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Western Settings begin working on new album “Another Year”

San Diego punks Western Settings have announced they are currently demoing music for a new album titled Another Year. The record is being produced by Dead To Me‘s Tyson “Chicken” Anncharico, who handled production duties on the band’s Old Pain EP.

Another Year is slated to release sometime next spring. We’ll keep you posted as more details are revealed on the follow-up to 2015’s Yes It Is. For the time being, the band will be touring the US with Swingin’ Utters – see if they’re coming to your town below.

Heartsounds streaming new album “Dualistic Nihilist” in its entirety

Oakland melodic punks Heartsounds have made their new album Dualistic Nihilist available to stream. The record consists of a single, 20-minute-long song. Check it out below.

The album was released today, June 2nd through Creator-Destructor Records. Grab a physical copy on the label’s webstore, or buy it digitally on bandcamp.

Heartsounds detail new album “Dualistic Nihilist”

Heartsounds have released details of their new album, “Dualistic Nihilist”, a concept album of a single, 20 minute track. It’s released on June 2nd via  Creator-Destructor Records label.

You can read a lengthy statement on the record below.

Point of View announce new EP “Vultures”, stream single “Wolves”

San Jose punks Point of View will be releasing a new EP titled Vultures on May 12th through Creator-Destructor Records. You can listen to the first single “Wolves” below.

Vultures will be the band’s first release since 2013’s Burner. Go here to pre-order the 12″ EP.

Anchors (hardcore, Australia) stream self-titled EP in full

Aussie melodic hardcore group Anchors are streaming their self-titled EP in full. Give it a listen below and if you like it, make sure you buy a copy because all proceeds are to be given to Sea Shepherd Australia – a worthy cause indeed.

Anchors is the first release from the four-piece since the 2012 record Lost at the Bottom of the World.

Heartsounds (melodic punk) will release new album this year

After some social media teasers, Oakland melodic punk band Heartsounds has officially announced that they will begin work on a new full-length album, their first in 4 years.  You can check out the view from Heartsounds’ recent practice and keep track of album updates here.

Heartsounds expects to release the new album in April.  It will be their first release since 2013’s Internal Eyes, which came out on the  Creator-Destructor Records label.

Seahaven release new song “Find a Way”

California’s Seahaven have released a new song titled “Find A Way.”  The track will be released on the band’s upcoming album, which should be out in 2017.

Seahaven also announced that 50% of the all of the sales from the single (and  their new T-shirt) made in the first week will be donated to a nonprofit group called Equality Florida to help out with the aftermath of the recent shootings in Orlando, Florida. You can find the song below, and purchase the T-shirt here.

Seahaven last released Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only in 2014. 

Creator-Destructor Records to release Early Graves/Ringworm Split

The metalhead punks over at Creator-Destructor Records strike again as they have announced plans to release a split between crusty metal punks Early Graves and hardcore metal act Ringworm.  The split will include one original song and one cover from each band.  Early Graves cover “Into The Crypts of Rays” by Celtic Frost” and Ringworm covers “Iron Fist” by Motorhead.

You can listen to the two original songs below.  The split is set to be released on April 29th, 2016.

Music Video: Western Settings – “Wonderful Multiple Episodes”

Southern California punks Western Settings have released a video for their song “Wonderful Multiple Episodes,” which you can check out below.

“Wonderful Multiple Episodes” will appear on the bands’ upcoming EP Old Pain, slated for release on April 29th via La Escalara Records (digital & CD) and Creator-Destructor Records (10″ vinyl).

“Old Pain” is a follow-up to 2015’s “Yes It Is”, the band’s debut full-length co-released through a handful of labels including yours truly, Dying Scene Records.

Western Settings sign to Creator-Destructor Records, release new single “The Phenomenon”

Southern California punks Western Settings are the latest signing to the vaunted lineup at Creator-Destructor Records. What’s more? The foursome announced plans to release a new EP entitled “Old Pain,” which was produced by the mighty Chicken from Dead To Me. What’s even more? The first track from that EP, “The Phenomenon,” is now available for your streaming pleasure. Check it out here, dudes.

Old Pain, slated for release on April 29th via La Escalara Records (digital & CD) and Creator-Destructor Records (10″ vinyl) and is a follow-up to 2015′s “Yes It Is”, the band’s debut full-length co-released through a handful of labels including yours truly, Dying Scene Records.

Wilderness Dream announce west coast tour dates

California thrash metal/punk act Wilderness Dream have announced a run of tour dates that will take them through California and Nevada in November and December.  You can check out the full list of dates and locations below.

Wilderness Dream is a new project started by Ben Murray and Trey Derbes (vocalist/guitarist and drummer, respectively) of Californian melodic punk band Heartsounds with Ryan Hansen (Light This City) and Bret Fontaine (The Business End).  They released their self-titled EP on July 14th through Murray’s Creator Destructor Records.

