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DS Exclusive: Jumpstarted Plowhards (Mike Watt, Todd Congelliere and friends) stream debut album, “Round One”

Earlier this week, it was our esteemed privilege to bring you a lengthy interview with the legendary Mike Watt. Read it here if you missed it. Among the many things we covered was his brand new “proj,” Jumpstarted Plowhards. It’s a collaboration between Watt and Todd Congelliere (F.Y.P., Toys That Kill), and features a different drummer on each track. Among the guests are George Hurley (The Minutemen), Patty Schemel (Hole, etc), Jerry Trebotic, Raul Morales and more.

Today, we’re beyond stoked to bring you the debut of the Round One, the debut album from Jumpstarted Plowhards. It’s due out on Recess Records next Friday (October 4th); pre-order here…but check it out in all its esteemed goodness down below!

DS Exclusive: Mike Watt talks Jumpstarted Plowhards, D. Boon, songwriting on the bass, Eddie Vedder, and so much more

Up until the dawn of the digital music revolution within the last couple of decades, generations of kids found out about new music in three real main ways: by stumbling into music videos on the actual television, by scouring the new releases put out by known and trusted record labels (see: Epitaph, Fat Wreck, Blue Note, Apple Records, etc), and by finding out who your favorite artists liked and respected and toured with and diving headlong into that rabbit hole. I was twelve years old when first saw Pearl Jam’s video for “Even Flow” and was so captivated by it that…well…that I’ve continued to buy into whatever they’ve been selling for more than a quarter-century since. Because they’ve been more than vocal about their influences over the years, this meant exploring the catalogs of artists as varied as The Who and Daniel Johnston and Bad Religion and Cypress Hill and Fugazi and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and, thanks to the 1995 release Ball-Hog or Tugboat?, Mike Watt.

Ball-Hog or Tugboat? marked the first “solo” release for the founding bassist from both Minutemen and fIREHOSE, the latter of whom I only knew from having seen a poster for what would become their final full-length, Mr. Machinery Operator, hanging in the front window at Strawberries Music & Video at the Nashua Mall and not realizing that fIREHOSE and FireHouse were two different bands. Ball-Hog featured Watt supported by a diverse cast of characters that obviously included Eddie Vedder but also Dave Grohl and Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic and J Mascis and Frank Black and the Kirkwood brothers from Meat Puppets and Henry Rollins and Mark Lanegan and Flea and Kathleen Hanna and most of Sonic Youth and a bunch of others. It was ground-breaking and genre-bending and was really a perfect look into the future of what was to come for Watt’s career going forward.

If you haven’t been able to keep track of the sheer number of projects – or proj’s, as Watt refers to him in his trademark San Pedro patois – that Watt has been involved with in the years since, that’s no slight on you; it’s overwhelming. There’s Dos, a duo that featured Watt and ex-Blag Flag bassist (and eventually Watt’s ex-wife) Kira Roessler. There’s Unknown Instructors, which had Watt and his Minutemen/fIREHOSE drummer George Hurley joined by Joe Baiza, Jack Brewer and Dan McGuire. There was Big Walnuts Yonder, and Il Sogno del Marinaio, and The Hand To Man Band, and a bunch of years with The Stooges, and another proj with Novoselic and friends called Anywhere. There was obviously The Secondmen, followed obviously by the Missingmen. And honestly, there were a bunch more that I’m not going to pretend to have committed to memory right now.

Next up out of the chute from the iconic Watt is a proj known as Jumpstarted Plowhards. It’s a unique endeavor that found Watt team up with Todd Congelliere (Toys That Kill, FYP, founder of Recess Records). Watt wrote a handful of tracks on bass and sent a fifteen-song CD-R to “Todd Cong,” who not only wrote guitar lines and lyrics, but recruited a different drummer to play on every track. The first eight of those tracks now appear as a release called Round One that’s due out October 4th on Recess Records. Joining Watt and Congelliere are Hurley, Jimmy Felix from Toys That Kill, Patty Schemel of Hole fame, Brian Brunuk from Fartbarf, Trevor Rounseville from Clown Sounds, Jerry Trebotic from Watt’s Secondmen band, Raul Morales from Watt’s Missingmen project, and Neighborhood Brats‘ Nick Aguilar, who’s not only joining Watt on drums for his solo tour that kicked off last week, but who is also the son of a high school classmate of all three Minutemen (Watt, Hurley and, of course, the  inimitable D. Boon).

