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Pussycat Kill (Spanish Punk) stream new album “Faster Than Punk”

Madrid punk act Pussycat Kill are getting ready to release their debut album Faster Than Punk.  You can give it a listen below.

Faster Thank Punk is set to be released on April 22nd via Wolverine Records.

The Boys announce first studio album in over three decades

UK punk and new wave group The Boys has just announced the release of their first studio album since 1981. The release, Punk Rock Menopause, will be launched via Wolverine Records on June 20 and will feature the original founding members of the band, Matt Dangerfield, Honest John Plain, and Casino Steel.

When the group began, they were a part of the first punk explosion in the United Kingdom. In fact, The Boys were the first punk band in the UK to sign an album deal.

The album will represent nostalgia for the original sound of the group at its founding, featuring “blistering guitars, hard-edged melodies, killer hooks and layered harmonies.”

The Booze Brothers streaming “Times You Stumble” off new album “Bad Medicine”

German psychobilly band The Booze Brothers are streaming a new track called “Times You Stumble,” featuring guest vocals from Bev/Radio Dead Ones. It’s off their upcoming album Bad Medicine. Check it out here.

The record is set to drop September 13 on Wolverine Records.

Music Video: Kitty In A Casket (psychobilly) – “Dancing With The Devil”

Austrian psychobilly outfit Kitty In A Casket have released a music video for their new single “Dancing With The Devil” which you can check out right here.  Incidentally, I think I have a crush on their singer.

The song will appear on their new album “Bittersweet” set to be released May 10th through Better Than Hell Records.

The band last released their debut “Back To Thrill” in 2011. Check out our review of that right here.

Kitty In A Casket detail upcoming album “Bittersweet,” post teaser video

Austrian psychobilly outfit Kitty In A Casket have announce details for their sophomore release, entitled “Bittersweet.” The album will be released May 10th through Better Than Hell Records, and you can view the tracklist right here, along with a teaser for the band’s upcoming music video “Dancing With The Devil.”

The band last released their debut “Back To Thrill” in 2011. Check out our review of that right here.

Music Video: Fightball (punk) – “Lay Down, My Friend”

Berlin punk band Fightball have posted the music video for their song “Lay Down, My Friend.”

You can check it out here.

The song appears on their second full-length album “The Hyperbole Of A Dead Man” which was released on November 20, 2011 through Wolverine Records.  It will also appear on an upcoming 7-inch titled along with 3 new songs.  It will be called “Remains” and its slated for release in February, 2013.

Music Video: Kitty In A Casket – “Way To Hell”

Austrian horror punkabilly act Kitty In A Casket has posted a music video for their song “Way To Hell”.

The song is off their album “Hallo Wien” which was released in 2010 through Crazy Love Records.

Watch it here.

Strawberry Blondes to release new album this fall on Wolverine Records

U.K. street punk act, Strawberry Blondes, have announced plans to release their new album this fall on Wolverine Records.

Our new record will be out in the Autumn on Wolverine Records!

The band released their latest album, “Fight Back” in 2009.

The Buccaneers (Pirate Punk) offer free download of “We Won’t Bail You Out” off new album

German “Pirate Punks” The Buccaneers will be releasing their new full-length album “Guide Me Home” June 8th via Wolverine Records and to celebrate the label is offering a free download of one of the new songs.

Snag “We Won’t Bail You Out” right here.

You can stream 5 songs from the album here.

Kitty In A Casket announce Germany/Austria tour dates

Austrian horror punkabilly act Kitty In A Casket have unveiled a slew of new tour dates throughout Germany and Austria. Click here for the rundown.

Kitty In A Casket’s last release was last year’s “Back To The Thrill,” released on Wolverine Records.

Music Video: Kitty In A Casket – “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

Austrian horror punkabilly act Kitty In A Casket have posted the music video for the song “Don’t Get Me Wrong.” Watch it here.

The song is off their album “Back To Thrill” which was released via Wolverine Records.

Album Review: Tommy Gun – “Always True”

For those who find their knowledge of the current European punk rock scene sufficiently lacking, Tommy Gun are a five-piece outfit from the Austrian countryside. Their latest release is the full-length “Always True,” and consists of twelve songs sung entirely in English. I’ve made my personal feelings about foreign bands singing their songs in English fairly apparent lately, though “Always True” is a solid release that gives hope to the scene.

Tommy Gun’s formula is simple: straight forward, honest-to-goodness punk rock featuring two distorted guitars and snarly vocals combining over a solid rhythm section (rock steady drums and fairly melodic bass lines), a la Strung Out, older Bouncing Souls, more recent Social Distortion or The Darlings. Real solid, enjoyable stuff.

The music definitely carries that majority of the weight on “Always True.” Album opener “Carry Me Through” has a slow buildup that leads into a modern Social D style punk tune. It is so reminiscent of Social D, in fact, that on the handful of occasions that this song has come on while I had my music on repeat, it took until the vocals kicked in for me to realize what I was listening to.  “Purpose & Decay” is about representing the punk rock ethos and hanging out with the fellas. The call-and-response portion of the pre-chorus (“I know / I know / I know / I know / We know”) comes across corny, but not enough to detract from the rest of the song. “Brutal, Rough and Dirty” sticks to the same formula, with a style similar to the punkier end of the Rancid catalog.

