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Pardon Us (punk) stream “Inconvenient Reminder” off upcoming album “Wait”

If ever there was a single song stream that could convince me to buy an entire album without hearing the entire thing, this might be it. Liverpool’s gritty pop-punk act Pardon Us will be releasing “Wait” on September 13th through Everything Sucks Music (UK) and Johann’s Face Records (US). To prime their fans they’re streaming the track “Inconvenient Reminder” ahead of the release and it 100% grabbed my attention. Let it grab yours below.

Of the track, the band writes:

Much of our music is about being directionless 30-somethings but more ‘political’ tracks like Inconvenient Reminder have found their way into our writing in response to events in recent years.

This will be the Pardon Us’s first release since the 2017 self-titled EP.

The Fur Coats (pop-punk) streaming new album “Milkdromeda”

Texas punks The Fur Coats are streaming their new album Milkdromeda. The new album features heavy riffs infused with witty lyrics.

Give the new album a listen below.

This is the first new music from the Austin based pop-punks since 2017’s Gumballs In The Meritocrisy. These guys remind me of Jughead’s Revenge so if you like them, give these guys a listen.

The Fur Coats (Pop Punk) stream music video for “When Will You Die?”

Texas pop-punk trio The Fur Coats are streaming a music video for their charmingly named song “When Will You Die?”. Watch it below.

The rather strange video fits perfectly with the rather strange topic of the song. The Fur Coats guitarist/singer Marc Ruvolo had this to say on the subject matter:

“On this one I’m singing from the point of view of a beetle as he wonders how long it will be until the annoying human race finally kill themselves off. Everyone knows that the patient, ever-watching insects will one day re-inherit the earth.”

The track is from their recently released album “Gumballs in the Meritocracy” which came out on June 6th.

The Fur Coats announce U.K. tour dates

Chicago pop-punk trio The Fur Coats are crossing the pond to play some dates in the U.K. this summer in support of their latest release.  You can find all the dates and details below.

The Fur Coats feature members of Direct Hit!Das Kapital, and Devon Kay & The Solution.  Their most recent release was Short Brain, an EP that came out June 12th via Drunken Sailor Records.

Music Video: Sass Dragons – “Cup Overfloweth”

Reunited Chicago punk rockers Sass Dragons have premiered a music video for their new song “Cup Overfloweth”. You can watch the video below.

“Cup Overfloweth” is taken from Sass Dragon’s upcoming album True Adventure, which is due for release later this year, and will be their first album since disbanding five years ago.

Full EP Stream: The Fur Coats – “Short-Brain”

Chicago pop-punk act The Fur Coats (featuring members of Direct Hit!Das Kapital, and Devon Kay & The Solutions) are currently streaming their upcoming EP “Short-Brain.” Check it out in its entirety here.

“Short-Brain” will be released June 12th 2015 through Drunken Sailor Records, Rad Girlfriend Records, and Make That A Take Records.

The Fur Coats release “Thanksgiving Day Murder” (video)

If you’ve dealt with stores, parking lots, traffic, or people this Thanksgiving week, you might be in the mood for a little Murder.  The Fur Coats, a Chicago pop-punk act featuring members of Direct Hit!Das Kapital, and Devon Kay & The Solutions, have just the thing.  Check out the video for “Thanksgiving Day Murder” below, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll forget your holiday troubles, at least for 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

The Fur Coats (members of Direct Hit!, Das Kapital, Devon Kay & The Solutions) streaming new song

Chicago power pop punk band The Fur Coats (feat. members of Direct Hit!Das KapitalDevon Kay & The Solutions) are streaming a new song “Kukla, Fran and Ollie” from their upcoming full length debut “The League Of Extraordinary Octopuses” and you can check it out below.

The record will be released on June 6th y via Artistic IntegrityDirt Cult Records, and Drunken Sailor Records.

