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Music Video: Walls of Jericho – “Reign Supreme”

Detroit metalcore act, Walls of Jericho have released the music video for their song “Reign Supreme” off their new album “No One Can Save You From Yourself.”

You can watch it below.

“No One Can Save You From Yourself” was released on March 25, 2016 through Napalm Records. The band released their previous album “The American Dream” in 2008.

Walls of Jericho post lyric video for demo version of new song “Relentless”

Detroit metalcore act, Walls of Jericho, have released a lyric video featuring a demo of a new song entitled “Relentless.”

You can check it below.

The band last released “The American Dream” in 2008 through Trustkill.

Victory In Numbers announces dates to Summer tour

Philly natives Victory In Numbers have just announced the dates to an upcoming tour with Halifax, Amber Pacific and City Lights. The guys hit the road the end of June with a few dates on the Vans Warped Tour and continue till the end of July.

You can view the complete list of shows here. Victory In Numbers debut album is due out sometime this Spring.

Trustkill Records signs Deception Of A Ghost

trustkill TrustKill Records welcomed Deception Of A Ghost to their family yesterday. It seems as though Trustkill has been signing bands that lead the pack in the “Do it yourself” movement and these guys definitely fit the bill.

The band has booked their own headlining tours all over the US and have recorded a full length album entitled Speak Up, You’re Not Alone which will be released on TrustKill sometime this Summer.

Deception Of A Ghost is currently on tour. Be sure to check out their MySpace page for more info. Congrats guys!

New song: “I’m Right Here” by Kid Liberty

trustkillAlright Kid Liberty fans are you ready for some new material? The band has just put up a demo entitled  I’m right here which you can check out on their MySpace page.

The demo comes off of their upcoming album Fight With Your Fists which is slated to be released sometime this summer on TrustKill Records.

Kid Liberty is currently on tour. Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for more details.

Music Video: Memphis May Fire – “Ghost In The Mirror”

saw-vi1Memphis May Fire have premiered the video for their song Ghost In The Mirror which was featured on the Saw VI soundtrack.  The video features clips from the film spliced with the band performing in a claustrophobic space similar to the rooms Jigsaw’s victims are often walled in.  Check it out here.

Ghost In The Mirror originally appears in the band’s latest album, Sleepwalking, which was released last summer on Trustkill Records.

First Blood working on new album, release new track “Enemy”

firstbloodSan Francisco hardcore act First Blood have uploaded an unmastered version of what appears to be a new song off their coming album.  The track is called Enemy and you can find it on the band’s MySpace page.  As for the new album, I don’t know much except that according to this tweet the band has 19 new songs recorded.

First Blood released their last album, Killafornia, on Trustkill Records in 2006.

Victory In Numbers Bruce Wiegner posts a solo Christmas song

victory_in_numbersTo make up for a show cancellation, Bruce (guitar/vocals for Victory In Numbers) decided to post a Christmas song for all of you to hear. It’s not exactly Jingle Bells but it’ll put you in that Christmas mood. Check it out on his MySpace page

Trustkill Records signs Victory In Numbers

trustkillTrustkill Records has further increased their roster by signing Victory In Numbers. Hailing from Philadelphia, the band has shared the stage with such popular acts as Fall Out Boy, Emery, Breakin’ Benjamin, and Every Avenue. Here’s what the band had to say:

“Signing with Trustkill is a dream come true. After all we have been through as a band it is great to see our hard work has paid off. We look forward to the opportunity we have in front of us, and cannot wait to get our music out there to as many people as possible. We know Vinnie is guiding us from above, and everything we do from here on out will be done in his name. We are VIN” – Joe Altomari

“We’re all pretty excited to have found a home at Trustkill. We’ve worked really hard to make music that we can be proud of and enjoy. And it’s that much better knowing that the people we work with believe in it just as much. We signed our actual contract at the grave of our late singer, Vin Green. (For whom the band is named) I think it is only fitting to turn this new page with him. We had this dream together. Now we’ll see it start to come true just the same. Thank you so much Rob, Josh and everyone at TK. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS RECORD TO COME OUT!!!!” – Brian Hannon

Be on the lookout for their debut, Killing, Mourning, and Love on Trustkill Records in Spring of 2010.

Memphis May Fire Van Broken into …they need help!

Texas sensation Memphis May Fire (Trustkill records) found their Van windows smashed in this morning and their Cash box missing. The Cash Box as all bands know is the money that gets a band from point A to point B, it the cash for gas, food, repairs, hotels, and change for merch…it is essentially what allows a band to tour, their only income.

For any low life to steal this is as low as you can go, the band now has to replace two windows in the van, they are cold and have no money.

Memphis May Fire was in Stockton California for a performance tonight on the very successful “You’d look better in a Coffin” Tour with Alesana, From First To Last, Asking Alexandria, and The Word Alive.

The band is requesting donations to their paypal account so the can carry on and fix the Windows. The band would be extremely grateful.

Donate to their paypal address [email protected]

Kid Liberty signs to Trustkill Records and heads into studio to record full length album

trustkill Trustkill Records announced today that they have added Kid Liberty to their roster. If you are reading this wondering who in the heck Kid Liberty is then you need to head over to their MySpace page right now and check out a few of their tracks. This band has been a major player in the “D.I.Y” movement over the past few years, putting out Ep’s on their own and playing shows wherever they could. Looks like their hard work finally paid off.

Kid Liberty will be heading into the studio in December to record their first full-length record which is slated to be released sometime next Spring.