Halfway through the album resides “Letter I’ve Never Sent,” which is an acoustic track about (you guessed it) a series of apologetic love letters that were never sent. It’s sort of a clumsy, throwaway song that registers fairly high on the unintentional comedy scale during the chorus (“Best regards from fucking me/signed with pride and dignity”).  “All I Know” makes its home somewhere between early Blink 182 and early Social Distortion (complete with ‘ball and chain’ references in the lyrics).

Lyrically speaking, much of “Always True” is standard, younger street-punk band fare. The lion’s share of the material deals with common themes: unity, brotherhood, drinking, more drinking. As mentioned above, though, there is a fair amount of unintentional comedy involved. “My Soul For,” the album’s eleventh track, soars to higher unintentional comedy heights than most other releases are capable of. While it’s a strong, lead-guitar driven punk song, the chorus contains lines about selling one’s soul “for a six pack.” I know Austria produces some high quality beer, but this still seems as though it is setting the bar pretty low. After that, however, things take a weird turn. Consider this line: “We’re bigger than Jesus Christ and don’t give a fuck / I know he can suck my cock.” While it sounds offensive when written in black-and-white, when combined with the singer’s thick, gravelly accent, it merely comes across as silly. Eye-rollingly silly. I’ve taken some flack for bringing up the unintentional comedy thing before in relation to foreign bands trying to sing in English, but read that last line again. And again. Consider my case rested.

All things considered, “Always True” is a fairly enjoyable listen. It’s not going to be the missing link to complete your CD collection (you still have a CD collection, right?!?) and it isn’t a trailblazing, genre-shaping album by any stretch. But if you like your punk music straight-forward and with as few frills as possible, Tommy Gun are right up your alley.

Album Review: Kitty In A Casket – “Back To Thrill”

One of the things that is easy to notice in a lot of the punk rock subgenres, whether it’s Emo, Ska, Post-hardcore, Screamo or whatever, is that after awhile all the bands in the middle start to sound the same. Psycho-Billy, or Horror-Billy as it’s sometimes called, is not exempt from this.

The sound has come a long way from its beginnings (as Rockabilly in the 50’s) but over the last decade or so it seems to have stalled. If you search the ‘net or iTunes for Psycho-Billy bands you’ll find hundreds of them, but what you won’t find is a lot of diversity. Sure, there are some unique groups out there: Tiger Army, The Rosedales and the Horrorpops are just a few. But the vast majority of Psycho-Billy bands are near impossible to tell apart. The vocalists are often interchangeable, the lyrics cover the same tired subjects and the music is nothing you haven’t heard before. It often seems like the genre has a few formulas that they stick to and no one wants to expand beyond that comfort zone.

Still, I like the music and every time I hear about a new Psycho-Billy band I try to check them out, hoping to find (A) something new and unique or at least (B) a better version of what’s already out there. ‘Kitty In A Casket‘ is band that does a little bit of both. They don’t reinvent the wheel or anything like that: easy vocal comparisons can be drawn to other female-fronted groups such as The Creepshow and The Spookshow but what sets them apart are the songs they produce. Their lyrics are not exclusively about horror movie themes, and Kitty In A Casket show a much broader range of musical influence than most bands of their kind. Sure, the overall sound on this disc is Psycho-Billy but it doesn’t end there. The songs “Never Wanted” and “Run, Run” have a rock-n-roll sound to them. “Trash Talkers” and the title track, “Back To Thrill,” lean towards punk rock with a little bit of a hair metal thrown in the mix and “Prom Song” starts out sounding similar to “Is She Really Going Out With Him” by Joe Jackson or “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield and continues that mid-eighties pop rock vibe for the rest of the song. The mixing of genres makes this band stand out and adds some nice depth to the overall sound.

Here are some of my personal favorites on the disc:

The previously mentioned “Never Wanted”, a song with a great pounding bass line, and vocalist Kitty manages to sound both sweet and angry at the same time;

-“Shake Your Bones”, a fast paced Psycho-Billy duet about touring. The two singers, Kitty and Rene D la Muerte (from the band The Brains) sound great together and the stand-up bass is right up front on this one.

-“Headshot” is another really cool one. This song has more of a rock-n-roll sound and has a great bouncy chorus.

I also wanted to mention the song “Blutsauger,” as it’s one of the more interesting tracks on here. The song has a very spooky feel to it, especially the beginning. The song is sung in German, and there are times on this song that Kitty’s voice reminds me of Siouxsie Sioux (from Siouxsie and the Banshees).

Overall I was pretty impressed by Kitty In A Casket. I had never heard of them before doing this review but when I searched for more info on the band I learned that they have another CD and an EP that are also available. I plan on picking them both up soon. This review will show up as 3 stars but 3.5 is how I actually would rate it. Recommended to all fans of the Psycho-Billy genre, especially those who like the female fronted bands or want something that is just a little outside of the norm.