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The original Misfits lineup add Dec 28th show in Las Vegas

Miss last year’s Riot Fest reunion of The Misfits? Miss out on a ticket to their sold-out LA Forum show? Get ready.

After selling out the LA Forum in under 60 seconds, The Misfits have added a second show in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand. As if seeing one of the most legendary and influential punk rock/hardcore bands of all time wasn’t rad enough, Alkaline Trio and FEAR are on the bill too.

Tickets go on sale here at 10am on Friday, September 29th. Safe to say, they won’t last long. Grab them while you can, and enjoy. I caught them at Chicago last year, and I was blown away.

Converge, Tigers Jaw, others take on Misfits carpool karaoke at Riot Fest Denver

I’m sure you know by now, the original Misfits lineup got back together for a reunion set at Riot Fest Denver earlier this month. With that in mind, the guys behind metal talk show Two Minutes To Late Night decided to bring along a few bands for a special Misfits edition of carpool karaoke. Check out the video below.

In it, members of Converge, Murder By Death, Tigers Jaw, Sleigh Bells, Trap Them, and High Waisted take on the classic tune, “Hybrid Moments.” Fun stuff.

If you missed the special reunion by the Misfits in Denver, you have another chance this weekend at Riot Fest Chicago. Find more information on that right here.

The Misfits’ original lineup to reunite for Riot Fest

What?! Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only are reuniting as The Misfits, with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on guitar. As of now this is only for a few dates at Riot Fest but who knows what will happen.

More info on when and where they’ll be performing can be found below.

That said, the band’s upcoming release “Friday The 13th” is an EP of all Jerry Only-written songs (to drop June 17th). Their last release was “Vampire Girl” back in January.

Misfits announce “Friday the 13th” EP

The Misfits have announced they’ll be releasing a new EP titled Friday the 13th. Set to release on June 17th, the EP will feature four new songs written by frontman Jerry Only.

Pre-orders will be available here this Friday, May 13th.

This will be the band’s second EP of 2016, serving as a follow-up to January’s Vampire Girl. Their last full-length album The Devil’s Rain was released in 2011.

The Misfits to release first songs in five years on limited edition color vinyl

Horror punk legends The Misfits have announced they will release their first songs in five years, “Vampire Girl” and “Zombie Girl”, exclusively on limited edition color vinyl. These tracks mark the band’s first type of new material in five years.

There are five different color options available, all limited to 500 pieces each. will be offering a blood orange vinyl with dual sided cover art by Rhys Cooper, while Misfits Records will be premiering two more color options: clear vinyl with “Vampire Girl” blue blend and blood red streaks and clear vinyl with “Zombie Girl” green and purple streaks, which are nearly sold out. There is also a special “blind assortment” option in store, which entails a 50/50 random chance of receiving clear vinyl with blue blend or clear vinyl with green blend.

Jerry Only stated in an interview back in 2014 that a new Misfits album is in the works. No more details have been given, but the album will serve as a follow-up to 2011’s The Devil’s Rain.

The Misfits to play “Static Age” in full at upcoming tour

Horror-punk legends the Misfits have just announced plans to play their debut LP, “Static Age” in full during their upcoming headlining tour. Originally recorded in 1978, but not released until 1997, “Static Age” contains some of their most loved classics, such as “Attitude”, “We Are 138” and, of course, “Last Caress”.

The tour will begin in Colombus, OH, on October 10th, and will see the band criss-crossing the country before playing a final show in Kentucky, at the end of November. Check out the dates, below.

Video: The Misfits live in Santa Ana, CA

Our friends at Felony Records were recently at the Misfits‘ show in Santa Ana, CA and have a new video to share! The video covers the first part of the set, including “20 Eyes” and “All Hell Breaks Loose,” among others.

Check it out below.

Jerry Only stated in an interview last year that a new Misfits album is in the works. No more details have been given, but the album will serve as a follow-up to 2011′s The Devil’s Rain.

