album.

The track was co-written by members of Harker and River Jumpers. The album is out next month and is called When I Grow Up To Be A Man. Have a listen to the track below.

Millencolin Stream Video for Title Track of New Album “SOS”

Legendary skate punkers Millencolin are all set to release their ninth studio album to date. The effort is titled SOS and will be available on February 15 via the band’s long-serving label, Epitaph.

To get fans in the mood for the release of their newest album, Millencolin have posted a video for the title track from the record. You can check out the video for “SOS” below.

The previous release from the iconic Swedish skate punkers was the 2015 full-length, True Brew.

The Waiting Game (Indie Punk, Belgium) Stream Single “Underneath the Surface”

Belgium’s The Waiting Game are streaming the title track single off their soon-to-be-release EP – also titled Underneath The Surface

Lead vocalist Tijs had the following to say about the band’s latest single:

“The song is about making choices in life and about being the best and most honest version of yourself. We’ve all made mistakes while growing up (and we still do), but it’s better to make mistakes and learn from them than to lie to yourself and to the world for most of your life. Underneath The Surface for us really means being yourself and living the life you really want to, no matter how tough that can be.”

According to the band’s label, Bearded Punk Records, the full EP will be released on March 22. However, if you can’t wait that long, you can check out a video for the first single from Underneath The Surface below.

DS Staff Picks: The Torchbearer’s Favorite Albums of 2018

I feel like I say this every year, but 2018 was a great year for music. I went to some great shows; everything from small intimate house shows to big spectacles and festivals. I personally played my first show in over a decade, so that was cool.  But you all don’t care about all that, you just want to see if any of your favorite albums of the year are also on my list. Let’s compare notes below!