You can pre-order Round One right here, though jump on it because some options are already gone. But you can also head below to read our Q&A with the iconic Watt. It’s one of the more enjoyable conversations I’ve ever conducted for this here website, due entirely to Watt’s jovial nature and his willingness to talk about all portions of the long, strange trip its been since he and D. Boon met as thirteen-year-olds, picked up a couple of cheap guitars, and started jamming out to Creedence Clearwater Revival songs before even knowing how to tune their instruments. Also, head here to see where you can catch Watt’s current Missingmen incarnation out on the road, including an October 11th date here in the Boston area; it’s Watt’s sixty-seventh tour of more than a month! Thanks for being you, Watt!

Photo credit: Steve Linsley.

Iron Chic and Toys That Kill release two singles from split EP

Iron Chic of Long Island has teamed up with Toys That Kill of San Pedro to release a split EP via Recess Records.

You can preview the album by checking out “The Old Man of Crete” by Iron Chic and “The Cut Up Boy” by Toys That Kill below. Then head over here to pre-order the entire EP.

The last release from Toys That Kill was their 2016 music video for “Four String”, from their 2016 album “Sentimental Ward” via Recess Records. Iron Chic’s most recent release was their 2017 LP “You Can’t Stay Here”, released via SideOneDummyRecords.

Sweatshop Boys (garage punk) release new album “Two Men”

Israel-based punk band Sweatshop Boys are streaming their newest record, Two Men., released via Recess Records. The band defines their new album as “existentialist day dream for all those who stare at the abyss and spit right into it.” If that’s your thing, you can stream the new album right here.

Two Men is the first release from Sweatshop Boys since their 2016 single “Vertigo.”

Future Virgins stream new album “Doomsday Raga”

Chattanooga punks Future Virgins are streaming their upcoming brand new album “Doomsday Raga” in its entirety below.

The album was released February 16th via Recess Records.

Future Virgins (punk) streaming two new songs “Ex-Pats” and “Piss Ant Saga”

Chattanooga punks Future Virgins are streaming the songs “Piss Ant Saga” and “Ex-Pats” off their upcoming album “Doomsday Raga”. The full album is set to be released February 16th via Recess Records.

You can check out the song below.

This will be the second full length for Future Virgins, the first being 2014’s “Late Republic”. 

Screeching Weasel to release documentary called, “My Right: The Screeching Weasel Story”

Pop-punk veterans Screeching Weasel have announced that they will finally be creating a documentary outlining the band/member history. The highly anticipated film, which will be called, My Right: The Screeching Weasel Story, has been in production since last year and will feature anyone who has had any hand in creating or pushing the legendary group forward. The news of the film comes from the band’s page, where Ben Weasel mentioned that they were not initially planning to announce the film, but details about it got leaked.

A statement from the official documentary page reads as follows:

Thanks for friending us, gang. The director is working on a teaser video which will be posted here in about a week. We’ll also keep updating you as we film. We weren’t ready to announce this project yet but apparently the news leaked this morning so we’re scrambling to get together some info and updates for you. Needless to say, we’re contacting everybody from the band’s history, doing tons of on-the-road filming and interviews, and digging around for old recordings, footage and photos, so if you have any archival stuff on the band you’d be willing to share for the film, DM us!

Stay tuned on further announcements regarding this film, but for now you can check out the band’s announcement video below.

