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Free Throw stream new track “Better Have Burn Heal” from upcoming full length

Nashville emo/pop-punk band Free Throw are currently streaming a new track titled “Better Have Burn Heal.” You can listen to it below.

“Better Have Burn Heal” is taken from the band’s upcoming full length “Bear Your Mind,” which is set to be released on May 26 via Triple Crown Records.

Music Video: Dowsing – “Red Legs Kicking”

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing have premiered a music video for their song “Red Legs Kicking”, taken from their latest album Okay, and you can check it out below.

Okay was released yesterday (April 29th, 2016) via Asian Man Records, and was their first album since 2013’s I Don’t Even Care Anymore.

Dowsing stream new track “Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades & Even More Blades)” from upcoming 4-way split

Chicago-based indie/emo band Dowsing are streaming a brand-new song for your Hump Day listening pleasure. It’s called “Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades & Even More Blades)” for some reason that is waaaaay above my paygrade. Check it out here.

“Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades & Even More Blades)” is Dowsing’s entry to a four-way split that also features music from Sinai Vessel, Long Knives and the Cardboard Swords. The split is due out next Friday (June 12th) via Count Your Lucky Stars Records; pre-orders are available here.

EP Review: Long Knives – “This Is Your Life”

Count Your Lucky Stars has played a large role in the indie-emo revival of recent times. Between introducing the world to newcomers like Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers and Foxing, to putting out new material from established players like Mineral’s Chris Simpson (under the guise Zookeeper) and the reformed Kind of Like Spitting, the future of emo is in capable hands.

Long Knives, one of the label’s newest acts, carries the torch for the indie-pop sound made popular by The Get Up Kids and The Promise Ring. This Is Your Life, the band’s debut EP, shines brightly and confidently through its four songs. From the opening progression of “Bones” to the heartfelt lyrics of “Bastante,” Long Knives establish themselves as an act with a lot of potential in just under fifteen minutes.

Vocalist Kris Moya has a nasally quality to her voice, which may invite comparisons to Chumped’s Anika Pyle (let’s be honest though, that’s not the worst thing). The band plays with their influences on their sleeves, culling sounds from all the great midwestern pop acts that wanted to sound like Superchunk but wound up creating an emo movement. Calling the band’s style “indie-pop-emo-revival” is kind of silly, but that’s only because calling it “post-college rock” sounds too pretentious.

This Is Your Life doesn’t breathe a whole new life into genre, but it does inject just youthful energy to keep it interesting and be worth your time.

3.5 / 5 – Listen to This Is Your Life below.

RIYL: Chumped, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring

Long Knives streaming debut EP “This Is Your Life” in its entirety

California emo act Long Knives are now streaming their brand new debut album “This Is Your Life” in its entirety.

The EP isn’t set for release until next week (April 7th) through Count Your Lucky Stars Records, but you can listen to the whole thing here.

Long Knives premiere new track “Unwelcome Guest”

California emo act Long Knives are now streaming their new track “Unwelcome Guest,” and you can check it out here.

The song is off their debut EP “This Is Your Life,” which is set for April 7th release through Count Your Lucky Stars Records, and is available for pre-order here.

Long Knives (emo) sign to Count Your Lucky Stars, stream new song

California emo act Long Knives have just been announced as the newest signing to Count Your Lucky Stars.  The label will be releasing the bands’ debut EP This Is Your Life on April 7th.

The band is currently streaming the first single off the EP.  Give “Bones” a listen here.

Perfect Future releases music video for “Babylon Lies as Babylon Thrives” off new “Manifesto” EP

East Coast pop-punk/emo band Perfect Future has just releases a new music video for their song “Babylon Lies as Babylon Thrives”.

The track appears on the band’s newest album, “Manifesto”, which was released last December through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

Check it out below.

