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The Enders release “Our Mothers Are Calling” for OneOrlando Fund

Indiana’s The Enders have released a song (“Our Mothers Are Calling”) on their bandcamp for the OneOrlando Fund, following the shooting at Pulse earlier this month.  The page includes an explanation of why they wrote the song, as well as full lyrics to it. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the OneOrlando Fund and other LGBT charities.

You can hear the song below, but we urge you to spend the two dollars for a good cause. 

Free music: The Enders (hardcore punk) release “Hardcore Family, Vol. 1” compilation

Indiana punk rockers The Enders are celebrating their fifth anniversary as a band, and they released a punk rock compilation called Hardcore Family, Vol. 1, as a way of saying thanks.  You can download the 32-track compilation here, and stream it below.

The comp is a good mix of bands you may have heard of (The Hex Bombs, OC45, Cry Havoc!), as well as some relative newcomers.  In the words of The Enders’ frontman Benny No-Good:

This is a compilation made up of tracks by bands we consider as close as family. Some we’ve toured with, some we’ve played only a few shows with, and some are just great friends and supporters. The thing they have in common is that they are all great people making great music.

The Enders cover “Ammunition” by The Methadones

The Enders just released a cover of The Methadones’ “Ammunition” and you can check it out below.

The Ender’s last album The Ruins of Ambition was released in 2012 on Unrepentant Records.


Interview: Benny No-Good talks past, present and future for The Enders

“The Ruins Of Ambition” was released on July 9th via Unrepentant Records.

Interview with Benny “No-Good” of the Enders 12/13/12

The Enders are a hard-hitting punk band from Indiana, or the “Midwasteland,” as they call it. I saw the threesome of Benny No-Good (guitar and vocals), “Canadian” Pete Mortenson (bass), and Omar Villareal (drums) play ear-splittingly sick live shows in Albany and Boston in 2012 and recently I was able to chat with Benny about how the band formed, and what’s coming up next.

Check out the interview here.

Free song download: The Enders – “Song For The Working Class”

Lafayette, Indiana punk rockers The Enders have just unleashed a new anthem entitled “Song For The Working Class” off their recently released album “The Ruins Of Ambition”.  Check it out right over here.

“The Ruins Of Ambition” was released on July 9th via Unrepentant Records.

The Enders detail new album “The Ruins Of Ambition”, stream new track “Take Control”

Indiana punks The Enders will release their new full-length album, “The Ruins Of Ambition” late June/early July on Unrepentant Records. You can stream “Take Control,” a fresh new song from album and check out the entire track listing here.

Fans of bands like The Nerve Agents and Minor Threat should definitely check these dudes out.

Pipes And Pints begin recording new album

Prague celtic punk rock act, Pipes And Pints, have announced that they are heading back into the studio to record their next full-length album, which is set to be released sometime in October on Unrepentant Records.

To get a taste of what the band’s all about, click here to check out this music video for a song, called “Different Way” off their last album, “Until We Die.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the album surface. This will be the band’s first release since 2009’s “Until We Die,” which was co-released on Unrepentant/Wolverine Records.

Dogsflesh is looking for a new drummer

British hardcore act Dogsflesh appears to be in the market for a new drummer, which they posted to their MySpace page today. No word as to what happened to their old drummer.

If you think you’ve got the talent to join them, head over and send them a message. The band’s most recent album, “Revival of Species,” came out in July.

Dogsflesh releasing new album “Revival Of Species”, streaming new track

UK thrash-punk group, Dogsflesh, will be releasing their latest album, Revival Of Species, on Rock Garden Music and Unrepentant Records in early July. The album contains 12 brand new tracks and features Rob taking over on main vocals.  You can check out the track High School Massacre on the band’s MySpace page.

According to Unrepentant:

The album sticks to the bands UK82 roots, fast riffs with thought provoking lyrics. It has the power and ferocity of ‘Vision of Hell’, yet music wise is much more diverse. This album is a must for fans of UK82/Street punk music!