Music Video: The Fur Coats (members of Direct Hit! & more) – “Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man”

Chicago pop punk act The Fur Coats (featuring members of Direct Hit!Das Kapital, and Devon Kay & The Solutions) have released a music video for their song “Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man” and you can check it out below!

The track appears on the band’s latest 7-inch of the same title, which was released back in February through Artistic IntegrityDirt Cult Records, and Seven Dead Arson Records. You can download the record for free on Bandcamp.

Devon Kay & The Solutions premiere music video for “W.W.B.C.D.”

Chicago’s high-energy pop-punk act Devon Kay & The Solutions have released a rather awesome music video for their song “W.W.B.C.D.” and you can check it out in all it’s glory right here.

“W.W.B.C.D.” appears on the band’s 2011 EP, “Never Punt” released on Johann’s Face Records and available for pay-what-you-want download on their bandcamp page (recommended).

EP Review: Devon Kay & The Solutions – “Never Punt”

“Never Punt” by Devon Kay & The Solutions was released a few months ago and it somehow slipped past my radar. But I’m sure glad I finally found it, because it’s a strong release by a Midwest rough-and-raw pop punk band that deserves a little more attention.

Fans of fellow Midwest band Direct Hit! will be more than pleased, and Devon Kay should also appeal to fans of bands like The Dopamines. Lyrically and vocally, we hear a lot of the shockingly honest emotions and revelations that bear some resemblance to cross-genre bands like Say Anything or Andrew Jackson Jihad. It’s that kind of spilling-your-soul-honesty that doesn’t always seem acceptable to talk about, so hey, why not sing it?

Track by track, my appreciation for the music climbed. The first three songs, “Knibb High Football Rules!”, “W.W.B.C.D.”, and “Go California” are the more familiar style of the aforementioned Direct Hit! or maybe some Screeching Weasel (I’m a sucker for organ-tinged garage punk in track 3). From that point on, there’s a nice departure, starting in the middle of track 4, “Dark Side Of The Supermoon,” when things get spinning into a slightly bluesy but still hard-as-hell rock tune.

It’s hard to describe most of the next tune, “Always Tip Your Therapist.” It’s a solo piano/vocal bit that bears a lot of resemblance to some indie rock groups out there. I guess you could call it a little breather in the album, because within a split second we’re back to something more akin to the speed and thrust of the start of the EP.

Closing up, “Yeah Dude, I Feel Ya” echos the beginning again, but it’s still not boring, and it powers straight through.

Based on my enjoyment of this release, I’m definitely going to keep a closer eye on what Devon Kay & The Solutions are up to in the future.

Quick afterthought: I’ve always enjoyed quirky non-sequitur song titles, and this album was no exception.

(Pay what you want for this EP here)

Free EP Download: Devon Kay and The Solutions: “Never Punt”

Devon Kay & The Solutions, an energetic pop-punk band from Chicago, are giving away their most recent EP, “Never Punt” for free.  Download it on their bandcamp page.

“Never Punt” was released last July on Johann’s Face Records.

Devon Kay have a split coming out soon with The Ambulance Review.

Devon Kay And The Solutions stream new holiday song “Decemberween”

Devon Kay and The Solutions are streaming an acoustic, sorta depressing but in a good way, holiday song called “Decemberween” right here.

The band released their last EP “Never Punt” on July 29th of this year on Johann’s Face Records and you can stream it here.

Video: Devon Kay & The Solutions perform “W.W.B.C.D.”

Devon Kay and The Solutions (with Devon Kay of Direct Hit!) have posted a live video performance of “W.W.B.C.D.” in their hometown of Chicago, Illinois. You can check it out right here.

The band released their debut EP “Never Punt” on July 29th of this year on Johann’s Face Records and you can stream it all here.

Devon Kay and The Solutions stream entire upcoming EP “Never Punt”

Devon Kay & The Solutions, a new energetic pop-punk act hailing from Chicago, is streaming their entire upcoming EP, “Never Punt,” right here.  If you like Direct Hit! you’ll dig this band.

“Never Punt” is being released July 29th on Johann’s Face Records.