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Introducing Sub Dio (aggressive South Bay punk rock)

Today, I’m happy to introduce Sub Dio, a band that consists of a lot of familiar faces from the Bay Area punk scene. Featuring former members of Great Apes, The Ghost, and Reunions, Sub Dio play a brand of punk that is rooted in urgency and aggression. Their self-titled debut will release on July 19th via Underground Communique and Side With Us Records, but you can get a preview of what’s to come by listening to “Skeeters.” The song is a direct response to predatory, parasitic, and incessant behavior many men feel entitled to exhibit towards women. Brian and Danica’s dual vocal approach is a shot to the gut and demands your attention. Give it a listen below.

This EP includes five aggressive songs that set an urgent and relentless pace that pull you through from start to finish. The anger fueling Sub Dio’s lyrics are inspired by Danica’s work as a Bay Area social justice lawyer and time working to end mass incarceration and the criminalization of poverty. Brian’s history of thematic lyrics have always brought a unique feel to his songs, which are also undoubtedly influenced by his job as a South San Francisco middle school teacher.

Brian and Danica trade vocals to create a powerful audio counterbalance between her fierce screams and Brian’s guttural yet melodic voice. The way each vocalist occupies completely separate spectrums while still melding together in a unique way bring to mind early Fugazi records.

DS Photo Gallery: Apocalypse Hoboken; 88 Fingers Louie; The Bollweevils at Chop Shop Chicago

Apocalypse Hoboken headlined a three-night stand at Chicago’s Chop Shop, July 13-15, 2018. The weekend’s events were set in conjunction with the July 13, 2018 release of “Everybody’s Been Burned” on Underground Communique Records. UCR’s Bandcamp site describes the release as follows: “This is a collection of recordings not previously released on vinyl. The record and download contain 17 songs, and yes there are only 16 streaming.”

The final day of the band’s three-night run saw things changed up a bit. Their Sunday “Matinee” was more of a Sunday Family Fun Day, where the musicians had the opportunity to show their kids what their work was all about. The show was topped by several of the kids joining their parents on or near the stage for a rousing rendition of Three Dog Nights’ “Joy to the World,” led in unison by Apocalypse Hoboken’s Todd Pot, 88 Fingers Louie’s Denis Buckley; and The Bollweevils’ Daryl Wilson. Wilson, by the way, with his three young daughters by his side on the stage, the youngest dancing up a storm, appeared to be the only one of the trio of vocalists not requiring a lyric sheet. He had that down pat, perhaps having the most recent experience singing the tune over and over to his little girls?

I asked Todd Pot of Apocalypse Hoboken his thoughts on the weekend, how it came about and what the future has in store for the band. His response:

“Ok here goes….. We’d like to thank each and every person that made it out to our three-day celebration of a community that’s taken almost thirty years to build. The band is humbled beyond words. Since junior high Apocalypse Hoboken was my favorite band outta the suburbs of Chicago. I never in a million years thought I’d front my heroes band. Through the luck of seeing a flier back in 1993 that Apocalypse Hoboken was looking for a new lead singer, my life has never been the same. Fast forward to 2018. We have had a few reunion shows throughout the years but something just clicked with this most recent slew of shows. Older, wiser, and strangely enough with more to say. I think the boys in the band are on a stone cold mission. A mission that never really ended. The future looks bright and everybody is invited to the party. November third we will be returning to the Chop Shop with our comrades in Riff Sidekick Kato. The party has just begun. One by one we all are learning what it’s like to be pissed on. It could be worse. Right?”

It could be a lot worse. But it’s pretty good right now, and you can head below to check out our gallery from the Sunday show to demonstrate the fun Pot, his bandmates; and bill-mates are having these days.

Stream new Rebel Spies LP “Rise!”

Detroit, Michigan supergroup Rebel Spies (formed by members of Suicide Machines, Hellmouth, Fordirelifesake, Hifi Hand Grenades and Telegraph) recently released a new LP. “Rise!” is out now on Underground Communique Records, with various physical order options available for purchase from the label’s Bandcamp.

Have a listen to the album below.