Pale Angels stream new album “Daydreaming Blues”

Transatlantic punk rockers Pale Angels are currently streaming their new album, “Daydreaming Blues,” through the Recess Records Bandcamp page. You can give it a listen below.

“Daydreaming Blues,” the band’s third album, released on November 25th through Specialist Subject and Recess Records. It follows their last release, 2015′s “Imaginary People.”

Toys That Kill release video for “Four String”

San Pedro punks Toys That Kill have released a video for their song “Four String,” and you can check it out below.  The song appears on the band’s latest release, Sentimental Ward, which came out on July 1st through front-man Todd C.’s label Recess Records.

Toys That Kill released their last album, Fambly 42, in May 2012, also through Recess.

Toys That Kill release music video for “S.D.R.T.T.Go!”

San Pedro’s Toys That Kill have released a music video for “S.D.R.T.T.Go!,” which is taken from their latest album Sentimental Ward. You can check it out below.

Sentimental Ward came out on July 1st through Recess Records.

Colombia Stages to premiere Screeching Weasel rock opera “Baby Fat Act 1”

Colombia Stages and La MaMa present to you the world premiere of the upcoming Screeching Weasel rock opera titled Baby Fat Act 1. The production company will take the music of Chicago’s own Screeching Weasel and turn it into a stage production with a full ensemble and cast. The show will take place at the Ellen Stewart Theatre in NYC from July 21st-23rd.

In May 2015, Screeching Weasel released Baby Fat Act 1, a rock opera of sorts, that was picked up by director Michael Scholar soon after its release. He quickly envisioned characters, plot, and stage performances to go with the band’s new musical direction. Ben Weasel comments:

“If I were British I’d be chuffed; a Californian, stoked; Audrey Hepburn, delighted! After thirty years of composing music and lyrics for rock albums, I can’t wait to take on the challenge of writing for the theatre. Michael’s track record in combining rock and theatre has gained my trust and confidence in his ability to bring Baby Fat to vivid life on the stage.”

To keep up to date with tickets and other information you can visit La MaMa’s website.

Baby Fat Act I was released in May 2015 and is the first of the two part rock opera to be released by the band. the 27-track album was funded entirely through crowdfunding campaigns and Recess Records, who also helped with the finances. Part two is set for release sometime in 2017.


Toys That Kill stream “Four String” and “Ready To Kill” off upcoming album “Sentimental Ward”

San Pedro punk act Toys That Kill are streaming two brand new tracks off their upcoming album “Sentimental Ward” due out July 1st through front-man Todd C.’s label Recess Records. Check out “Four String” and “Ready To Kill” below.

Toys That Kill released their last album, Fambly 42, in May 2012 also through Recess.

Israeli punks Sweatshop Boys release new song: “Vertigo”

Israel-based punk band Sweatshop Boys have released their new song “Vertigo”.

The band reports that they are on the verge of recording a new record this summer, though no further details have been released in regards to a specific release date.

Last year saw the release of their EP “Always Polite, Never Happy”, and now with a full record on the horizon, you can hear a little taste of the new stuff with “Vertigo” below.


Toys That Kill detail upcoming album ‘Sentimental Ward’

San Pedro punk act Toys That Kill have revealed some details surrounding their upcoming album. Titled Sentimental Ward, the album will be released on July 1, 2016 through front-man Todd C.’s label Recess Records, and will feature sixteen tracks. You can check out the track list and pre-order the album right here.

Toys That Kill released their last album, Fambly 42, in May 2012 also through Recess.

Screeching Weasel announce 30th anniversary shows

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Screeching Weasel, and to celebrate the band will be playing a string of shows in California, Italy, New York, and Pennsylvania. In addition to featuring the likes of BIGWIG, The Queers, The Dickies, and Satanic Surfers, some of these shows will see the band playing My Brain Hurts in its entirety.

Check out the info on the currently announced shows below, and stay tuned as more details become available.

Screeching Weasel’s latest album – part one of a two-part rock opera titled Baby Fat – was released in May of 2015 through Recess Records.