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Heads Held High hang up their hats, announce farewell show

Cleveland, Ohio-based melodic hardcore act Heads Held High have called it a day.  The band had this to say regarding the decision:

“After six years, four vans, four releases, hundreds of shows and almost a dozen members or so – it’s time to say goodbye.  Losing a founding member and two long-time members within the past year has taken a great toll on both the morale and momentum of the band. This band has been our everything for the past six years and to continue on in a diminished capacity is not an option, so to call it quits now seems like the right thing to do.

We accomplished a number of things that we had been dreaming of since we first started playing music, including touring with some of our favorite bands, playing festivals, writing a ton of tunes and meeting some remarkable people along the way. We’re walking away from this with an ample amount of great memories and very few regrets.

For those of you who have supported Heads Held High by helping us fill tour dates, letting us sleep on your floor, feeding us, buying merch or just coming to shows and singing along; we can’t thank you enough. It’s an incredibly humbling thing to be so dependent on the kindness and compassion of strangers – so, please know that it has meant the world to us. It’s been a pleasure.”

The Ohio outfit released their latest album, Dogs And Cats, Living Together, last year on Fail Safe Records.

Vocalist Elliott Frank is now fronting the band Storms and drummer David Breda is currently playing in TV Crimes.

A farewell show has been announced for Saturday, April 2nd in Cleveland. The current line-up of the band will perform a short set before the aforementioned ex-members take the stage for a lengthy set covering material from the band’s entire run.

Why I Hate finally releasing new album “Hieroglyphic Transmissions”, streaming new song

Feels like it’s been a long time in the making but Why I Hate is finally releasing their forthcoming album “Hieroglyphic Transmissions” October 5th on Fail Safe Records.  To get you pumped up Death By False Hopes is giving away a free download of a track from the album called “The Symbol That Is Sewn, It’s Not Who I’m Known To Be,” which you can get here (for some reason the player doesn’t work for us but the download does).

To slightly confuse everybody there are actually 2 versions of the song.  One is the Why I Hate, punk version, and the other is the Why I Hope, folky-rock version.  Why I Hope is the exact same 5 dudes as in Why I Hate.  They just went into two different studios and recorded the same record twice, but with different approaches.  “Hieroglyphic Transmissions” will contain 4 bonus Why I Hope versions and the limited LP version will be a double vinyl with 8 Why I Hope versions.

Free EP Download – Eight Ghosts (ex-Anchor Arms) – 3 Songs About Losing

Eight Ghosts, side project of James Austin (ex-Anchor Arms), have released a 3-song EP titled 3 Songs About Losing and have made it available as free download. The tracks feature James with friends Will Dueease of Greenland Is Melting and Rob Mcgregor of Company Man.

Although pretty short, the songs are all quality so click here to grab your copy.

An EP titled Maker/Believer will be released later this year on Death to False Hope Records as well as a 7″ split with Nathan Grey (Boysetsfire), out on on Fail Safe Records.

Anchor Arms calls it quits

James Austin (Anchor Arms lead singer/guitarist) confirmed today that rumors of the band’s demise were indeed true as he moves on full time with his new project Eight Ghosts.  Here’s his full statement which includes an update on what’s going on with Eight Ghosts:

well, it’s been awhile, and a lot of people have asked me about the arms lately and or told me they’ve “heard rumors” so i figure i should probably address the state of our band. the reality is that we’re pretty much done, i’d disclaim it with a “never say never” type thing, but we really haven’t talked much lately and things got weird. i take the entirety of the blame for our demise. i have a lot of emotional issues and suffer from maniac depression and a severe panic disorder. it can certainly make me extremely difficult to deal/work with and at times is debilitating. often times when i’ve wanted to travel or do things with the band, my mental status has made it literally impossible for me to do so. i try my ASS of everyday to do better and be better with it, but it is a daily struggle. i gave everything i had to give to anchor arms and i know craig, brian and nick did as well. at the end of the day, i’m sure they simply couldn’t continue to work with me in a situation where i was an integral part of the process, i sang and played guitar, kinda hard to do a vocal free show. i wish things could’ve been different believe me, but i think a new start might help us all out. i’m now performing as Eight Ghosts and am currently recording songs for a split 7″ with current Casting Out/former Boy Sets Fire vocalist Nathan Gray’s solo project. that’s coming out on Fail Safe Records soon, then after that i’m doing a full length which will be co-released on Death to False Hope Records and Fail Safe. the arms guys and i haven’t spoken much lately, i think space is a good thing for now. i love and care deeply for those guys, but being friends is more important to me that playing music with them. Nick is back playing full time in Assassinate the Scientist and i think craig and bri are just enjoying some time with loved ones right now. i’m going to tour with Eight Ghosts starting regionally in about 2 or 3 months, nationally after that, so if you want me to play where you are, please lemme know and i’ll get there. you can reach me at [email protected], here or on the eight ghosts facebook thing. if you ever listened to an Anchor Arms song, came to a show, enjoyed what we did etc, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! it meant a lot more to us that i can express here. sorry for being crazy.

Anchor Arms’ last LP, Cold Blooded, came out in 2008 on Fail Safe Records.

