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Unwritten Law announce new album “Acoustic”

SoCal rockers Unwritten Law have announced that they will be releasing an acoustic album on April 1st, 2016. The album will include 2 new songs and acoustic renditions of various fan favourites. They will re-record songs from the albums Unwritten Law, Elva, Here’s To The Mourning, Swan, and, The Hit List to make up this new 13-track album. This will also include a cover of John Legend’s “Heartbreaker”. You can check out a full track-list for this upcoming release below. The band will also be embarking on a U.S tour this spring with Fenix TX, see all the dates and locations below.

Acoustic will be released through Cyber Tracks and will follow-up the band’s 2011 album Swan. 

DS Photo Gallery & Show Review: Unwritten Law and Ten Foot Pole in Hollywood (6/5/15)

DyingScene was thrilled to be at the first show of the new “Love Is The Law” tour featuring Unwritten Law and Ten Foot Pole. The tour kicked off in Hollywood, CA at the House of Blues on June 5th, 2015. Southern California mainstays Unwritten Law headlined this show with support from the legendary Ten Foot Pole as the Friday night crowd danced and sang along on the Sunset Strip.

Ten Foot Pole reappeared in the LA scene last December when they headlined the Cyber Tracks Christmas Show at The Roxy. It is great seeing these guys hit the stage again, and they powered through their energetic set at the HOB with fan favorites like “Hammering Out The Details” and “The Getaway.” You can always count on these guys to run around the stage, jump along with the music (which makes for some pretty great photography), and wear some interesting…shorts. With smiles on their faces, you can tell that these guys are happy to be on stage and playing for the audience. If you are planning on catching this tour, make sure to get there in time to see TFP!

Chances are, if you live in Southern California, you have seen Unwritten Law live at some point in your life. These guys are extremely hard working and play local shows regularly. It’s great seeing them put together a full tour and hopefully you will get to check them out in a city closer to you. The band, led by Scott Russo, kept the party going with the staples of their setlist, including “California Sky,” “Shoulda Known Better,” “Up All Night,” “Cailin,” and my personal favorite, “She Says.” It was a great way to spend a Friday night and a great way to kick off this tour!

Check out the full gallery from the show below!

Unwritten Law announce “Love Is The Law” tour, will release acoustic album this coming fall

Big news for all the Unwritten Law fans. The band has just announced details on their upcoming “Love Is The Law” tour this coming June. The tour will feature support from Ten Foot Pole. Check the dates out below.

In addition to the tour, the band will be releasing an acoustic album this fall. The album will consist of fan favorites from the band’s previous six albums. No official release date has been announced yet, so keep checking back for more details. Unwritten Law last released “Swan” in 2011.

Scott Russo and Wade Youman trash stage after Unwritten Law’s set gets cut short

According to recent reports, some bad shit happened during Unwritten Law‘s set on the final night of the Hits & Pits tour at Capitol & Amps in Perth, Australia on Sunday, May 18th.

40 minutes into the band’s set, the venue told them it was time to wrap things up because, according to Capitol booking agent Jeff Haley, “liquor licensing laws strictly prohibit any noise after midnight.” Despite this, the band continued to play and promptly had the power cut on them.

And that’s when tempers (and drums) began to fly, with founding members Scott Russo and Wade Youman smashing the venue’s backline drums and The Casualties drummer Mark Eggers’ cymbals. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

It’s also worth noting that the band was apparently being a bunch of dicks throughout most of the tour. One of the many people to comment on the aforementioned video of Scott and Wade smashing up drums that didn’t belong to them stated:

“UL were contracted for 45 minute sets as the subheadliner for the tour (Strung Out headlining) but at the first show in Brisbane they demanded an 80 minute set, went on stage late and went over their 80 minutes. Strung Out refused to headline anymore after that.”