The Misfits announce “Static Age” full-album tour, plans to release new single

Though they may have just parted ways with longtime guitarist Dez Cadena whose shoes will now be filled by Jerry Only’s son, the Misfits are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The band which should probably at this point be called “Jerry Only and Friend/Son” has just announced tours of the UK, US, and Russia on which they will be playing 1977 Static Age in its entirety.

And in addition to touring non-stop through the summer and fall, the band will also be releasing a new single titled “Zombie Girl” later this year. Oh, and the b-side of that 7″ is a track called “Vampire Girl.” Creativity at its finest, folks.

Check out the tour dates below if you’re into that kinda thing, and stay tuned for more info on the single if you’re into that kinda thing.

Dez Cadena leaves the Misfits

The Misfits guitarist Dez Cadena announced on his Facebook page that he has left the band, and will be replaced by Jerry Only’s son, whose name is unknown. He explains:

“I’m not with the Misfits anymore, this is what I do for a living now, sorry if you were expecting to see me in Cali. All the best to the band and fiends. Carry on.”

Last spring, the former vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Black Flag had a malignant tumor removed from his larynx, leaving him (at least briefly) unable to sing, though he could still speak. It’s not clear if this has anything to do with his departure from The Misfits.

Jerry Only stated in an interview last year that a new Misfits album is in the works. No more details have been given, but the album will serve as a follow-up to 2011’s The Devil’s Rain.

DS Photo Gallery: 6 Rounds Of Punk (Misfits, DK, The Vandals, Strung Out, Guttermouth, Total Chaos) in Council Bluffs, Iowa

For some reason unbeknownst to me, or maybe anyone, someone decided to host a one-off show, “6 Rounds Of Punk,” featuring some of punk’s biggest names, for really cheap… and in Iowa. The show featured Misfits, Dead Kennedys, The Vandals, Strung Out, Guttermouth, and Total Chaos.

Let me just start by saying, even after living in the upper Midwest for 30 years, not only had I never thought of Council Bluffs, Iowa as a place for punk rock shows, I had never even bothered to go there. So I was definitely surprised/bewildered when I heard about this show, and figured it was worth the drive.

I’m going to spare you from listening to me ramble on about the minor details of the show, and just get right to the good stuff: check out the full photo gallery below. (My apologies to Total Chaos; we got to the show in plenty of time, but were stuck at the box office forever waiting for them to find our passes, so we missed out on most of their set, including the allowable photo-taking portion.)

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jerry Only (Misfits)

At New York Comic Con this year I saw many cosplayers, but by far the most interesting one was a young man whom I mistook for Glenn Danzig.  As I walked among the supermen and superwoman at the convention, a well-toned, ghoulish and shirtless young man caught my eye and I immediately screamed, “Hey! Glenn Danzig!”

He looked nonplussed, so I tried again. “Hey! Nice Glenn Danzig cosplay!”

“Jerry ONLY!” He responded back with much umbrage.


Jerry Only is the leader of the Frankenstein-esque Misfits that has included Black Flag’s Dez Cadena and his own brother (but not Glenn Danzig). He is often reviled as much as revered. Only, with his face paint and love of all things horror, is the top cartoon character in a punk rock history of cartoon characters. Today we take a look at some of the less known facts of one of the founding members of the Misfits. Do they explain the hybrid moments of one of punk’s most notorious persons? Read on, dead boys and girls!

Check out a list of 10 things you probably didn’t know about Jerry Only below.

Jerry Only on possible Misfits reunion with Glenn Danzig

In a recent interview, The Misfits founder Jerry Only said that he would consider doing a reunion of the original lineup on condition that Glenn Danzig left all “that dark, that real black stuff at home” and focused on being a “positive influence” to Misfits’ fans. He states:

“The thing is, I have an obligation to our fans. A lot of our fans are young and the thing is, we’re a very positive organization. We may have a lot of scary shit, but we’re working out, we take care of mom, we’ve got jobs. It’s no bullshit. We work for what we’re doing. If we bring Glenn back in and he’s going to bring that dark, that real black stuff to the table, I don’t want that.

