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American Pinup stream “Get Better” EP

NY Psychobilly act American Pinup are now streaming their new EP, “Get Better EP.” The four piece released this fresh take on April 20.

“Get Better EP” follows up their last release of “The Radio EP” in 2015.

Stream it below.

Live Video: Captain, We’re Sinking post video of entire set at Stay Sweet Fest

Pennsylvania punk rockers Captain, We’re Sinking have just posted a video from their show last weekend in Richmond, Virginia. The band was playing the Stay Sweet Festival and have uploaded their entire set. Check it out right here.

Captain, We’re Sinking’s last album, With Joe Riley, was released in January on Evil Weevil Records.

Full Album Stream: White Whives – “Situationists” EP

Pennsylvania’s White Wives (featuring members of Anti-Flag, American Armada, Dandelion Snow, and The Code) have posted a stream of their debut EP entitled “Situationists,” which was released February 15, 2011 on Lock and Key Collective.

You can stream it here.

Band Spotlight: Captain, We’re Sinking

There’s something to be said for punk rock these days and the dudes in Captain, We’re Sinking are saying it pretty loudly. Though their first full length, Animals Are Out, went by pretty unnoticed the band quickly garnered the attention of people who wanted a little bit more “emotion” in their punk rock with the release of their triumphant 7‘inch, It’s A Trap! And I say that in the best of ways. Captain, We’re Sinking are pretty much the bastard children of early Against Me! and Latterman but with an ear for catchy melodies and an unparalleled double vocal attack. Their intelligently written, introspective lyrics paired with their throaty and loud vocal delivery makes them one of the most interesting and honest sounding bands in the punk rock scene today. The band recently released another 7‘inch With Joe Riley as well as as a split with Timeshares (Both of which are at par if not better than It’s A Trap!) and are hard at work on their upcoming full-length which is due out later this year. You can check out their noise right here.

White Wives streaming new track off upcoming EP ‘Situationists’

White Wives (feat. Chris Head and Chris #2 of Anti-Flag) are streaming a new track off of their upcoming EP ‘Situationists,’ due out in February on Lock and Key Collective. Give it a listen here.

To see the band’s short run of tour dates with Cancer Bats and Worn Out Tigers, click here.

Captain, We’re Sinking post song “Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge”

lock-and-key-collectiveCaptain, We’re Sinking! has posted the song “Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge” to their MySpace page. The song is from their EP, “It’s a Trap,” which you can download for free here. So what this means is that you can now hear all the songs on their EP without having to take the huge risk of dowloading it for free.

Captain, We’re Sinking! are giving away their “It’s A Trap” EP for free

lock-and-key-collectiveScranton, Pennsylvania is home to more than just the greatest paper company known to man.  It’s also home to a little punk band we like to call Captain, We’re Sinking! (mostly, because that’s their actual name).  Anyway, the band decided that with all the piracy going on out there on the internet, they may as well just let you download their music for free.

The tunes are from an EP titled “It’s A Trap” and you can download them here.  Are they any good, you ask?  How the hell should we know?  They’re asking us to download files from a link that says “It’s A Trap”.  I DON’T THINK SO!