DS Interview: Wade Youman returns to Unwritten Law

If I can be allowed a moment to peel back the proverbial curtain on my formative concert-going years, Unwritten Law were quite literally the first punk band I saw live. Oz Factor was hot off the presses, and the band had (along with Dance Hall Crashers) landed a fairly coveted slot opening up for Bad Religion on the latter band’s tour in support of The Grey Race. The years that followed found this particular editor proudly waving UL’s seven-pointed-star fanboy flag.

It’s no secret that many an old-time UL fan strayed from the pack with the announcement that founding drummer and co-writer of many of the better songs from the band’s early catalog had been rather unceremoniously asked to leave. Rumors of drug use and a toxic band environment spread like wildfire through the grapevine, though very few public comments on what exactly happened.

Aside from frontman/songwriter Scott Russo, the remaining names and faces have changed several times over the last decade. Late 2013, however, brought a surprising development from the UL camp: Wade Youman had returned. The band played a few trial shows late in the year, and have now just announced plans to join up with bands like Face to Face and Strung Out on the Hits & Pits tour in Australia. Wade took some time out from his pre-tour prep schedule to chat with us for a half hour about what exactly happened leading up to his departure from Unwritten Law, what he was up to in the interim, how he and Russo patched things up, and what’s in store for the future. If I can be so bold, it’s one of the more compelling interviews I’ve had the pleasure to conduct for DS. Check it out below.

Unwritten Law & Implants added to lineup for Hits and Pits 2014

Two more bands have been added to the lineup for Hits and Pits 2014! Joining the likes of Ten Foot Pole, Face To Face, Strung Out, and more are Unwritten Law, who will be playing their 1998 self-titled album in its entirety, and skate punk super-group Implants.

A full list of bands and details on when and where Hits and Pits ’14 will be stopping can be found on the above image. Tickets for the Australian touring festival can be purchased right here.

Unwritten Law finishes recording for new album; solo?…

Back in February, we reported on news of Unwritten Law‘s entrance into the studio to begin recording on an acoustic album. Just last week, it was announced via UL’s Facebook page,

“All done recording the NEW record. Just touch ups and mixing left. Stay tuned…                  

– Scott Russo”

No more information as of yet has been released; however, rumor has it that this release will be completely acoustic, featuring exclusively Russo, with no other members of the band contributing.

We’ll keep you posted as more details become available. Unwritten Law’s last studio album was 2011′s “Swan”. They also released the live acoustic album “Music In High Places” in 2003.

Unrwritten Law reunite with original drummer for SRH Fest shows with Strung Out

Unwritten Law announced the return of original drummer Wade Youman to their ranks for the group’s upcoming SRH Fest shows with Strung Out and Sprung Monkey. Youman parted ways with Unwritten Law after the release of 2003’s “Music in High Places”, but will return behind the drum kit on August 23rd in Anaheim, CA and August 24th in San Diego at the House of Blues for the first time in years.

“SRH Fest is returning to southern California to celebrate the best in live music and action sports, for one unforgettable, epic gathering that celebrates the extreme lifestyle.”

Aug 23 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues w/ Strung Out
Aug 24 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues w/ Strung Out

Unwritten Law’s last studio album was 2011′s “Swan.”

Unwritten Law to release acoustic studio album

According to a recent post on the band’s Facebook page, Unwritten Law entered the studio this week to begin recording an acoustic album.

The band, which is essentially just frontman Scott Russo at this point, is also soliciting advice as to a cover song that fans would like to see them record. Click here to give your input.

Unwritten Law’s last studio album was 2011’s “Swan.” They also released the live acoustic album “Music In High Places” in 2003.

Random Cover Song: Kottonmouth Kings – “Johnny’s Got a Problem” (D.I.)

Cover songs are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. We here at Dying Scene love hearing punk bands do their own take on other band’s songs. Sometimes they pull off amazing interpretations of old classics, sometimes they’re not much more than humble tributes to a fellow artist, and other times they’re just downright laughable renditions of otherwise great songs. Good or bad. Intriguing or mundane. We’ll let you be the judge.