All the money in the world ain’t gonna make me sell out my fans. What I feel is that, I’d rather be where I am and be happy and be a positive influence than to be the richest man in the world and miserable and be a scumbag to the kids that follow us. I’m not doing that. I told Doyle that. I told him, ‘Hey look, if Glenn wants to come be a team player and leave that shit at home, we’re good.’ That’s the name of the game.”

Glenn Danzig was the original singer of the Misfits, and remained with the band until their original breakup in 1983. The Misfits have since reunited without him, and are currently planning a follow-up to their 2011 album The Devil’s Rain.

Glenn Danzig’s lawsuit against Jerry Only dismissed

According to recent reports, Glenn Danzig’s lawsuit against his former Misfits bandmate Jerry Only was dismissed from court last week. Danzig was suing Only for cutting him out of profits from Misfits merchandise sales and violating a contract the two signed in 1994, in which they agreed to share ownership of the band’s trademarks for merchandising purposes.

Central District of California Judge Gary Klausner apparently dismissed the case because Glenn “failed to allege which terms of the 1994 agreement Only actually breached.” Here’s a full run-down of exactly what happened, via Blabbermouth:

“On August 6, Judge Gary Klausner of the Central District of California tossed Danzig’s lawsuit out of court, writing that Danzig failed to allege which terms of the 1994 agreement Only actually breached. In the ruling, the judge noted that merchandise provision of the 1994 agreement grants each co-owner “of the name and trademarks of the MISFITS and logo(s) and artwork (including all artwork used on MISFITS releases for Slash, Caroline or Plan 9 Records) previously associated therewith. Each party shall retain exclusive ownership of any artwork created by that party and not previously utilized on MISFITS albums, merchandise or advertising.’ The provision also grants the ‘non-exclusive right to conduct merchandising and to exploit other rights relating to the use and exploitation of the name MISFITS.’ The provision ends by stating that ‘[Only] and Danzig will each retain 100% of what each earns from the exploitation of merchandising rights and neither [Only] nor [Danzig] has any obligation to account to the other for any revenues derived from the exploitation of merchandising or any other rights.’

“Deeming the allegations in the Complaint as true, the Court finds no alleged facts that constitute a breach of the merchandising provision. The Complaint expressly alleges that the designs at issue are co-owned by [Danzig] and [Only]. As to co-owned designs, the provision contemplates that [Only] has a non-exclusive right to merchandise products and otherwise exploit the designs. The provision also allows [Only] to retain 100% of earnings from such exploitation. The terms of the provision do not address any obligation regarding trademark registration or negotiations with individual retail merchandisers as to licensing. Moreover, in reviewing the other provisions contained in the 1994 Agreement, the Court also finds no other terms that govern the parties’ conduct as it pertains to trademarking and licensing.”

I have no idea what 95% of that shit means, aside from the part about Jerry getting to keep 100% of that sweet, sweet Misfits merch monay. Look out for the Misfits snuggie and coffee grinder set, coming soon to a Walmart near you!

Misfits announce North American / Mexican / German tour dates

Jerry Only’s Misfits will be embarking on a ‘world tour’ of sorts late next week, playing shows all around North America, along with a few in Mexico and Germany. All dates and locations can be found below.

Only stated in an interview earlier this year that a new Misfits album is in the works. No more details have been given, but the album will serve as a follow-up to 2011’s The Devil’s Rain.

Misfits respond to Danzig lawsuit

Not to be outdone by Greg Ginn and his lawsuit against his former bandmates in Black Flag, yesterday we reported that Glenn Danzig filed a suit against sole constant Misfits member Jerry Only for “re-registered trademarks for everything Misfits-related in 2000 behind his back, misappropriating exclusive ownership over the marks for himself, including the band’s iconic “Fiend Skull” logo, and entering into deals with various merchandisers, including a multi-million dollar deal with Hot Topic.”

Unsurprisingly, here we are just a day later and the Misfits have released a response statement. It’s lengthy, and there are a few cheap shots toward Danzig… probably not the smartest thing to insult the guy who already wants to take you to court, but I digress. You can read the Misfits’ statement below.