Members of Heartsounds form new band Wilderness Dream, stream debut EP

Ben Murray and Trey Derbes (vocalist/guitarist and drummer, respectively) of Californian melodic punk band Heartsounds have formed a new thrash metal project with Ryan Hansen (Light This City) and Bret Fontaine (The Business End) called Wilderness Dream. This band is a far departure from Heartsounds, and seems more of a fun project for the guys instead of a serious band. The band have just released their debut self-titled digitally, which can be streamed in its entirety below.  A physical copy will be available soon.

Ben Murray on the band: “Trey and I have started a new band with our friends Ryan Hansen (who played in Light This City with Laura and I) and Bret Fontaine (The Business End) on bass. It is called WILDERNESS DREAM. It’s very different from Heartsounds, but you can hear some of HS in this too, I’d imagine. Regardless, it’s fast and pissed and only requires 14 minutes of your time.”

Wilderness Dream released their self-titled EP today, July 14th, through Murray’s Creator Destructor Records and can be purchased here. A vinyl of the album will be released on October 13, and can be pre-ordered here.

Heartsounds announce spring North American tour dates

East Bay punk act Heartsounds have announced a series of spring tour dates spanning the US and Canada. They will be playing with multiple groups including The SwellersCounterpunch, and After The Fall, you can get more information on that below.

Heartsounds most recently released Internal Eyes on October 15, 2013 through Creator-Destructor Records.

The Stereo State reunite, announce plans for new album in 2015

Seems like just yesterday that Western Massachusetts’ The Stereo State initially called it quits, but in actuality, they played their last shows after Fest in Gainesville just over a year ago. As fate would have it, the band apparently got the itch to play together again, because this cold-as-hell Hump Day afternoon brings with it word that The Stereo State are back!

The band announced today, via their Facebook page, that they’re writing and recording their second full length. The band went on to sate that the “new material will be reminiscent of their signature blend of 90’s skate punk and mid tempo melodic hardcore, but will also showcase newer lyrical and musical influences that have made an impact on their personal lives.” No tour dates are planned at this point, as the band will be busy working on new material. Stay tuned!

The Stereo State’s last album, “Crossing Canyons,” was released in 2012 on Creator Destructor Records.


Album Review: Anchors – “Lost At The Bottom Of The World”

Anchors are a 5 piece melodic punk band from Melbourne, Australia. They play fast and passionate punk rock in the vein of bands like Wilhelm Scream, Heartsounds & Strung Out blending fast guitar work, melodic chord progressions and break neck speeds with screamed and sung vocal work.

The bands DIY work ethic, seemingly endless touring schedule and passionate fan base has catapulted them into the forefront of what Australia has to offer the punk/hardcore scene. This is not to ignore the impressive body of work consisting of 2 full lengths and 2 shorter EP\’s released over just the past 3-4 years..more than a lot of bands produce in their entire lifespan these days.

The bands most recent work is their 2nd full length album ‘Lost At The Bottom Of The World’, 12 tracks covering just over 30 minutes which dropped right at the turn of 2012/2013. It’s available through the band online and on vinyl via Creator-Destructor Records.

It is in many ways as much a follow up to their debut ‘Bad Ju Ju’ as it is a companion piece. You don’t need to familiarize yourself with the artists earlier work to appreciate this album by any means, but it sure does enhance the experience as a listener when the band re-visits particular idea’s, even lyrical themes and content introduced on the previous album. A kind of coda if you can imagine that across two albums.

The opening one-two punch of ‘Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy / Break Classic’ sets up an amazingly balanced record. The tempo shifts, breakdown/build ups and furious energy show great diversity ..and you can have that on a punk record when the band his armed with more than one idea about how to approach the material. The band uses the momentum of duelling guitars shredding over double-time drums and then slams on the breaks and enters a build up that takes the song to a whole new level. There’s more than a few surprises throughout the record like this and fortunately they usually drop just before you get too tired of the punk thing.

The production is spot on for a band of this caliber. Guitars are typically massive and tight, no too much compression and loads of high end gain as you’d expect! Drums are crystal clear, up front and dead-centre too. The performance embodies all the efficiency and showman ship of someone who has toured long enough to know what\’s going to be replicable on a night-after night basis without loosing finesse and style. Brett\’s singing style lends itself well to this sort of punk music, not dissimilar to an early Rise Against’s Tim McIlraith. There are occasional gang vocals and backing screams/yells which amplify the already high energy and hook driven choruses.

The band will be heading to the US as part of this years Fest lineup and taking in a bunch of dates across the country. Do not miss the chance to see one of our best and brightest whilst they are there and if you are not lucky enough to be able to get to a show, check out the album at one of the links below.

4.5/5 Stars