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New England Metal & Hardcore Festival announces 2014 lineup (Slapshot, The Acacia Strain, Counterparts…)

The full lineup for the 2014 edition of the 3-day New England Metal & Hardcore Festival has been announced! Featured acts include Slapshot, Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Alpha & Omega, Counterparts, and many others.

Full details on exactly who’s playing and which day they’ll be playing on can be found below.

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2014 will be taking place on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of April at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. Tickets and 3-day passes are available for purchase right here.

Slapshot release cover art for upcoming self-titled album

Boston hardcore act, Slapshot, have released the cover art for their upcoming self-titled album.

The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

The long-time-running band’s last release was “Tear It Down” released on Thorp Records in 2005.

Bridge Nine Records set to re-release Striking Distance’s “The Fuse Is Lit”

Bridge Nine Records has announced that they will be re-releasing reunited hardcore act Striking Distance‘s “The Fuse Is Lit”. The album will contain a live track, and will be released April 23rd.

Striking Distance originally released “The Fuse Is Lit” back in May 2002.

Video: Slapshot fan steals mic from singer mid song, beats himself in the head with it

Here’s a slightly bizarre video.  During a Slapshot show in Chile last week, some fan jumps up on stage mid song to steal the mic from Choke, the Boston hardcore band’s lead singer, and then proceeds to beat himself in the head with it rather furiously.  He attempts to slam it into Choke’s head before jumping back into the crowd.

You can check it out here.

The long-time-running band’s last release was “Tear It Down” released on Thorp Records in 2005.

Show Review: Refuse Resist 3rd-to-last show (5/23/12)

Sorry for the delay in posting this review of the Refuse Resist show at O’Brien’s last Wednesday. Thanks to an unexpected night in the ER and the complete annihilation of my wireless (thanks, Comcast! You bastards.), this is coming a few days later than planned, but fuck it, it was a great show and it’s worth reviewing.

There’s not too much left to say about seeing Refuse Resist live. If you haven’t seen them already, you better get your ass in gear because they are only playing one more show before their 5-year anniversary/final show at the Midway in July. Last night reminded me all over again why I love these guys—crazy on-stage intensity that drives powerful, insightful lyrics. And they look like guys you could bring home to Mom and Dad, too, which makes for quite a contrast with their sound. They played their entire first album, 2008’s Mind:Yourself, which includes what singer Shawn describes as their ‘one hit wonder,’ “Still in Massachusetts.” They also threw in a cover of Cocksparrer’s “Watch Your Back,” at the (persistent) request of bassist Jamie Payette. Great set. I’m looking forward to their final show, July 15th at the Midway, when they’ll play through both of their albums, Mind:Yourself and 2010’s Socialized, and with any luck, throw in a couple more covers, too.

I missed the opening act, Traces of Empire, but got to chat and drink PBR with their guitarist Joe later on that night. I’m intrigued by the metal influence in their sound, and am excited to see them in the near future. In the Shit played a great set of really, really short songs. I would give them a chance, as I don’t think their demo screamfest is totally indicative of their sound.

The self-described “meat” of the show sandwich was The Enemy Within. These guys will probably be my new must-see hardcore act once Refuse Resist calls it quits. The Enemy Within’s current lineup was formed about a year and a half ago, by drummer Mike Mahoney and singer Joe Mageary. Mike credits the CraigsList ads which found them guitarists Bill Cunningham and Pat Cronin, and bassist Ryan Dillon. The band describes their music as a “soundtrack for standing toe-to-toe with the inner demons we all face, and saying ‘not me, not today, no way.’” Joe’s style is as pure and in-your-face as any hardcore fan would want, spending most of his time off the stage, stalking the floor and thrusting the microphone at fans.

The band showcased new songs “Spasms” and “All This Will End” off of their upcoming album, As Long as I Can Walk, I’ll Step Out of Line, which comes out in the late spring on What We Share Records. Their set was interrupted briefly by a drunk fan storming the stage before getting grabbed by bouncers. Joe stopped 2 songs to chastise the bouncers, and tried to convince them to let him stay to see their set (no luck, he got tossed). Not sure if they’ll be playing O’Briens’s again anytime soon, but you can catch The Enemy Within again on June 16th at the Rosebud in Somerville, and hopefully on an upcoming Mutiny on the Microphone podcast.

Refuse Resist calling it quits, announce final show

After a 5 year run Boston hardcore punk act Refuse Resist is throwing in the towel.  The band is playing a final farewell show at Midway Cafe July 15th.  Details here.