Ex-members of Less Than Jake and Anchor Arms form Eight Ghosts

James Austin (Anchor Arms, xBallsDeepx) and Derron Nuhfer (Gunmoll, Cutman, Less Than Jake) have formed the new band Eight Ghosts and have reached a deal to put out a record co-released by Fail Safe Records and Death to False Hope.

The band is currently in the studio recording their debut EP titled Heart Conditions, which according to the band is “a depressing angry minimal record”. Also helping out in the studio are Karl from Greenland is Melting on banjo and Paper+Plastick office diva Susannah Caviness on percussion.

Bassist/Co-founder Rob Schultz asked to leave Heads Held High

heads-held-high-dogs-and-cats-living-togetherCleveland hardcore band Heads Held High have parted ways with their bassist and co-founder Rob Schultz. Shultz had this to say:

I was informed that the band is going to be undergoing a bit of a style shift to a flavor of hardcore that I don’t particularly find appealing, and with that in mind, the concensus was that it was in the best interest of all involved that I no longer remain in the group – so it is with an incredibly heavy heart that I say goodbye to you all.

You can read the rest of Shultz’ message in his blog on the band’s MySpace page. The Ohio outfit recently released their latest album, Dogs And Cats, Living Together, out now on Fail Safe Records.

New music: The Casting Out – “The Power And The Glory”

the-casting-outThe Casting Out, comprised of ex-Boy Sets fire members, have released The Power And The Glory, the first track off of their upcoming, yet still untitled, album. The song is streaming on their MySpace page so head on over and give it a listen.

The band is playing a handful of shows in early May before heading over to Europe for a month. Check their Dying Scene shows page for dates.

The Casting Out released their debut album Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks! on January 6th, 2008 on Fail Safe Records

New song: Ok pilot – “Mouth Full Of Salt”

British punk act Ok pilot have just put up a new track, Mouth Full Of Salt on their MySpace page. The song comes of their upcoming album Nerves which is set to be released very very soon on Yo Yo Records.

The band is currently on tour. Check out their Dying Scene Shows page for more details.

New Song: “This Too Shall Pass” off upcoming Heads Held High album

heads-held-high-dogs-and-cats-living-togetherHeads Held High are streaming a brand new song on their MySpace page.  It’s titled This Too Shall Pass and it will appear upcoming album, Dogs And Cats, Living Together, which was technically released at the band’s Cleavland show a couple days ago and should be available soon on Fail Safe Records.

Heads Held High’s last album, So Say We All, came out in December 2008 on Crossface Records.

Free song download: Anchor Arms – “Don’t Just Stand There, Somebody Toss Steve Vai a Capri Sun”

anchor-armsLast month, Anchor Arms hooked up with Roger from Less Than Jake and recorded a couple of songs. One of those songs, Don’t Just Stand There, Somebody Toss Steve Vai a Capri Sun, is now available for download on Anchor Arms bandcamp page.

Ex-Boysetsfire and current The Casting Out singer, Nathan Gray, will be releasing a 7″ alongside Anchor Arms singer James Austin on Fail Safe Records. The 7″ is due out sometime this summer. Keep checking back here at Dying Scene for more information as it becomes available.

New Song: Anchor Arms’ “Shooting Northwestern”

failsafeAnchor Arms have posted a new song on their MySpace page entitled Shooting Northwestern. The song is off an upcoming split “7 with Vacation Bible School which will be released on Fail Safe Records (don’t ask us when, cuz we don’t know!).

New Song: “Kill The Harmony” by Static Radio NJ

static-radio-njStatic Radio NJ have posted Kill The Harmony on their MySpace page. The song is off the Harvest Of Hope compilation recently released on Fail Safe Records.

Static Radio NJ recently re-released their album An Evening of Bad Decisions on LP format.

Download first 5 songs from upcoming Why I Hate album “Hieroglyphic Transmissions”

why-i-hate-hieroglyphic-transmissionsWell this is awesome.  Why I Hate has made available for free download the first 5 songs from their upcoming album Hieroglyphic Transmissions.  The songs are still un-mastered but they sound great to me and you can snag them on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Hieroglyphic Transmissions is due out in May.  Fans of Hot Water Music, Avail, Dead To Me and/or Jawbreaker should give these guys a listen.

Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire/The Casting Out) and James Austin (Anchor Arms) release 7″

bsf-aaEx-Boysetsfire and current The Casting Out singer, Nathan Gray, will be releasing a 7″ alongside Anchor Arms singer James Austin.  The split will feature solo material from each artist, one dude per side.  Says James of the collabo:

“I’m really excited to do a split 7″ with an artist I admire so much.  While Anchor Arms continues to search for a drummer, I have some free time on my hands, and I feel like I needed to get in touch with my inner pussy and write some slower jams.  The songs aren’t country or folk, just songs that I’ve written recently that are the kinda things I’d play sitting on my bed and whatnot.”

The 7″, out this summer, is a preview of each artist’s solo Fail Safe Records full-length which currently have unknown release dates.

Got mad drumming skillz? Wanna join Anchor Arms?

Lamentably, Anchor Arms’ drummer, Merk, will be departing from the band following their appearance on the Harvest Of Hope Festival mid-March.  Anchor Arms member, James, says that Merk will be leaving to focus on his growing family.  Interested parties should contact the band at [email protected] to inquire further.  Best of luck to you, Merk!

Anchor Arms’ last LP, Cold Blooded, came out in 2008 on Fail Safe Records.