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Like Bats announce mini US East Coast tour

Indiana punk act Like Bats have announced a short run of tour dates alongside the East Coast through to their Fest appearance (and slightly beyond). You can check out their tour dates below.

Like Bats last released Midwest Nothing in early 2012 through John Wilkes Booth Records. You can download it for free on their bandcamp page

Rumspringer steams new album “Stay Afloat”

Arizona pop-punkers Rumspringer are streaming their newest album “Stay Afloat”. You can listen to it here.

“Stay Afloat” was released today, June 18th.

Rumspringer/ Sister Kisser split up for pre-order

Arizona pop-punkers Rumspringer are releasing a split with Sister Kisser. You can pre-order it here.

Rumspringer’s released “Empty Towers” back in 2010.

Like Bats put new album “Midwest Nothing” up for free download

Indiana punk rockers Like Bats have put their new album “Midwest Nothing” up for free download. You can stream it, or download it here.

The band has also announced a few tour dates for this week. Check them out here.

Full Album Stream: Rational Anthem (Florida Punk Rock) – “Sensitivity Training”

Florida punk rock act, Rational Anthem are streaming their new album “Sensitivity Training” in its entirety.

You can check it out here.

The album dropped on June 1st.

Free Music: Turkish Techno – “Past Due”

California punks Turkish Techno are offering their twelve-track album “Past Due” for free to stream/download on their bandcamp page. If you dig the tunes, you can name-your-own price for the album.

Check it out here.

Grath Madden (House Boat) talks about Catholic school, song-writing, new House Boat music and more

Grath Madden of the New York pop-punk supergroup House Boat was recently interviewed by the blog Punk Rock Pravda. In the interview he discussed Catholic school, song-writing, new House Boat music and tons more. When asked about what the future has in store for him he had this to say:

There will definitely be some more House Boat stuff this year. We have an EP of sorts coming out in a couple of months, and we’ve also got a song on that comp Larry Livermore put together for Adeline Records. We’re looking to record for a split that I’m really excited about in July. I won’t say who the band is, and it’s not like it’s someone that’s going to make people lose their minds or anything, but I really hope it works out. Past that, I’ve been trying to get a couple of non-House Boat things off the ground, one which involves all people I’ve played music with before and one that involved no people I’ve played music with before. Either those two things will happen, or I’ll just say fuck it and do another Barrakuda McMurder thing.

You can read the full interview here. House Boat released their latest album, “Thorns Of Life,” on August 13th on Traffic Street Records.

Free EP Download: Apocalyplse Meow (members of Off With Their Heads) – “Six Songs”

Apocalypse Meow, an outfit including Ryan Young and Justin Francis  of Off With Their Heads , released a free EP called ” Six Songs” on their page.

You can grab it here.

Traffic Street Records to shut down…at least for now

Washington DC-based pop-punk label Traffic Street Records is shutting down operations for the foreseeable future. The label brought you releases from the likes of House Boat, The God Damn Doo Wop Band, Rational Anthem, and a bunch of others, but now its owner, Sam North, is too ill to carry on for the time being. Here’s the statement from Traffic Street’s home office:

My health has gotten to the point where it looks like I may need to throw in the towel and shut down Traffic Street (at least for a time). In any case, while I know I haven’t been responding to emails or messages online, I promise that I will still get any outstanding orders mailed out even if they’re delayed and I will make everything right with anyone who has any issues. And of course the House Boat vinyl is still in production and everyone will get their pre-orders. There was a problem with the test pressing but the records should be ready soon and I promise I’ll get them all mailed out as soon as possible.

Head over to Traffic Street’s facebook page and leave him some love. Get well soon, Sam!

House Boat stream entire upcoming album “Thorns Of Life”

House Boat (featuring Grath and Ace of The Steinways, Mikey Erg, and Zack of  Off-With-Their-Heads/Dear Landlord/Rivetheads) has just digitally released their brand new album “Thorns Of Life” and you can purchase it and/or stream it in its entirety right here.

The physical release is set for August 13th on Traffic Street Records.

House Boat working on new album, streaming 3 new songs

House Boat (featuring Grath and Ace of The Steinways, Mikey Erg, and Zack of  Off-With-Their-Heads/Dear Landlord/Rivetheads) is presently working on a new album.  No details other than that, but you can stream 3 new songs from the release right here.

The bands last release was an EP titled “Processing Complaint,” put out on Traffic Street Records last year.

Album Review: Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow – “Pug Life”

It seems like Andrew Jackson Jihad has been getting a ton of attention over the last few years after Against Me! got huge and more people started listening to folk-punk. However, there isn’t much resembling punk in Andrew Jackson Jihad’s music aside from maybe their lyrics, name and their off-key singing.

First of all, I bought this for Apocalypse Meow, so I wasn’t really expecting much from AJJ. If you’ve heard them before, you pretty much know what to expect here. Acoustic instruments, very DIY-sounding recording, exasperated vocals, and ridiculous lyrics like on the first track “Island Song”: “I love this island dearly but I’ve hunted all the animals to extinction.” It’s actually a decent song, but the second one “Growing Up” is harder to listen to due to the wailing vocals (though not terrible).

Apocalypse Meow is a band fronted by Off With Their Heads drummer Justin Francis. They play super catchy, fast pop-punk in the same style as a lot of the great Lookout! bands of the past and are totally underrated in my opinion. “Rehab” is a fun song about getting drunk and watching rehab shows on television, which shows the band’s dark humor. The second song is “Where Would Jesus Work?” which comes together poking fun at the Caucasian portrayals of Jesus among white people.

Like I said, I bought this for the Apocalypse Meow side, but even the Andrew Jackson Jihad songs weren’t too bad. Mine is on white vinyl but apparently there’s an orange swirl vinyl too. Check this out if you like pop-punk because the Apocalypse Meow songs alone are worth it for the money.

House Boat recording new album, streaming new track

House Boat (featuring Grath and Ace of The Steinways, Mikey Erg, and Zack Off-With-Their-Heads/Dear Landlord/Rivetheads) is heading into the studio this weekend to begin recording their 2nd full-length album, which they will release sometime next year on Traffic Street Records.  The band also added a brand new song to their MySpace page titled “Throwing In Those Weird Chords Did Wonders For The Copyrights And The Dopamines” and I have no idea what it is from or if it will appear on the upcoming album but it’s worth checking out nonetheless.

House Boat released their full-length, The Delaware Octopus, last year on It’s Alive Records.

New music by The Taxpayers

Continuing the trend of bombarding you–the readers–with new music today, we’ve got some new material from Portland, Oregon. This punk group called The Taxpayers have several new songs up online. These songs–“The Windows Break”, “Some Kind Of Disaster Relief”, “It Gets Worse Every Minute”, and “And The Damn Thing Bit Him!”–are all part of an upcoming release of theirs titled To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal. You can listen to these songs in The Taxpayers’ MySpace.

Also according to their MySpace, The Taxpayers are “on friggin TOUR!”

Traffic Street Records announce The Transgressions/The Credentials 7″ split

Traffic Street Records have released details surrounding an upcoming 7″ split for The Transgressions and The Credentials. The split, due out sometime in the fall, will consist of 3 songs by The Transgressions and 2 songs from The Credentials. The tracks from The Transgressions come from the same sessions that brought you their contribution for the Dangerous Intersections VII 7″, while the tracks from The Credentials will feature songs that were originally meant for a 7″ split with New Creases. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!