The random song cover we have for you today is the “rap punk” band Kottonmouth Kings covering the D.I. classic “Johnny’s Got a Problem”. The original song appears on D.I.’s 1986 album Horse Bites, Dog Cries, while the Kottonmouth Kings’ version appears on their 2004 album Fire It Up. The cover version even features a guest appearance by D.I.’s lead vocalist Casey Royer. Listen to both the original and the cover here.

Unwritten Law to release acoustic album

Almost a year has passed since Unwritten Law released their last record “Swan”, but that doesn’t mean that they’re already planning another one. According to recent interview with frontman Scott Russo, a possible acoustic album in the works. While talking about the band’s plans for this year, Scott states:

“In 2012, we’ll be making laps of Australia and Japan, the United States and that’s about it – possible putting out an acoustic record by the end of the year.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Unwritten Law just released a video for “Superbad”, which is from “Swan,” and you can watch it here.

Music Video: Unwritten Law – “Superbad”

San Diego rockers, Unwritten Law,  have posted the music video for their song “Superbad.”

You can check it out here.

The song appears on “Swan” the band’s last album, released on March 29th via Suburban Noize Records. Check out our review of “Swan” here.

Unwritten Law guitarist and bassist leave band over fistfight

Guitarist Steve “Kid” Morris and bassist Pat “PK” Kim have left Unwritten Law after Morris got into a fight with vocalist Scott Russo during their tour supporting the most recent album, “Swan.” Read the members’ statements below:

My decision to depart the band came to a head after this event and numerous other volatile events between Scott Russo and the members of the band and crew throughout the years.

The incident broke out when we were arguing over our bus call after a show. Scott was over an hour late and I had to be home to make my son’s last tee-ball game the next morning. I wasn’t expecting to be hit; that’s not the kind of thing I ever thought would happen.

PK’s and my decision to leave the band was not something we took lightly and I truly regret having to leave the band in this way. We want to truly thank all of our fans around the world for their love and support over the last two decades. We will miss you all.”

– Steve Morris

After 15 years of service and gratitude, I have decided to step down alongside Steve Morris from Unwritten Law.  It was a difficult yet easy decision after witnessing the altercation between Scott and Steve. We’ve had our ups and downs and plenty of fights within this group but this was finally the incident that ultimately led to my decision. I regret to leave in such an unspectacular fashion.

Regardless, my time in Unwritten Law has been one of the most beautiful experiences and one of my proudest achievements.  I just want to say thank you so much to all the fans for the love and support throughout all the years.  I’ve met so many good people, made so many friends, traveled, and seen things that most people only fantasize about.  I have laughed much and learned more.  Thanks again, you guys rock!

– Pat “PK” Kim

Russo released his own statement about the incident:

Steve and PK have left Unwritten Law. Out of respect for them and their families, we waited to make an official statement so that some of the dust could settle. It all came to a head when Steve and I got into a fight on the last night of our Swan US tour. This was obviously the deciding factor in whether or not they could continue on. Their presence will be missed, but with respect to all past and present, I feel that “Swan” needs to be heard and that the band must continue on. Unwritten Law is and has been my entire life. Dylan [Howard, drums] and I will be moving forward for our fans around the globe with long time friends, guitarist Kevin Besignano (ex-Bullets and Octane) and bassist Derik Envy (ex-Red Light Sky) as permanent replacements.

“Swan” was released on March 29th on Suburban Noize Records.

Unwritten Law streaming remastered verion of debut album “Blue Room”

San Diego rock (once punk) group Unwritten Law is re-releasing their debut album, “Blue Room,” on July 19th and if you don’t plan on purchasing it you can at least stream the whole thing right here.

“Swan” was the band’s last album, released on March 29th via Suburban Noize Records. Check out our review of “Swan” here.

Music Video: Unwritten Law – “Sing”

No, it’s not a blatant My Chemical Romance rip-off. San Diego’s rock group Unwritten Law has released the music video for their song “Sing” off their newest album “Swan”. You can check it out right here.

“Swan” was released on March 29th on Suburban Noize Records. Check out our review of “Swan” here.