Shot Baker releases music video for “Crack in the Code”, announce show

Shot Baker has returned!

The four piece are back with their original line up, and have just dropped a music video for their track, “Crack in the Code.” Their show at the Cobra Lounge (Chicago, IL) on May 20 will be their first show since 2009.

You can pick up a pair of tickets here, and watch their new video below.

The Bollweevils perform “Predisposition” on Live From The Rock Room

Chicago punks The Bollweevils recently performed “Predisposition” on Live from the Rock Room, and you can watch the video below.

Live from the Rock Room is an ongoing webcast started by Smoking Popes drummer Mike Felumlee, in which he has bands stop by his tiny studio just outside Chicago to play music and chat.

The Bollweevils last released their EP Attack Scene in August 2015 through Underground Communique records.

Video: The Bollweevils perform “Bottomless Pit” on Live from the Rock Room

Chicago punks The Bollweevils recently performed “Bottomless Pit” on Live from the Rock Room, and you can watch the video below.

Live from the Rock Room is an ongoing webcast started by Smoking Popes drummer Mike Felumlee, in which he has bands stop by his tiny studio just outside Chicago to play music and chat.

The Bollweevils last released their EP Attack Scene in August 2015 through Underground Communique records.

The Bollweevils announce California tour dates

Chicago punk band The Bollweevils have announced a week of Southern California shows that will take place at the end of March.

You can see the full list of dates and locations below.

The Bollweevils last released their EP Attack Scene in August 2015 through Underground Communique records.

Tomorrows Gone (Vegas hardcore) stream new album “This Music Will Survive”

Classic Vegas hardcore act Tomorrows Gone are getting set to release a massive 39 song compilation album entitled This Music Will Survive.

You can give the album a listen below.

This Music Will Survive is set to be released on November 13th via Underground Communique Records.

The Bollweevils (punk) stream new EP “Attack Scene”

Chicago punk band The Bollweevils have released their new EP “Attack Scene” through Underground Communique records, and you can stream it below.

Underground Communique releases free comp (featuring The Mizzerables, Awkward Age, and more)

Underground Communique Records have released a name-your-price compilation titled No Stress. The album features new tracks by bands such as The Mizzerables, Awkward Age, Barons, and more. You can stream it below, or buy/download it here.

Lawskof release music video for new song “Victory Makes History”

Cleveland melodic punk act Lawskof have released a music video for their new song “Victory Makes History,” and you can check it out below.

The band last released a split with Break Anchor (ft. Suicide Machines frontman Jay Navarro) in 2014 through Underground Communique Records.

Break Anchor finish new album

Detroit punk act Break Anchor (ft. Jay Navarro of The Suicide Machines and Hellmouth) have finished recording their new album.

The band last released a split with Cleveland melodic punk band Lawskof through Underground Communique Records.

Barons (punk) stream new self-titled 7-inch

Pittsburgh punk act Barons are now streaming their new, self-titled EP in its entirety. Give it a listen below.

The 7-inch is due out this month on Underground Communique Records. You can order the digital copy below, or head over here to pick up a copy on vinyl, and grab a tshirt while you’re at it.

Barons have a release show coming up on Sept. 20th in Pittsburgh, where they’ll be joined by PEARS, Remainder, and Latecomer. Barons will also be playing at Fest 13 in Gainesville.

Break Anchor and Lawskof announce new split 7-inch “169 Miles”

Detroit punk act Break Anchor (ft. Jay Navarro of The Suicide Machines and Hellmouth) and Cleveland melodic punk band Lawskof have announced plans to release a split 7-inch entitled 169 Miles – the distance between the two groups’ hometowns.

No official release date has been announced yet but the split is apparently going to come out on Underground Communique Records before the summer wraps up. We’ll keep you posted as more details come to light.

Break Anchor release music video for “Gone”

Detroit punk act Break Anchor (featuring Jay Navarro of The Suicide Machines and Hellmouth) have released a music video for their song “Gone.”

You can check it out and find details on the band’s upcoming US tour below.

“Gone” appears on the band’s “Great Lakes, Great Mistakes” 7-inch, released in 2012 through Underground Communique Records.