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System Restore (punk) streaming new EP “Suburban Drones”

Casper punks System Restore are streaming their new EP Suburban Drones. Released June 24th through No Affiliation Records, this EP features five in your face punk tracks that follow the old tried and true method of: fast, hard and in your face.

Check out the Suburban Drones below.

This is the début release for the Wyoming punks. If you’re a fan of NoFX or Bad Religion you will definitely want to give these guys a listen.

Sid Broderius and the Emergency Exit Release New (FREE!) Song and Video

Sid Broderius and the Emergency Exit have released a new song and video! “Rebel Heartache” is a slow-jam rocker about getting older, growing up, and the giveths and takeths of living a punk rock lifestyle. In true DIY fashion, the video was shot on smart phones, and while it won’t be on the band’s upcoming album, it is available for free on bandcamp.

Singer/guitarist Sid Broderius had this to say, “This song was recorded for fun right after I wrote it a month ago, on the fly, at our drummer Jasen’s studio. We shot the video a month later, also spur of the moment as hell. This song is straight from the heart to anybody who enjoys our music. This one isn’t on our new full length Light it Up coming very soon on No Affiliation Records.”

Light it Up is out this summer on No Affiliation Records. Check out the video below, and click here for the bandcamp!

Bricheros (Pop Punk, Denver/LA) Stream Video for “Bad Hombres”

A new pop punk band from Denver and LA are streaming their debut single and video. Bricheros are releasing “Bad Hombres” via No Affliction Records.

You can check out the video for “Bad Hombres” below. If you’re a fan, watch this space for more from the new three piece as and when it comes out.

No Affiliation Records signs two more bands, Latte+ and Sun-0-Bathers

The fine folks over at No Affiliation Records have announced that they have signed two more bands to their ever increasing roster. 

First is Italian pop-punk band Latte+, who have been going strong for over 20 years.  The label will be handling the bands’ upcoming release, though whether that will be an EP or LP hasn’t been announced yet.  You can check out “I Don’t Want to Be With You Tonight” from the bands’ last release below to give you an idea of what to expect from these Ramones influenced punks.

Second is Sun-0-Bathers from The Netherlands, which features Morning Wood Records owner Jouke Rispens on drums.  No Affiliation will be handling the bands’ upcoming deput EP in the states, while Morning Wood takes care of it on the other side of the Atlantic.  We”ll be sure to keep you updated as more info on that release, and all future releases from No Affiliation, comes to light.

Introducing No Affiliation Records

Put on your Suns jerseys and pink jail-issue underwear and get ready for No Affiliation Records. They’re a new label out of Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve signed their first band, First or Last, and will be releasing an EP in early 2018.

No Affiliation counts Paul Levesque (sorry, not that Paul Levesque) of Fare Game, The Letmedowns, and ex-LightSpeedGo, Mike Brockman and Bill Marcks, formerly of Authority Zero, in its ranks. That’s a pretty damn solid pedigree.

If you can’t wait for that EP to get pressed, you should check out FoL’s most recent EP below. Solid stuff if you’re a fan of the Fat Wreck sound. You can grab it for five bucks at bandcamp.

I haven’t been this hot and bothered about something coming out of Arizona since I hooked up with a returning snowbird last spring.