Refuse Resist released their last full-length album, “Socialized”, in 2010 on Thorp Records.

My Turn To Win announce title for upcoming full-length album

East Coast hardcore act, My Turn To Lose, have finished recording their upcoming ten song album entitled “Let’s Die.”

The album was recorded at FrankenSound with Len Carmichael in New Jersey.

The album will be a follow-up to 2010’s “No Challenge” EP which was released on Thorp Records. No further information has been provided but, we’ll keep you updated.

Refuse Resist cover Cock Sparrer’s “Watch Your Back”

Boston hardcore punk act Refuse Resist is giving away a rendition of Cock Sparrer’s “Watch Your Back” and you can stream and/or download it here.

Refuse Resist released their last full-length album, “Socialized”, in 2010 on Thorp Records.

Burning Streets announce tracklisting for upcoming album, “Sit Still,” & U.S. tour

Boston punks Burning Streets have announced their upcoming, “Sit Still,” & the album’s tracklisting alongside a full U.S. tour.

Check out all of the info here.

“Sit Still” releases next week via Sailor’s Grave / Thorp Records.



My Turn To Win writing new album

East Coast hardcore staples My Turn To Win have announced that they have begun writing their new self-titled album on Thorp Records.

No further details have been made available but we will keep you updated.

The band released their latest “No Challenge” EP last year and you can stream it here.

Ashers announce a handful of tour dates

Boston thrash-punkers Ashers are heading out on the road. They announced several tour dates throughout the rest of February and beginning of March. Check out the dates here.

In honor of the tour, the band is offering up their debut album, Kill Your Master, at half price, complete with a poster and sticker, through March 31. Check that out here.

Kill Your Master came out in July 2010 on Thorp Records.

Hell Within looking for new drummer

Boston metal band Hell Within is currently seeking a new drummer, following the depart of previous drummer Derek Jay.

More information and job requirements can be found on their myspace bulletin announcing the request. Applicants can contact [email protected] to apply.

Hell Within released their latest album, God Grant Me Vengeance on Thorp Records in 2010.

Album Review: Ashers – “Kill Your Master”

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Ashers hail from Boston, MA, and feature Mark Civitarese, better known as the lead singer of Hellcat Records’ The Unseen. Mark has also sang on other bands’ records, including Global Threat and Death Before Dishonor, so it’s pretty clear Ashers ain’t gonna be a barbershop quartet. Kill Your Master is their first release since 2008’s Cold Dark Place EP.

It’s not uncommon for bands to claim they mix metal and punk nowadays. Ashers are another band that make that claim, but for once, it leads to a positive outcome.

The opener and title track hits you straight in the face with the hard, fast hardcore punk. The sound is one that could only be made by an experienced musician- complex and well produced, but still raw. Just as Mark wanted, he will be pleased.

From the off, it’s also relieving to hear a screamer that knows what he’s doing. There’s no pig-squeels or death growls here, just angst-filled shouts, the punk way.

‘End Of The Rope’ is a fine example of new school hardcore punk that’s still true to its roots, think Gallows. Most of the tracks follow suit.

The metal influence is more prominent on some tracks than others, ‘Blood And Grain’ for example, which is also the longest track on the record and features a guitar solo towards the end, adding to the metal element.

The only flaw with this album is the slight lack of diversity. Each track has it’s own little personality, but they’re all very fast and very heavy, which means there aren’t really any stand out tracks. The entire record is only 25 minutes long though, so you should survive through it without your ear drums exploding.

Even though it’s claimed to have punk, hardcore, metal and rock elements, there’s not much of the latter two. It is very dark, angry punk though, so could be considered closer to the metal side of things. It’s definitely not chill out music, more like music to break stuff to, but then again, that’s exactly how hardcore punk should be.

The Unseen fans will not be disappointed, and a new set of fans may be drawn in, as this new style of hardcore punk has ever increasing popularity. And Ashers certainly do it right.

Full Album Stream: Ashers – “Kill Your Master”

Ashers, a thrash punk band from Boston, are streaming their entire new album Kill Your Master right here.

The album was released July 13th on Thorp Records.

Ashers is fronted by Mark Civitarese of The Unseen.

Ashers post more new songs “Vanished”, “Blood and Grain” and “Time Lapse” from upcoming album “Kill Your Master”

Ashers, a thrash punk band from Boston,  just posted 3 more new songs on their MySpace. The songs are called Vanished, Blood and Grain and Time Lapse and they are off the bands brand new album Kill Your Master, released July 13th on Thorp Records.

Ashers is fronted by Mark Civitarese of The Unseen.