Perfect Future’s last album “Old Wounds: Warmth in the winter of 1914-1915” was released back in 2012 through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

Dowsing and Free Throw announce US tour

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing and Nashville emo/pop-punk band Free Throw have announced a US tour together this spring. You can check out the tour poster above, and (in case you have trouble reading the poster) the dates and locations can be found below.

Dowsing will be touring in support of their 2013 debut LP I Don’t Even Care Anymore, while Free Throw will be supporting their 2014 debut, Those Days Are Gone. Both releases are out via Count Your Lucky Stars.

Calculator debut new song “Graduation Day” from upcoming EP “CALC”

California hardcore act Calculator have just debuted another new track from their upcoming EP. “CALC.” It’s called “Graduation Day” and you can check it out here.

“CALC” will be released on December 16th via Count Your Lucky Stars and can be pre-ordered here.

Calculator last released “This Will Come To Pass” in 2013.

Calculator to release new EP “CALC,” premiere new song “North By Northwest”

California hardcore act Calculator have just announced details on their upcoming EP. “CALC” will be released on December 16th via Count Your Lucky Stars and can be pre-ordered here. In the meantime, a new track “North By Northwest” can be streamed here.

Calculator last released “This Will Come To Pass” in 2013.

Perfect Future details upcoming LP “Manifesto”; releases music video for “Our Best Years”

East Coast pop-punk/emo band Perfect Future has just announced plans to release their newest album, “Manifesto”, on December 2nd through Count Your Lucky Stars and strictly no capital letters.

The band has just made a new song from the upcoming album available to stream. It is entitled “Our Best Years” and you can check it out here.

Additionally, album artwork is on view above, and the track list is available to view below. You can pre-order the album here.

Perfect Future’s last album “Old Wounds: Warmth in the winter of 1914-1915” was released back in 2012 through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

Joie De Vivre perform “At Least I Tried”

Illinois emo group Joie de Vivre recently sat down to record a full band performance of a new track called “At Least I Tried” for a Little Elephant Session. The song is set to be featured on an upcoming split with Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate). You can watch their performance below.

The split will be the follow-up to yet another split that Joie de Vivre released in February with New Jersey emo group Prawn on Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Topshelf Records.

Dowsing’s (Chicago emo) van breaks down, band involved in armed home invasion in Arkansas

Well here’s a crazy story…

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing have been on a tour through our nation’s heartland, eventually leading them to and from Gainesville for some Fest shows in a little over a week. Like many touring bands, they ran into van/bus troubles along the way (that’s their bus on the back of a flatbed posted above). That’s where (pardon my French) shit got real. I’ll let the band take it from here (via their Facebook page):

Last evening our mini buses engine puttered out just 40 miles outside of Little Rock. After being towed into town we were greeted and treated by the band Oh Cathy who picked us up from Pep Boys and brought us over to the show. We had an absolute blast at the Hollow House and we thought maybe things aren’t so bad and that everything would be sorted out with the bus today and we’d make it to our Texas dates. 

Well, then this happened…

In addition to our van repairs, we also were part of a home invasion / armed robbery that took place where we are staying in Little Rock. We are extremely overwhelmed by the turn of events that have happened in the past 24 hours, but looking on the bright side of it all. We all are alive, unharmed, with minimal belongings and cash stolen. All our band money, gear, and dignity are still here. What lousy robbers…

As it stands right now, the band’s Fort Worth and Houston shows are off. They’re looking to fill a couple Louisiana dates on or around the 23rd before hopefully getting their van situation sorted out. Stay tuned; go to a show and buy some merch to help the dudes out. Check out their tour rundown here.


Full EP Stream: Mikey Erg / Warren Franklin and the Founding Fathers split

In case you haven’t heard the whole ball of wax yet, the new split EP from Mikey Erg and Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers is streaming in its entirety. Check it out below.

Like what you hear from the gents? Pick up your own copy in its digital form here or in a couple of different-colored vinyl options here. The album was released via Count Your Lucky Stars Records on September 16th.